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Isn’t Pastor Jackson Senyonga indulging in a Carnal fight with False Prophets??? Occultist Samuel Kakande Organizes mega Crusade at Namboole from 27th -28th October, 2017 to prove his critics wrong : Prophet Kakande Invites his Occultist Spiritual Father T.B. Joshua to boost his ministry and powers in the face of many critics

Pastor Kakande to prove critics wrong, threatens to close Kampala with mega Crusade

Since the beginning of this year,  pastor Jackson Senyonga  has been attacking false prophets in  his P5 revival meetings . A number of people have testified in P5 meetings about the satanic and occult  conduct  of Prophet Samuel Kakande.  A number of these people have testified that Kakande has a room where snakes  are kept. These snakes are believed to be the source of his power. One  person who has testified against Kakande is his sister called Nakakande. Nakakande has confirmed that  Prophet Kakande indeed has snakes . She has pointed out that Kakande  gave her a snake, and frog  as instruments  that would give wealth to her.  Pastor Senyonga has also exposed Pastor Yiga and Bro.Ronnie as false prophets . 

Pastor Jackson Senyonga  allegedly sent  some of his followers to Pastor Ronnie‘s Church  with fliers and other materials that expose Ronnie. It has been reported that there was fighting between  Bro.Ronnie’s sheep and Pastor Senyonga‘s sheep which forced the police to intervene and arrest  Pastor Senyonga’s sheep.  Occultist  Kakande has organised a mega crusade at Namboole stadium to disprove his critics such as Pastor Senyonga . It is also reported that Kakande’s spiritual father T.B.Joshua from Nigeria will come over before the year to boost the image and powers of his occult son. 

I think Pastor Senyonga is wasting a lot of time and energy fighting false prophets  . The bible says that false prophets  will be there(2 Peter 2:1) and  these false prophets will perform great miracles  that might deceive even those persons who are genuinely saved(Matthew 24:24). Therefore spending too much time  getting rid of false prophets is gross ignorance of scripture. Of course Prophet  Kakande , Pastor Yiga Augustine and Bro.Ronnie are occultists  but sending people to their churches to fight them is carnality of the highest  order. The bible says our weapons are not carnal but mighty through God. We should not waste too much time fighting false prophets , we should spend too much time preaching the true gospel of repentance or the gospel of the kingdom that changes people from sinners to holy and righteous followers of the lord Jesus Christ(Matthew 3:2, 4:17&;23).

The problem I have with Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s ministry and P5 revival meetings  is the exclusive focus on prosperity, money, wealth , earthly dominion instead of purity  and  holiness(gospel of repentance). Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s gospel is probably 97 percent  prosperity gospel and Pastor Kakande’s gospel is probably 97 percent  prosperity gospel . Therefore Pastor Kakande and Pastor Senyonga are by and large preaching the same Anti-Christ Gospel. The reason why people go the Kakande’s church is to acquire wealth, money, fame, prosperity , healings . Therefore although Pastor Jackson Senyonga is not an occultist ,  the prosperity gospel he preaches is very  similar to Prophet Kakande’s gospel. Therefore this battle seems to be about who is most famous or who has the largest congregation and not necessarily about who preaches the truth. 

Pastor Kakande to prove critics wrong, threatens to close Kampala with mega Crusade
Oct 23, 2017

By our reporter
Pastor Samuel Kakande has moved to prove his critics wrong. This weekend the Kubbiri Pentecostal pastor is taking all his followers to Nelson Mandela National Stadium in Namboole.

The pastors handlers who spoke to this website say, the Prophet of the Synagogue Church of all Nations will on Friday and Saturday, October 27-28 hold a grand crusade in the biggest stadium in Uganda to prove to the naysayers that “God still works wonders through him”.

Announcements made on different platforms say the crusade is welcoming anyone to the crusade including those with serious problems and challenges which need miracles to go.

Remmy Ntambi who attends Kakande’s church says there will be different professionals in the audience who will testify how far they have come since their pastor prayed over them.

Prophet Kakande speakers out on his five marriages

By Vision Reporter , 25th August, 2006
Prophet Samuel Kakande is the head of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, Uganda, situated at Mulago. He talked to Elvis Basudde about his marriages.
You are known to keep changing wives. Doesn’t the Bible call for monogamy?
If I didn’t believe in monogamy, I would not be separating with them. I would now have five wives. But I first separate with one before I get another one. This shows that I believe in having one wife. If you get a misunderstanding with your partner, it is better to separate and marry another person than fight and kill each other like we read in papers.

You mean if I got a serious problem with my wife, you would allow me to divorce her?
Not all domestic problems are solved by divorce. Some problems have solutions. The first thing couples should do if they have a problem is to pray about it.

But why did prayer fail to solve your previous marital problems?
It is like taking a patient to hospital: he may die or he may be cured.

What are the tips for a successful marriage?
It is a combination of many things; trust, basing your love on Christian teaching, learning and understanding each other and working towards a common interest. But most important, seek God’s guidance.

Don’t women seduce you? Have you ever been tempted to cheat on your wife?
It doesn’t mean that when you are saved you cannot be tempted. Temptations are always there. Of course, there are people with satanic minds who seduce me. Those are the people who need prayers. In fact we all pray for God’s deliverance. If you are set free by the blood of Jesus, you can always fight temptations.

Have you thought of organising a mass wedding like Omega church?
If believers request for it, I will conduct it. I believe in mass weddings because they are cheaper. But so far I have not had such a request.

Are you training your children to take over? Will you bequeath your divine powers to them?
I have no power to transfer powers. It is not a personal property. God’s gifts are for salvation of our souls. Salvation is a gift from God. If my children believe in Jesus Christ, they can get salvation and powers.

How do you defend yourself against people who say you are a false prophet who uses witchcraft?
I can only quote from John 10:19-21. Again a division resulted among the Jews because of these words. Many of them were saying: He has a demon and is mad. Why do you listen to him? Others would say: A demon cannot open blind people’s eyes, can it? So what they did to Jesus is what they are doing to me. I am not surprised.

So who are you?
I am a prophet whose major work is to preach the gospel, pray for the sick, solve people’s problems and develop communities.


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