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Saturday, 6 September 2014

When the devil continues his plan to shatter the Marriages of Uganda Pentecostal Gospel artists: Popular Gospel artists Fiona Wamala divorces husband and will be wedded soon

Gospel Singer Fiona Mukasa to walk down the aisle again

Phiona Mukasa speaks out about her broken marriage and new catch

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Gospel Artist Fiona Mukasa’s Wedding Gets Church Boost

Gospel songstress Fiona Mukasa and her boyfriend, Julius Ssekawunde are closer to formalising their marriage.
Fiona Mukasa and Julius Ssekawunde
Fiona Mukasa and Julius SsekawundeMuka

This follows Sunday’s announcement of the two love birds’ wedding at St John church, Kawuku.

The priest called out anyone who was against the pair’s marriage to stand up and raise their issues but none stood up.

It was the second time such an announcement was being made in the same church.

Fiona and Ssekawunde are set to wed next month but there are worries the planned wedding may not be endorsed by church since the former was once married in church.

Her previous marriage to Pastor Godfrey Mukasa hasn’t yet been dissolved, but the two separated in 2009 after being together for almost two decades.

They have four children together.

Meanwhile, guests to Fiona’s wedding, set to take place on September 7  at  Fair Way Hotel will have to part with Shs40,000 to attend.

Celebrated Gospel Singer Fiona Mukasa To Charge Guests For Wedding

Early 2009, burly and famous presenter Straka Mwezi and singer Sizzaman were to wed.

Phiona Mukasa and Julius
Phiona Mukasa and Julius

But it was not an ordinary wedding we are used to seeing; held in places like churches or mosques. Hers was to take place at Namboole Stadium with tickets to the “wedding” costing Shs10,000 and Shs 20,000 for VIP.

The “wedding” turned out a total flop and Straka ended up in hospital for honeymoon after collapsing. This was after   fans failed to show up for her biggest day.

But that was Straka. Latest at our desk is that renowned gospel singer Fiona Mukasa is set to wed on September 7 this year.  And just like Straka’s wedding, guests will also have to pay  Shs40,000 to attend Phiona’s wedding.

Plushy Fair Way Hotel is the venue which has been chosen to host the wedding. She says she has been pushed to do this because she expects alot of guests to attend the wedding, her second.

However, the wedding comes amid controversy with church refusing to be party to it until her first marriage is dissolved.

Fiona has been married to Pastor Godfrey Mukasa for the last 17 years which saw them blessed with four  children together.

The two parted ways in 2009 with both blaming others for infidelity. Fiona also blames her husband of not supporting her and her family adding that he had also refused to join her and their family in the UK not until when she threatened to divorce him that he finally travelled to UK in 2005.

Fiona alleges that while in UK, Mukasa cheated on her with a one Solome Namuyaba among other ladies in Uganda while she was a way in the UK.

Mukasa also accuses Phiona of having cheating on him with a one Mathew. Fiona denies being in a relationship with Mathew but admits she was once in a relationship with him “because he never loved me.”

She further says that she was forced into marrying Mukasa in 1992 and she was also young to make the right choice.

Phiona says that she is happy that she has finally found someone who loves her. She says she met a much younger Julius Ssekawunde in 2012  and the two have decided to fomalise their relationship.

Inspite of being 42 and Julius believed to be in his early 30s, Fiona says age doesn’t matter and believes Julius is “a good person who is less concerned” about her age.

The two early this year were introduced to each other’s parents and were both given a green light to wed.


Meanwhile Julius confessed he has been involved in six relationships before but he doesn’t have any child from them and thus nothing can stop him from going a head with their marriage.

Fiona Mukasa is a daughter to fallen music icon, Elly Wamala. She was one of the biggest musicians in the 90s before leaving for UK was she has been staying until her return in 2012.

Some of her popular songs are Bisule, Aleluya, Mweyambise and Sili Nzeka.

I could not resist Mukasa’s love for me- Fiona

Publish Date: Sep 02, 2012
I could not resist Mukasa’s love for me- Fiona

Fiona Wamala Mukasa is an accomplished singer, songwriter , producer and preacher. The daughter of late singer Elly Wamala has albums like You are not Alone and Bisula to her name. She had a chat with Moses Jjagwe about love

When did you start singing?

I have been a singer since childhood.
Are you married?
Yes, I am married to Pastor Godfrey Mukasa. He is a pastor at a church in London.

What attracted you to Godfrey?
I could not resist his love when he fell for me. 
What keeps you going in your marriage?
The scripture says we should love with all our heart. So, even when things seem like they are  
going wrong, I keep the flame burning.

What is your most memorable moment in marriage?
There is a day when I fell sick and I slept in the sitting room because I did not want any disturbance.  I was touched when he came to the sitting room and slept with me. 

