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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Kenyan Pastor Pays Prostitutes To Pose As Sick People In Miracle Scam – Video

Kenyan Pastor Pays Prostitutes To Pose As Sick People In Miracle Scam – Video


A shocking alliance between a popular televangelist in Nairobi and sex workers has been uncovered. The Nation TV in Kenya has uncovered a scam in which thousands of worshipers are duped by a pastor who claims to perform miracles on the sick and needy.

Their compelling investigation has exposed the scandal in which the pastor, Apostle Njoroge of the Fire of the Holy Spirit Ministries International, uses sex workers to pose as sick people who are then supposedly healed to convince worshipers to continue pouring their hard-earned cash into that ministry.

In this video, NTV’s Ferdinand Omondi takes you to the underworld where preachers and sex workers speak the same language. The sex workers opened up about their business with the Pastor, stating exactly how much he paid them for each testimony appearance.

Pastor Njoroge curses NTV journalists

Clerics condemn ‘fake’ pastor, demand vetting

Written By:KBC reporters,    Posted: Mon, Jul 23, 2012

A section of church leaders are calling on the government to put in place mechanisms to vet churches before allowing them to operate.

The clerics under the auspices of Interdenominational Gospel Association says lack of proper registration mechanism, has led to the mushrooming of backstreet churches that have turned out to be extortion cartels.

The church leaders were reacting to a scandal exposed by one of media houses of how a popular televangelist in Nairobi allegedly paid a sex worker to give a fake healing testimony in his church.

The association says lack of church registration policy is to blame for the mushrooming of churches in the country which turn out to be fraudulent. 

The association Secretary General Bishop Dan Igosi said the government should vet all churches seeking registration.

"Mechanisms to investigate stage managed miracle doers and training of pastors should be established in order to remove  kick out 'fake pastors' from the pulpit," he said. 

Bishop Igosi  urged Kenyans to be aware of pastors who made money from various upcoming churches in the name of "planting a seed" and observed that Christians should only give offerings and 10% of their income as tithes.

The Bishop reminded Kenyans that the church was still intact and firm adding that any clergyman asking the congregation "to plant a seed" was defiling the church.

"The Holy Spirit should be our guide and as Kenyans who know the truth, we should pray for the false preachers to stop doing business in the church, "Igosi said.

The Bishop further proposed that like in any other profession, pastors should undergo training in order to conform to the doctrines and ethics of the Christian faith.

But speaking elsewhere at a separate function Attorney General, Githu Muigai said his hands are tied by the constitutional provisions on freedom of worship and religion, which he said is unfortunately being abused by wayward individuals.

Fraudulent activities by apostle Michael Njoroge of Fire Ministries have generated heated debate on whether churches and the clergy should have a regulatory body or not.

This is not the first time worshippers have been duped by fake pastors. Gilbert Deya, the self-proclaimed archbishop based in the UK was in the news last year over claims he could give infertile couplesa "miracle babies".

Deya is yet to be extradited to Kenya to face accusations of child abduction.