Tuesday 5 June 2012

Masters of Deception : Are Jinja and Busoga regions poor because Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s Curse

44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44 (King James Version)

My analysis

In Kampala, Pentecostal pastors have come up with a magazine titled
THE EVANGELIST, whose major aim is to defend the men of God and their achievements. You need to remember that many scandals of Pentecostal pastors in Uganda have been exposed in the media and these include: sodomy, extortion, adultery, fornication, selling prayers etc  The evangelist is selling on the streets of Kampala at 1000 Uganda shillings . The current issue of this magazine has an article titled; ‘’ God to free Jinja –Bonnke’’. According to this article, Jinja and Busoga region have suffered from poverty, jiggers and underdevelopment because they were cursed by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1991( see, article below).

This article shows how naive Uganda Pentecostals are, they claim to be spirit filled but looks can be deceiving. I have seen Pentecostal pastors and believers  in Uganda who say that Peter is not the rock of the church , so I challenged them to open John1:42 and we discovered that their bibles clearly say Peter is the rock of the church either in the footnotes or the text its self . I was shocked to learn that even after alerting them, they continued to hold on to their counterfeit bibles. How can these people be spirit filled?? The Pentecostal church has not been built on sound doctrine; it is based on emotionalism, hype and naivety. Most time in Pentecostal churches is spent on singing and dancing instead of being grounded in the word of God. The devil must be launching at this movement.

The article below also shows how the Pentecostal movement has made an alliance with the oppressive state to deceive and control the masses. This Pentecostal movement has nothing to do with Jesus, it has everything to do with promoting American capitalism and hiding its evils. It is true Jinja used to be a developed town because many industries and big businesses were found there. However, in the 1990s  the International Monetary Fund(IMF) and  World Bank with the support of  United States of America  and Britain forced the government of Uganda to pursue neo-liberalism. According to this neoliberal philosophy, the government must move out of the economy and let it to be controlled by the market. see,



America and the American Church Are Not Your Friends


Accordingly, the government of Uganda under President Museveni  privatized virtually all the industries that were in Jinja and other government corporations in the country. This government initiative was riddled with too much corruption. Industries in Jinja were privatized  and the money was looted. Today, the government of Uganda is one of the most corrupt on the face of the earth. The poverty in Jinja and Busoga has nothing to do with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s curse. It has every thing to do with a corrupt regime that has been kept in power by USA and Britain to impoverish and hence control the masses. Despite the lies of the IMF and World Bank about the increasing growth in Uganda, the people especially in rural Uganda are incredibly poor, hospitals lack basic drugs and services, people are infested with jiggers, the poor are being evicted from their land. Remember the first family  in Uganda is called a born again family.The so called growth in Uganda is being enjoyed by Museveni and his cronies.

Corruption mars Uganda privatization  


Corruption and cronyism in Uganda's privatization in the 1990s




Govt sued over nodding disease


God to free Jinja –Bonnke

Source: The Evangelist weekly glossy Magazine(Defending the men of God and their Achievements) , Vol.1 Issue 3. June 4th -10th 2012 , p.4

The last evangelical mission that the strong man of God led , was in 1991 at Jinja secondary school ground, the devil appealed for a worse action that saw the then special district administrator(SDA) OKWENYI ordering the law enforcers to enforce a law that he engineered in a few minutes, to evict the Evangelist from the town using maximum force. As Bishop Reinahrd Bonnke was on the pulpit delivering the message of the most high God,  a multitude personnel armed to the teeth engulfed the area,  climbed the pulpit and removed the evangelist from the work of God and forced him to step down on gunpoint on the orders of the said head of the district. As goes the saying, ‘’The one who beats up another’s Dog, challenges its owner’’ God swung into wrath as his servant moved down the pulpit and descended a curse over the land.  As Bonnke removed his court, He said, ‘’Jinja is cursed’’.

Indeed it was confirmed from above and horror fell on Jinja as one observer who preferred not to be named in this article , narrated how Jinja faced God’s wrath. ‘’ A town that was the second developed after Kampala, lost its glory instantly, said the observer. It spread to the whole area, the town and its surrounding areas were attacked by jiggers, to an extent that even the elderly fell victims.  The epidemic of jiggers was widespread in Busoga region raising a generation of rats which raided the region and caused the population to appeal to the central government for help. Other diseases such as trachoma were also noticed.

