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Friday, 18 September 2015

When Ugandan Citizens loose complete trust in Government Postmortems: Aronda was Killed ! General Kasirye Gwanga : Weeps



Kasirye Gwanga: Aronda was murdered


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'Muhoozi Project': By Installing Son, Gen. Museveni Hopes To Defer Prosecution

What Killed Gen Aronda Nyakairima? The Answers!

The death of Uganda’s Minister of Internal Affairs General Aronda Nyakairima has been confirmed and government has embarked on repatriating his body back home.

The cause of General Aronda Nyakairima is not yet known
The cause of General Aronda Nyakairima death is not yet known

The bush war hero met his death while transiting through Dubai, United Arab Emirates, returning from South Korea where he had gone for official duties.

Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda in an impromptu statement said that a team of doctors–pathologists—is being sent to Dubai, to assist with the post-mortem.

Pathologists investigate and interpret a patient’s diagnosis, treatment and possible cause of death. Questions of what killed one of the most successful soldiers in the country is mounting.

While the Ministry has urged public to “restrain from unfounded rumours”, conspiracy theorists including government officials have lined up a number of speculative but possible causes of his death.

Heart Attack

When news broke that the General had died, the cause of his demise was said to be a heart attack or what scientists call cardiac arrest. UGO couldn’t verify if he had that condition before.

The Executive Director, Uganda Media Centre and Spokesperson, Government of Uganda, Ofwono Opondo using his known Twitter account told the nation that the Chief of Defence Forces had died of a heart attack.

 Ofwono Opondo P'Odel @OfwonoOpondo
Confirmed Aronda has died of heart attack while on transit in Dubai from South Korea @UgandaMediaCent @skaheru @AllanKasujja

 However some sections of the public didn’t buy into this school of thought considering that as a serving soldier, and a good soldier, the General was well and fit. He was known not to smoke or drink alcohol.  


The other possible cause of the General’s death is food poisoning. He will not be the first General in Uganda to be poisoned.  

The reasons for his possible and speculated poisoning and who did it are however not mentioned by the speculators as news remain scanty.   Brigadier Noble Mayombo, who in October 2005 was appointed Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, reportedly died of food poisoning in April 2007.

Brigadier Noble Mayombo was reportedly poisened
Brigadier Noble Mayombo was reportedly poisoned

Mayombo is famously quoted having said wajinga wameniwuwa mimi (these stupid people have killed me) probably indicating that he knew the perpetrators and the methods used.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga was also reported to have said that elements in government, parliament and other political mafias tried to kill her by poisoning her.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga
The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga

These previous events hold some water into this allegation. The source of this allegation also alleges that the General’s two body guards also died in a similar manner.

This allegation cannot be ignored but swept under the bed as investigations into this matters takes, who knows, it could be true.

It has also been reported that Gen Aronda complained of stomach pain akin to what Mayombo complained about before succumbing to death.

Muhozi Project

The most audacious allegation came from a twitter account believed to be belonging to former Forum for Democratic Change president, Kizza Besigye.

 Kifefe Kizza-Besigye @kizzabesigye1
Very curious! Gen Sejusa, Hon Amama Mbabazi & Gen Aronda were all named for being against the Muhozi project! Mafia? 

In the tweet Besigye states “Very curious! Gen Sejusa, Hon Amama Mbabazi & Gen Aronda were all named for being against the Muhozi project! Mafia?”

It should be remembered that Gen Sejusa fell out with President Museveni for reportedly being against the Muhozi Project which is reported to be planning to install the president’s son as the next leader of Uganda.

Besigye wonders if the mafias could have been bumped off the decorated war General.

This will for sure not go down well with the president and government if it really came from the opposition leader.

Death not known, Rugunda

In an official statement on the sudden death of Gen. Aronda, Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda said the death of the bush war hero is not yet known.

“We have today learnt, with great sadness, of the sudden death of Hon Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, the Minister of Internal Affairs…………

A team of doctors–pathologists—is also being sent to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to assist with the post-mortem and the repatriation of the body.” Rugunda said.

Until the pathologists come out with a conclusive report we can only speculate

The Seer: Generals to die before Museveni's assassination  

Wednesday, 11th November 2009

By Timothy Kalyegira   

Readers who might have followed my writings in the Daily Monitor's Saturday column in 2006 and 2007 and listeners to the KFM radio talk show on Friday, might have heard me mention on air or put in writing my meeting in July 2006 with a clairvoyant, a person with an uncanny gift for predicting future events, the person I called the Seer.

In one of those columns or several of those KFM broadcasts, I did mention, in 2006 and 2007, what the Seer told me would happen to Uganda in the years just ahead.

One of the things I told listeners clearly several times, for the record, was that the Seer had told me that generals from ethnic tribes in western Uganda would die one by one as the clock ticked on to the assassination of President Yoweri Museveni, as foretold by the Seer.