What wouldn’t you do without your husband?
I cannot raise my children on my own without my husband’s assistance. They need his counsel too.
What are some of your childhood memories?
I used to draw pictures and paste them on the wall. Thereafter, I would sing to the pictures as though they were my audience.
How did you meet your husband?
I met him in church. At the time, I was a co-pastor of Robert Kayanja at the Miracle Centre.
What has been your greatest day in your relationship?
It was the day we got married.
How do you spend your free time?
I spend it at home writing songs.
How have you expressed your love for him over the years?
I always try to show care and be patient with him. I always put behind me whatever goes wrong in our relationship.
The couple is blessed with four children Enoch, Rebecca, Elijah and Joshua 
They oversee two churches Makindye Christian Centre Church and Miracle Faith Ministry in London, UK

Let God, not people, judge gospel artistes’

Fiona Wamala Mukasa is one of Uganda’s celebrated gospel musicians who popularized gospel music in the late 90s. Mukasa is a daughter to the late musician Elly Wamala and is married to Pastor Godfrey Mukasa. The couple is blessed with four children Enoch, Rebecca, Elijah and Joshua and they oversee two churches Makindye Christian Centre Church and Miracle Faith Ministry in London UK. The Observer’s Abu-Baker Mulumba had an online chat with her.

In Uganda today gospel musicians perform in places like bars and they have been criticised by a number of pastors, what is your advice?

Gospel is not limited; it has to reach everywhere because our Lord Jesus Christ hailed the shepherd who left the 99 sheep and searched for the one which had gotten lost. You cannot preach to the already converted ones; that is why it’s ideal to look for them wherever they are.

What do you think of gospel music in Uganda?

Gospel music in Uganda has grown tremendously and it should continue to go to all places and spread the good word of God and let them be judged by their creator, not people.

You are a great gospel singer yourself, what are you up to?
Lately, I am working towards exposing gospel music everywhere and I hope I will not be misunderstood like my colleagues back in Uganda.

How far have you gone musically?
I feel I have not yet moved an inch. So I am working hard because I feel I am not yet there.

As a member of a prominent musical family, what have you done to see that music continues to burn in the family?
I try to encourage our children because most of them are born with talent. The Wamala’s [James, Barbra, Spurgeon, Denis, Flavia…] have continued to shine wherever they are.

Are you a pastor?
People call me a pastor but I say I am not. I am just a wife of a pastor. I am just a preacher and a singer; so, I do not describe myself as a pastor but as a servant and a minister of God.

How do you handle music, fans and family?
My family comes first and then music and I have balanced them well that there is no side that is not contented. I also love God’s people and I believe in forgiving. I also try to be patient with them even if they hate me for no reason I just know that surely not everyone has to love me because also Jesus was hated for no reason.

Are you a songwriter?
Yes I do write songs. I started [writing songs] when still with Limit X band [then New Wave band],

Don’t you think your fans back home miss you?
Yes I think so according to what I saw when I performed at Namirembe Christian Fellowship on April 29. The attendance was so good and I was surprised because we didn’t have enough advertisement.

Who is your best gospel artiste in Uganda and world over?
I can’t mention as you know, this might cause problems, but they are two.

Is there hope of you coming back, settling here and becoming more competitive musically?
Only God knows but I prefer to stay where I am and I will just occasionally visit Uganda especially to help upcoming artistes.

What is your advice to Ugandan artistes, both secular and gospel?
My advice to all kinds of artistes is to be humble and give the people the best. Not to copy because each one of us has different talents. We can never be the same and we all have fans in a special way. And to stop fighting one another and also not to dance obscenely; otherwise, I do believe in them and love them.

Omuyimbi Fiona Mukasa ayawukanye ne bba

Feb 12, 2014
Mukasa ne Fiona
Bangi beegomba Fiona Wamala Mukasa, omuyimbi w’ennyimba z’eddiini - si lwa kitone kya kuyimba kyokka, wabula n’okwewangulira Omusumba Godfrey Mukasa ne bakola amaka amanywevu mwe bazaalidde abaana bana.
Ebyo byonna bikomye! Fiona yayawukanye ne Mukasa n’afuna omusajja omulala, Julius Ssekawunde azaalibwa e Ggaba, gwe bagenda okugattibwa naye. Kigambibwa nti Fiona, abeera e London (Bungereza), kkooti yamukkirizza okwawukana ne bba.
Fiona, muwala w’omuyimbi omwatiikirivu omugenzi Elly Wamala yabadde kuno mu ggandaalo lya Ssekukkulu okutegeeza nnyina, Druscira Wamala ow’e Makindye-Luwafu, enteekateeka z’okwanjula n’embaga yaabwe ne Ssekawunde.