In this article, Bonnke is the Moses in the making, refer to the frogs that attacked the palace of king pharaoh  at the time of Moses to leave God turned to the Egyptians stupid to get time for the children of God to pass. We are not skeptical , another analyst  referred to one politician’s comment on people of Jinja’’At 45 they sober up’’many people have it in knowledge that people from Jinja are not all that sober and to this, the informer to this columnist commented that God made them like that until the whole country realizes that the Holy Spirit can not be stopped or tempered with.

Now, that the jubilee is at hand, Bonnke is coming, with HOPE FOR BUSOGA to raise again. Welcome Bishop Bonnke pray for the curse to be lifted, we the Basoga need development and the word of God. Please hold a deliverance crusade in Jinja’’ said the observer


As the rainy season preceedes the dry spells , signals of hope for a harvest are underway, so is the land of Busoga as the man of God Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke from Germany revisits Uganda and is to hold a gospel crusade dubbed Uganda jubilee crusade to be staged at Sir Apollo Kaggwa road Makerere II grounds in Kampala.

The re-known and international Evangelist is famous for organizing massive crusades in Africa and around the world but this time round he plans to pray for every one regardless of religion, region with a major focus on the Northern and eastern parts of the country that have been threatened by civil conflicts, health implications and traditional religious practices.

According to reliable information, as the man of God last left the country in poor terms with the host district Jinja, he pronounced doom on the land as the Bible says,’’And whoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when you depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them.

Verily I say unto you, it shall be more tolerable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the day of judgment, than for that city. Jesus was giving instruction to the disciples as he was allotting them the work of taking the gospel of the kingdom of God to the nearby villages’’. Jesus cautioned them that some people may not listen to them, but whoever doesn’t listen to them, they should go out of that city and even shake off the dust off their sandals.

When God sent Moses to rescue the children of Israel from the hash treatment  of Pharaoh in Egypt. Exodus chapter 10-16; that his mandate to  take the Israelites was repeatedly rejected by the pharaoh and finally God sent heavy punishments to the Egyptians like frogs jumping allover the place, flies,  hail from the sky destroyed plants, water turned into blood, death of the first born children including pharaoh’s himself. It is written that he was latter weakened and let the people of God(Israelites) to leave the land.

It is said that since the man of God was thrown out of the crusade grounds, the land has experienced atrocities  that have astonished many people around the country, not so long since then, the Nile water level was noticed decreasing which affects electricity generation in the country, Jinja town has been seen lagging behind in development and yet it used to be the economic town of Uganda, many industries and businesses have shifted to Kampala. The special district commissioner as they were known by then left his job and later gave his life to Jesus Christ.

We believe that Bonnke’s visit is a ray of hope to Busoga land and that as they accept the gospel, the man of God is going to declare a blessing and many things will not remain the same. Many Christians we talked to in Kampala were very happy and said, it was the time for God to deliver Busoga. Bonnke believes in forgiveness as his Heavenly master(God) and forgives all and what happened to him. He is set to unleash a new Godly plan for the Nation and its people.

May God bless you all as you celebrate the silver jubilee .

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Evangelist Bonnke jets in

Publish Date: Jun 06, 2012

By Francis Emorut               
American based international evangelist, Reinhard Bonnke has arrived in the country accompanied with entourage of 20 delegates.

Bonnke was received by the head of National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, Apostle Alex Mitala and pastors who included Daniel Nkata, Rev. John Darku, the Africa director of Christ for All Nations, evangelist Drake Kanaabo, Abed Bwanika, the president of Peoples Development Party and Bishop Joseph Nsubuga.

“I am happy to be back in Uganda,” Bonnke said as he was being welcomed by the pastors.

Bonnke who was stopped from holding a crusade in Jinja in 1990 recalled that it was a nasty experience but he has forgiven the security operatives who harassed him.

“I had unhappy incident in Jinja when soldiers came holding their guns and stopped me from holding the crusade and told me to go away,” Bonnke told journalists at Entebbe International Airport.

