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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pastor Yiga Sued for sexually using a young girl and later dumping her.

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Pastor Yiga Sued

Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Revival Christian Centre in Kawaala, Kampala has been dragged to the Uganda Human Rights Commission by a saucy babe who accuses him of …… and later neglecting her.

In a complaint dated March 26, 2012, Josephine Nino told the director of complaints, investigations and legal services at the commission that she entered into a sexual relationship with Yiga on the understanding that the two would get married and that he would meet all her needs which he later refused to do.

The Uganda Human Rights Commission has since referred the complaint to the Officer in Charge of Central Police Station in Kampala after Nino also claimed she has been receiving threatening messages. The commission says it lacks jurisdiction to handle the complaint advising that the police is better placed to assist her.

How Nino Met Yiga
Nino told the human rights commission that on December 15, 2011 at around 3:00pm, Nino approached Pastor Yiga at his office in Kawala for counselling. She followed the procedure of paying Shs50,000 for private prayers in the ‘HOLY’ room which is attached to the church.

She was given a seat and allowed to narrate her woes so that Pastor Yiga (commonly known as Abizaayo) could pray for her. Among other problems Nino told the pastor to pray for her to get a rightful and responsible husband.

The Man of God picked interest in solving the problem of finding a suitable husband. To cleanse her of the troubles blocking her possible chances of getting married, he told her to kneel down, he laid his hands on her head and in a raised voice he prayed for her.

After the prayer that lasted 12 minutes, he anointed her with olive oil on the forehead.

Before she left the office to allow in other believers, Yiga asked for Nino’s telephone contact. After few days, Yiga rang her saying God had appeared to him in a dream telling him Nino was his future wife.
He therefore asked her to meet him at Airport View Hotel in Entebbe to discuss the matter further. Despite being very busy with festive season schedules, he spared time and offered to pick her from her home in Nansana.

As earlier planned, the pastor picked her and drove to Entebbe direct in his Toyota Noah UAQ 041U. On reaching the hotel, the pastor requested her to enter into a relationship with him, with the intentions of marrying her on the promise that he would meet all her needs.

Following the pastor’s reputation and wealth, Nino welcomed the suggestion and started boozing freely like anyone whose prayers had been answered. Soon the two were embracing.

Moving in italics with lots of love, Nino kept referring to the pastor as honey. That night, they engaged in sexual intercourse at the hotel. According to the letter she wrote to UHRC, Nino says Pastor Yiga did not use a condom.

During the course of making love, the girl felt so much pain as her …. was ruptured by the pastor’s huge ….. Having been promised verbally that she would be loved till death, she persevered and kept making love amidst pain. The session lasted more than an hour non-stop without the pastor finishing.

In the morning, he gave her Shs200,000 and delivered her in Nansana. Nino who was promised a good life was over the moon telling whoever cared to listen in Nansana that she had hooked up a top pastor.

The two kept on meeting until they fell out a few weeks ago over reasons to be published in Saturday Pepper tomorrow.

When we called Pastor Yiga yesterday, he said he needed to meet our reporters in person adding that he sees many people daily and wanted to see Nino’s picture before commenting on the allegations.
Who is Pastor Yiga

Pastor Yiga was born on April 14, 1975 in Mawogola, Masaka District. He is the senior Pastor of Revival Christian Church (RCC) in Kawala. He is also one of the directors of Knowledge Center High School in Kawala, director at CARCOP, an orphanage project.

He started RCC on April 18, 2004 with a small following but currently it has more than 800 followers. The man of God who was inspired by Holy Spirit is well known with a slogan “Abizayo” meaning sending back the witchcraft to the original sender.

In a country that believes in witchcraft, Yiga came to rescue innocent people and send back the evil to the senders so that they can feel a taste of their own medicine.

The first church was located in Kiwunya in Nankulabye and after a period of one year, he transferred it to Kawala. The church is planted on a born again foundation but with a policy of welcoming all people of all kinds of beliefs. T.F Tinywana, Special Projects Team