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Monday, 23 July 2012

Seeing through the lies, hypocrisy and disinformation antics of the American New world system: US to cut military aid to Rwanda over support of Congo rebels: Oh really!

My analysis

This is just sheer confusion and disinformation . The USA knows that the truth that Kagame and his RPF government are mercenaries for the American new world order system has come out. They are trying to do some damage control. The US has used Kagame to wage war in the DRC so that American and European mining companies are able to loot DRC mineral resources. In turn the US is protecting Kagame and is doing everything possible to cover his human rights abuses and genocidal activities in the DRC. Do you remember General Nkunda who was ‘arrested’ by Rwanda and up to now even the US has not forced Kagame to bring Gen.Nkunda to justice. Unlike many Pentecostal African Christians, Secular  Africans are not ignorant about  what is happening, see,  Rwanda Criminal wing,


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US to cut military aid to Rwanda over support of Congo rebels


The US has said it will cut military aid to Rwanda because of evidence that Kigali was supporting rebels in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The US has said it will cut military aid to Rwanda because of evidence that Kigali was supporting rebels in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Guardian called the decision "a significant step by one of Rwanda's staunchest allies," with Washington standing by Kigali despite the tiny nation’s long history of involvement in wars in vast neighboring Congo.

In response, Rwanda said that next week it would debunk “line by line” a UN experts’ report, which said Kigali was backing eastern Congolese rebels, including the M23 group that has seized parts of eastern North Kivu province.

Over 260,000 people have been displaced by clashes in the region since April.

Agence France-Presse cited US State Department spokeswoman Darby Holladay as saying Washington "has decided it can no longer provide foreign military financing appropriated in the current fiscal year to Rwanda."

"The US government is deeply concerned about the evidence that Rwanda is implicated in the provision of support to Congolese rebel groups, including M23,” Holladay said in a statement emailed to AFP.

Reuters quoted Hilary Fuller Renner, a US state department official, as saying: "We will not obligate $200,000 in fiscal year 2012 foreign military financing funds that were intended to support a Rwandan academy for non-commissioned officers. These funds will be reallocated for programming in another country."

Ms Renner said the US would still help Rwanda support peacekeeping missions, including in the Darfur region of Sudan.

Rwanda sent its army into Congo, then Zaire, in the mid 1990s to hunt down Hutu rebels who fled there after the 1994 genocide.

In the decade of conflict that followed, Rwandan forces helped Congolese rebels topple the dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

The M23 — Tutsi ex-rebels from the Rwanda-backed National Congress for the Defense of the People — were integrated into the regular Congo army in 2009 as part of a peace deal but they staged a mutiny in April, demanding equivalent pay to regular soldiers, among other claims.

Kigali, meantime, said that Washington’s was based on incorrect information.

"While we respect the rights of any development partner, at the same time we must make clear to our friends in Washington and elsewhere that this decision is based on bad information, and is wrong on the facts," Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo reportedly said.

"As we have made clear from the outset, Rwanda is neither the cause nor the enabler of instability in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo."

And Louise Mushikiwabo, the Rwandan foreign minister, told Reuters: "Rwanda is [meeting] with the [UN's group of experts] next week to go through each allegation in the interim report and debunk them line by line.

"We will present this to partners, including [the] US, while focusing on joint verification process [with Congo] and new border patrol plan."


DRC Official Applauds US Aid Cut to Rwanda  

James Butty
An official of the Democratic Republic of Congo said he hopes the U.Ss decision to withhold $200,000 of military aid to Rwanda will help enhance efforts to restore peace to the Great Lakes region.

The United States cut its military aid to Rwanda saying it had evidence that Kigali was supporting Congolese rebel groups, including M23.  The Rwandan government has repeatedly denied helping the rebels.

Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo, told the French Press Agency (AFP) that “Rwanda is neither the cause nor the enabler of instability in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.”  

But, Congo’s information minister, Lambert Mende, said the U.S. decision to cut its aid to Kigali reinforces his government’s claim that Rwanda has been supporting Congolese rebel groups.

“We think that this is a very positive signal to have Rwanda cooperate with the pacification of this region that has suffered a lot.  It is a good move because it is a matter of life of death for millions of Congolese, who have suffered a lot during the last 20 years,” he said.

Although the U.S. action cuts off aid allotted to a Rwandan military academy, U.S. spokesman Darby Holladay reportedly said Washington will continue to provide assistance to Rwanda to enhance its capacity to support peacekeeping missions.

Mende said, even though the DRC has problems with some criminal elements, it does not want to see a cut-off of aid to Rwanda.

“For us, the problem is not to make Rwanda disappear.  It’s a neighboring country; they are brothers and sisters.  Though we are having some criminal networks there, we have to live together.  So, what we need is such [a] signal that a country like the United States sends such a message to tell Rwanda to be cautious with the security on the Congo and Rwanda border,” Mende said.

The Rwandan government has repeatedly denied helping Congolese rebel groups.  Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo told the French press agency (AFP) that “Rwanda is neither the cause nor the enabler of instability in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.”

Mende said Rwandan meddling in DRC is a known fact.

“I think that we are not the only one to have given such information.  This information has been confirmed by many other sources, and now I think that the government of the United States is confirming this information,” he said.

Washington's withholding of military aid comes a week after the presidents of Rwanda and the DRC agreed to the deployment of an international force to fight the rebellion in eastern Congo and to patrol their border.

Mende said it is time for Rwanda to move beyond denial to neutralizing the M23 rebels.