Nnyina amulese yeesalirewo
Bukedde yayogedde ne maama wa Fiona  eggulo n’akakaksa nga muwala we bwe yayawukana ne Paasita Mukasa olw'obutakkaanya n’afuna omulenzi amuwa emirembe.Yannyonnyodde nti muwala we yamuyitirayitiramu ku buzibu obwali butuuse okumussa ennaku y’obufumbo n’amutegeeza nga bw’amuviiridde afune ku ssanyu.
Druscila Wamala, maama wa Fiona.
Agamba nti waayita ebbanga ttono n’amutegeeza nti alina omulenzi we gwe yafunye agenda okumumalako ennaku era wano nnyina n’akirekera Fiona yeesalirewo. Kyokka yagambye nti kimuluma Fiona okwawukana ne Mukasa kubanga abazadde beetaaga kubeera wamu okukuza abaana obulungi.
Okumala ekiseera, wabaddewo oluvuuvuumo ku Fiona okwawukana ne Mukasa kyokka nga babiwakanya era nga September 1, 2012, Fiona yafulumira mu New Vision ng’alaga omukwano gwabwe bwe guli gguluggulu nga tebasobola kwawukana olw’abaana baabwe n’obuweereza bwa Krisito.

Buli omu alumiriza munne obwenzi
Balina ekkanisa bbiri eya Makindye Christian Centre mu Kampala ne Christian Centre Church and Miracle Faith Ministry e London.Mu kiseera kino Fiona ali n’abaana be abana okuli; Enock, Rebecca, Elijah ne Joshua.
Munnayuganda abeera mu Bulaaya eyeeyita Kakensa yatandikawo omukutu gw’ebyamawulire ku kompyuta, wiiki ewedde  yataddeko amawulire ga Fiona okwawukana ne Mukasa. Fiona yayogedde ekyabatabula n’agamba nti emyaka gyonna gy’amaze mu ddya tafunye mirembe. Mukasa tamuwa budde yeemalira ku mirimu gya kkanisa ate takomye awo n’agattako okuganza abakazi abalala ate ng’awaka omukwano gwe teguwera.
Fiona agamba nti abasumba abenjawulo mu Uganda ne Bungereza bafubye okubatabaganya kyokka Mukasa n’atakyusaako. Olwo Fiona, eyafumbirwa nga wa myaka 23 gyokka, n’asalawo naye okwenoonyezaayo omusajja anaamumalako ennaku.
Paasita Mukasa naye alumiriza nti byonna ebyogerwa Fiona byekwaso kubanga yali tannakwana Ssekawunde, yalina abasajja abalala okuli Matthew ne Julius bonna ababeera e London era Fiona yakkiriza nga bw’abaagala ne yeetondera Mukasa.
Abafumbo bano baatuuzibwa mu bigambo era kigambibwa nti Fiona yategeeza abasumba nti ekyamutwala mu bwenzi ye Mukasaokuba n'abakazi abalala gye yamaliranga obudde n’atatuukiriza by’awaka ng’abawala bano kuliko Solome Namuyaba.
Julius Ssekawunde, eyasigudde Fiona.
Kyategeezeddwa nti Fiona yagezaako okukozesa abasumba ba kuno okuli Robert Kayanja owa Rubaga Miracle Centre, eyabagatta, kyokka n’atayambibwa, bwe byalema n'atuukirira Solomon Male owa Arising for Christ.
Male yategeezezza Bukedde nti Fiona aludde ng’alina obuzibu ne Mukasa kyokka n’Abasumba abasinga wano mu Uganda lwa kubikkako, naye bali mu bwenzi.
Yagambye nti Fiona yamuweereza obubaka ku kompyuta ng’amutegeeza bw’akooye Mukasa.
Wabula Male agamba nti yasalawo ensonga okuzikwata empola kubanga zeekuusa ku bufumbo. Ekirala, bwe yeetegereza ebyawandiikibwa Fiona ng’alaba akyayagala omusajja we.
Fiona yakkirizza nti bwe yasalawo okwawukana ne Mukasa yali agenda kubeera ne Mathew kyokka Mukasa bwe yeetonda olwo n’asalawo okuleka Mathew badding’ane ne bba.
“Mukasa yagenda mu maaso n’obwenzi ate nga nange nnali sikyaddayo wa Mathew kwe kwagala Julius,” bwe yategeezezza Kakensa.
Fiona kati aweza emyaka 42 ate Julius ali mu 30. Baakyala mu bazadde ba Julius ne basiima Fiona ate n’abazadde ba Fiona ne bamukkiriza okugenda mu maaso ne Julius.
ABASUMBA ABaawukanye mu bufumbo:

  • Judith Babirye yayawukana ne bba Samuel Niiwo.
  • Omusumba Steven Ssozi owa Glad Tidings ku Kaleerwe yaddamu n’awasa.
  • David Kiganda owa Christianity Focus Centre mu Kisenyi yayawukana ne Hadijah Nassejje. Yazzeemu okuwasa omukyala Omuzimbabwe mu 2013.
  • Hakim Kimbowa yagenda Bungereza.
  • Nnabbi Samuel Kakande yayayawukana ne mukyala we Joyce mu 1996 n'addamu n’awasa.
  • Imelda Namutebi owa Liberty Worship Centre e Lugala: Bba, Kula, yayawukana na mukazi mulala.