It started with the Secretary for Defence, Brig. Noble Mayombo in May 2007 and has continued with the former army commander Maj. gen. James Kazini now in Nov. 2009.

It has been reported by the mainstream media in Kampala that Kazini was murdered by his mistress, Lydia Draru.

The facts of Kazini's death, in fact, point to what the Uganda Record knew to be the truth yesterday, Nov. 10, 2009: that Kazini was killed for the same reason that Mayombo was killed.

Two days before his death, according to well-informed sources, Kazini received a phone call from the Chief of Military Intelligence, Brig. James Mugira who asked Kazini: "Are you safe?"

Mugira then offered Kazini some escorts, to which Kazini angrily replied that he did not need any security and he switched Mugira off the line. It is not clear whether Mugira genuinely wanted to offer protection to Kazini or he was, in fact, monitoring Kazini's movements on behalf of the hands that run the Ugandan state.

This week, Kazini was scheduled to travel to southern Sudan. The white luxury Toyota Landcruiser he owned was given to him as a personal donation and an act of sympathy by the government of southern Sudan after he was court martialed for the alleged creation of a false army payroll.

Southern Sudan, it should be remembered, still has a smoldering resentment toward Uganda because many, if not most, of them believe that the death of their leader Lt. Gen. John Garang in July 2005 was orchestrated by Museveni.

It is not clear at this point whether the Ugandan state believed or suspected that Kazini was being prepared by southern Sudan or even Libya to lead a possible military coup against the Museveni government.

But as the background given by the Uganda Record yesterday revealed, quoting news reports and analysis from two Kampala papers, the Independent and the Observer, it was publicly known that the state believed Kazini had a plan or role to play in a plot to overthrow Museveni.

A source in Kampala has told the Uganda Record this: "About Kazini's death, I one time overheard my uncle in the army say Kazini may join Col. [Samson] Mande and [Col. Kiiza] Besigye against M7 [President Museveni]. He then said they [the state, presumably] were going to eliminate the 'rebels' one by one. This is not the last death of this year."

The true facts of Kazini's death, then are as follows: Kazini had a night out on Monday, as has been reported by Kampala newspapers.

What they do not reveal or know is that Kazini had parted company with his mistress Draru. Later, he got a call from her.He had been in his military vehicle but on receiving her call, his instinct was to get into his personal vehicle, the Landcruiser, and head to Namuwongo, the suburb in Kampala near the Industrial Area.

Waiting for Kazini at Draru's home were three burly men, commonly referred to in Uganda as "Kanyamas".

It is these three men, not Draru, who bludgeoned Kazini to death. An eight year-old boy at Draru's home provided that evidence to the police when it arrived at the scene but somehow this version of events was slowly withdrawn from the public.

The first person to arrive at the scene of the crime was a woman called Mabel, sister to Jovia Saleh, the wife of Gen. Salim Saleh. After Kazini's murder, sources say, Draru phoned up Mabel and said "Come and pick your body."

The reference by Draru to "your body" in making that call to Jovia Saleh's sister, starts to shed light on to true facts of Kazini's murder.

At the mortuary at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Gen. Saleh's aide, Capt. Juma Seiko and a Colonel in Military Police took charge of the body. Mourners and family members who arrived to view and treat the body were screened by the Military Police and as one by one the relatives and other mourners arrived, the Military Police officer made a phone call to an unidentified person to get permission to allow each person to come in.

Capt. Seiko, with a long revolver strapped at his waist, kept a tight grip over the proceedings.

All of this raised the question of why suddenly tight security and controls should be imposed both at Namuwongo and at the Mulago mortuary, if Kazini's death was the result of what is being reported, a drunken brawl between two lovers.

At the wake at Kazini's home at Munyonyo, most of the army generals and other high-ranking officers who had worked with Kazini over the years appeared to commiserate with the family --- except Gen. Salim Saleh.

Sources who claim to know what is going on say that it was Salim Saleh who made the phone call to Draru asking her to invite Kazini to her home on Monday night and early into Tuesday morning.

The haste with which Lydia Draru was arrested, taken to the Central Police Station for interrogation, arraigned before a magistrate at the Buganda Road Court, and sent to Luzira Upper Prison where she spent Tuesday night, Nov. 10, raises the level of suspicion even more.

She seemed eager to confess to having killed Kazini. She did not explain what the iron bar that she reportedly used to hit Kazini, was doing in her house.

As the media did what it did with Maymbo's death, publishing and broadcasting the usual redundancies about Kazini the "fearless commander" and "national hero" that Ugandan society and the media typically heap on deceased public officials, the truth behind Kazini's death remains out of public view.

But, as the Seer said, this is the trend that events will be taking prior to that cataclysmic event soon to befall Museveni.