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Friday, 20 July 2012

When the Uganda People’s Defence force (UPDF) terrorized Kapeeka residents rendering them completely defenseless: When the people’s army does not give a damn about the poor people.


U.S. army tips UPDF on human rights: oh really; isn’t the US training mercenaries for its new world order system

Army drills worry residents

By Dan Wandera 

Posted  Friday, July 20  2012 at  01:00

About 200 families living near the UPDF Singo Military Training School in Kapeeka Sub-county, Nakaseke District have demanded that government quickly compensates them and they leave the area, citing discomfort.

The residents of Bamba, Kyererezi, Kakoola and Kisimula villages said the military exercises at the school have forced some family members to vacate their homes during day and only return at night when the exercises are complete.

The military drills involve explosion of bombs and gunshots.

Speaking during a consultative meeting on Wednesday, the residents claimed that a compensation exercise recommended by President Museveni in 2006 when he presided over a pass-out function for the UPDF trainees at the school has not been effected despite pleas from the affected communities.

Patience out

“We are losing patience because of the effects of the military exercises. Our houses have developed cracks, the animals and the pregnant women cannot withstand these loud explosions,” Hajj Badru Kiviri, the chairperson of the Bamba Farmers Association, who own about 300 acres at Bamba Village, told Daily Monitor in a separate interview.

He added: “Members of our families are always advised to move away from homes during the day to safer places and only return at night but this exercise is tiresome and discourages development since we cannot cultivate our land.”

The farmers chairperson also indicated that UPDF has kept promising to visit the area and value the land but they only visit the place to take pictures of the damaged property and are not committed to discussing the compensation matter.

Mr Michael Sempa of Kakoola Village, who has so far lost two cows as a result of the explosions, said their families are at risk each day.

“Some of us have young children and expectant mothers who always complain when the army conducts the military exercises. These explosions shake the ground and the mothers cannot withstand them. We are willing to leave this area once government and the army compensate us,” Mr Sempa said on Wednesday.

Nakaseke District Woman MP Rose Namayanja Nsereko told this newspaper that she had already communicated to the Minister for Defence, Dr Chrispus Kiyonga, who has made a commitment to visit the area early next week.

“We have informed the relevant authorities about this matter, including the Defence Minister Dr Chrispus Kiyonga, who has promised to make a quick intervention. This problem will soon be solved since the relevant authorities are already aware of the problem,” Ms Namayanja said.

Efforts to speak to army spokesperson Col. Felix Kulayigye were futile as his known phone number was switched off.