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Friday, 12 March 2010

Merchandising Souls!


Merchandising Souls!

Recently while driving my wife to store outside of our town we passed several massively large churches right off the highway that had the appearance of Global Company headquarters. These churches were situated on large plots of land, probably over a hundred acres or more, and decked out with more fan fare to advertise their location than most fast food restaurants. I felt overwhelmed by the sheer scope of these citadels, let alone their enormous size! I imaged the amount of people attending the place and the financial support it must require to maintain such a thing. It made me feel pretty insignificance. A VERY SMALL number of us (brothers & sisters in Christ) battle this onslaught, but against THIS, what could we possible do? How could anyone gain an inroad into deception on this scale? It’s MASSIVE!

I Concluded that Preaching the Lie is an Expensive Undertaking, but it seems to Work very well. And it pays just as well. NO ONE in this System is going to DO ANYTHING to Jeopardize the set up. They are obligated to Keep the people happy, comfortable and coming back for more. No one is going to come if they are made to feel convicted of anything or condemned for their bad behavior. So Gospel MUST be designed in such a way as to accommodate these desires. Sins are Forgiven in advance, Personal behavior doesn’t count, Jesus Obeyed for you and you’re Eternally Secure no matter what! Could anything be better? Have fun, live it up and Don’t worry about it! The Pleasure Palaces you call Churches will hand it to you on a silver platter!

But I’m preaching to the choir, right? NO ONE in the System is going to read any of this, or CARE if they did. They FEAR NOTHING, Especially God. To them He is a big jovial loving being somewhere out there in the vast universe handing out goodies to those who profess belief in His Son Jesus. He makes NO Demands on anyone and bestows His Free Grace on all despite their continued wrong doing. Everyone can feel good about themselves, no one will ever Judge them and the activities keep them busy so no one can focus on the true state of things.

The Preachers who run these Multi-Million dollar country clubs are the greatest con men on earth. Like expert circus performers they motivate and keep everything on a positive note. It’s there job to dance around the Scriptures in the Bible in such a manner that convinces the people they are telling the truth, but also keeps them in the dark and in a state of confusion. Thus they spoon feed them Doctrine, quoting from other famous, celebrity type teachers to add creditability into the mix. The people lap it up like Chicken soup, never questioning anything that is said, lest they be exposed for their own hypocrisy.

Many of these people probably do THINK that the Core Message is really true, that they are forgiven in advance and God can’t see them sinning or doesn’t care that they do. Its COMPLETE Foolishness, based on NOTHING, but it sells very well to the masses and like the Sheep they are, they follow these Preachers to their Doom, wholly unaware that the whole thing is a HUGE LIE. Even if they did Read their Bibles its without discernment. The Preachers tactfully use all the KEY words, like Faith, Repentance, Grace, Not of works and no one is perfect. They basically have the Gospel capsulated down to: ‘Accept, Receive and Trust’ as a Package Plan for Eternal Salvation. The People certainly seem to love it because they respond in droves and like I said, MOST of them Really Believe they are getting SAVED by a God who loves them Just the way they are!

Accordingly the Preachers and leaders in these Clubs have only to adopt the standard of a motivational speaker and a story telling comedian to keep the people happy. Attending these monster churches over the years I’ve noticed that the folks LOVE to hear a good anecdote told by the preacher. And it usually sets the stage well for their little sermonette that follows. Then they will most likely throw in something about continued giving or attending some up-coming seminar about how to donate your estate to the church after you go home to be with Jesus! Everyone walks away all smiles, warm and fuzzy inside, wishing the preacher well and thanking him for giving them such a great message. It’s like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, everything is in LIVING COLOR and the little people are dancing and singing for Joy!

I think of things like: Strong Delusion, the Spirit of Error, Ministers of Satan dressed as Sheep! How they have Traded the Truth of God for a Lie and taken Pleasure in their sins. That God has probably GIVEN they up and over to Reprobated Minds feasting on the lusts of the flesh.

But I’ve Said all these things a thousand times before and shouted them from the roof-tops with our faithful brothers in this Mess. We have written reams of warnings and plastered them all over the web, mailed literally thousands of pastors all over the entire planet. TALKED until we were blue the face with others, only to be written off as heretics, reprobates or devils! It occurs to me that if ANYONE in these Systems was going to hear us or Examine the Word for themselves to escape their delusion, it would be happening already. Bottom Line: THEY SIMPLY DON’T CARE.

The Master told us not to cast our Pearls before Swine and to Shake the dirt off our feet of those who would not Receive our Message with a yielded heart. There is ONLY ONE Option Open for the Modern Day Churches (No Exceptions!) and it Starts with Sack Cloth and Ashes in Bitter and Broken Repentance. Like Nineveh, they would have to SHUT down their operations from top to bottom, get on their faces and Cry Mightily to God for Mercy! But the likelihood of that happening on any grand scale is much the same as what the Lord and His Disciples faced in Judea.

ONE GREATER than ANYONE was there among them, CALLING them to Repentance proven by Deeds. What did they Do? They Called Him the Devil and Killed Him in their ignorance.

A Preacher once told me, ‘All you preach is Repentance, don’t you think you’re overdoing it? The people think you don’t love them!’

You know, a Church surly doesn’t have to be a Million Dollar cathedral to be promoting this Lie. I’ve seen pastors who don’t even collect a pay-check up to their eyeballs in it! They won’t listen to anything else either. I guess for them the same things are at stake if they descent, as for the six figure guys. It’s not a popular notion to become an outcast when the rewards for compromise are so gratifying.

What’s the answer? WHO was the Greatest Preacher? Among ALL the Great Prophets and Holy Apostles the Lord Picked: John The Baptist! WHAT Did he Preach? (hint: it was a pretty simple message!)


He Paved the Way for the rest of us, WHO are willing the COUNT the COST, Take up our Cross and Follow! Our earthly rewards will be nil and perhaps many of use will Die for what we believe, like he did. But, to that preacher, I say: “UNTIL the People DO Repent, I Shall Preach NOTHING Else!”