“As a man of God I hold no grudge against any one that was involved in stopping me from holding the crusade.”

Miracle: Reinhard Bonnke returns to Uganda

Tuesday, 05 June 2012 19:48 

Written by Malita Wamala

 Few things have brought me joy like the fact that this week I get to minister with the man of God, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in Kampala. As part of the mass choir that will minister at the Makerere II grounds in Bwaise, I hit two birds with one stone; the privilege to minister, but also have prime location at the crusade, given that the man of God is known to draw crowds in their millions for his crusades.

Bonnke, who came to Uganda more than 20 years ago and held a big crusade at Kololo airstrip and another botched one in Jinja, has focused his ministry on Africa and the great anointing on his life has impacted millions especially in West Africa.

During our rehearsals at Redeemed Church of the Lord Makerere, one minister told of the Jinja crusade that never was. Bonnke had arrived in the thriving town with his team and set up for a crusade, but the town’s leadership together with police turned him away, citing the loud noise from his public address system.

Now, the Bible says when you come bearing good news but are turned away, dust yourself off of that place and move on. The minister at Redeemed said that on this occasion, Bonnke did not dust himself off of anything, but he is said to have sorrowfully removed his jacket and left it in Jinja as he departed.

And anyone who knows Jinja and understands things spiritual, knows that the town has never been the same since. This jubilee crusade from June 6 to 10 is, among other things, expected to turn fortunes around.

As Uganda turns 50, the Lord wants to lift the curse off our nation and trigger a blessing sufficient for all of us. Above all, Bonnke is on a mission to win more souls for Christ. Born in Germany but based in the US, Bonnke is the founder of Christ For All Nations ministry.

He is coming with evangelist Daniel Kolenda, another amazing preacher. I don’t know how you will get there, but just be there and don’t miss this epic moment. From the composition of the mass choir (so many churches are represented), it is my hope that this crusade also unites the body of Christ in Uganda, which is currently so divided in ways that bring shame to the name of Jesus.


 The Kampala Miracle – Kampala, Uganda – Day 1

  Dear Mission Partners,
We are rejoicing tonight after the first meeting of our Gospel Campaign here in Kampala, Uganda has just come to an end. 
The very fact that we are here is a sign and a wonder in itself.  We experienced a miracle of provision a couple of days ago that has made this event possible and already we can see that this is going to be a historic event.  Here are just a few things that have happened since we arrived: 
  • Many of you may be familiar with the remarkable story of what happened in Jinja, which is located just about an hours drive from where we are now.  (If you’re not familiar with this story, you can read all about it in Chapter 30 of evangelist Bonnke’s autobiography – Living a Life of Fire).  Today, for the first time in two decades, evangelist Bonnke set foot on Jinja soil again to pray for this city that has suffered so much since those events transpired some twenty-three years ago.  Hundreds of pastors came out to meet him and the presence of God moved in a very special way.  I wish I had more time to tell you the whole story, but suffice it to say that what Satan meant for evil, God has turned around for good.  The peace of God has returned to Jinja and a new day has dawned!
  • Last night we were received by the president of Uganda, his wife and his whole family at the state house, where we had dinner and wonderful fellowship.  Afterword evangelist Bonnke preached the Gospel and we prayed over the first family.
  • Tonight evangelist Bonnke preached a powerful evangelistic message and thousands responded.  Then we prayed for the sick and wonderful miracles of healing began to take place
  • An old lady who was totally blind in both eyes received her sight tonight (see the attached picture)
  • A father carried his daughter from the hospital with the intravenous catheter (from an i.v. drip) still attached to her arm.  She was inflicted with both typhoid fever and malaria. Tonight she was totally healed and she walked, unaided, up onto the platform to testify.
  • A man who had a severe back injury in a motorcycle accident was confined to a back brace.  Tonight, after the power of God came on him, he ripped that brace off and began to dance and jump! (See the attached picture)
There is much more – too much to tell.  We are so grateful to be here and so excited about what Jesus will do here in Kampala this week. Please bombard heaven for us this week.  Pray that every chain will be broken and every captive set free.
Yours in the Gospel,
Evangelists Daniel Kolenda & Reinhard Bonnke

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