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Church submits new evidence for Ngobya, Amedeo canonisation


Posted  Tuesday, February 9   2016 at  02:00MASAKA- The Catholic Church in Masaka Diocese has submitted fresh evidence towards the canonisation of Msgr Aloysius Ngobya and Sister Amedeo Byabali, whom the believers want declared saints.
The fresh evidence was handed over to officials from the Rome Commission by Masaka Diocesan Bishop, John Baptist Kaggwa at Kitovu Cathedral recently.
The Rev Brother Reginald Cruise, who led the team from Rome, received the files containing new evidence amid cheers from the faithful. Both Sr Amedeo and Msgr Ngobya served the Church in different capacities for quite a long time before their demise in 1985 and 1975 respectively.
Upon receiving accumulated testimonies of people who claim to have received miracles after praying through the departed duo, the Church in 2012 petitioned Rome; which also cleared them to start gathering evidence towards the duo’s beatification and eventual canonization.
In April 2012, the Church was cleared to begin due investigations which started with the exhumation of their remains for thorough examination, to build a case for the priests’ canonization.
However, late last year, the process had suffered a setback after Rome demanded scientific evidence to back up the claims of miracles, which the Church had failed to present.
Bishop Kaggwa revealed that although the work has been highly challenging to the investigating team, they have managed to compile what they think will be essentially relevant to the entire process.
The bishop, who declined to divulge details of the new evidence, however, cautioned Christians against getting excited by the new development, saying it exclusively remains at the discretion of the Rome authority to take the process to the next step.
“However, we need to keep praying and grow stronger in our faith,” he urged.
During the same special Mass, the investigating committees made prescribed oath of maintaining outmost secrecy of the details of their findings.
The Rev Fr Edward Ssekabanja, the Diocesan chancellor, who was heading the commissions into these causes, revealed that with the gathered evidence from 75 witnesses , he had no doubt that what they documented is the required evidence.
Brother Cruise asked Christians to remain patient as they wait for verification of the collected evidence.
Fr Ngobya who died at 90 years (in 1985) had served as a priest for 71 years, while Amedeo served as Catholic Nun for 49 years.

Several Christians have been making pilgrimages to their burial places at Kitovu, praying for miraculous redemption and healing. Some believers have publicly confessed as they overcome different hardships upon praying through their intercessions.