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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Roman Catholicism and the Worship of the dead: Believers camp at Ngobya grave to seek miracles

Catholics Praying-at-Monsignor-Aloysius-Ngobya’s-grave

Satanic testimony from a Muslim Woman about Ngobya’s so called miracles 

Nze Mariam Nambuusi, wadde ndi Musiraamu ne baze Badru Mutebi nga tubeera Ssennyange mu Masaka: Ndeese omwana wange ono ewa Ngobya mwebaze olw’okumpa ezzadde. Nnazaala abaana babiri naye nga bafiira mu ssanya era essuubi ly’okuzaala lyali limpeddemu, bwe nnafuna olubuto olw’okusatu mukwano gwe n’ampa amagezi okugenda ewa Ngobya mmusabe era nnakikola nga December 5 omwaka oguwedde nnazaala omwana ono era n’okutuusa kati akyaliwokyenva nneekwasa ennyo Ngobya kubanga abasooka ssaasobola wadde okubayonsaako.
Abantu bawadde obujulizi ku Msgr. Ngobya akola ebyewuunyo  

Mariam Nambuusi ( Muslim woman) alleges that NgobyaNgobya gave her a child

I’m MariamNambuusi, I and my husband Badru Mutebi are muslims living in Ssenyange , Masaka. I have brought this child to Ngobya to thank him for giving me a child. Two of my children died while I was giving birth but when I became pregnant the third time my friend advised me to go and pray Ngobya.I prayed to Ngobya and on Decenber 5 last year (2011) I gave birth to a child who is still alive up now. I dedicate my prayers to Ngobya because I was not able to even breast  my earlier children.  


Believers camp at Ngobya grave to seek miracles

Believers pray for the late Msgr Aloysius Ngobya at Mary Mother’s Church near Kitovu Cathedral, Masaka District on Sunday. PHOTO BY ALI MAMBULE 

Posted  Tuesday, January 13  2015 at  02:00
In Summary
Pilgrims have been flocking the place seeking for the dead priest’s intercession. 

Masaka- Thousands of believers gathered at Mary Mother’s grave near Kitovu Cathedral in Masaka District to pray for the late Msgr Aloysius Ngobya to perform miracles that will transform him into a saint.
Majority of the pilgrims came from as far as Tanzania and other neighbouring countries.
They told Daily Monitor that they have been praying for years seeking for the dead priest’s intercession and special favours.
Catholics struggle to touch Monsignor-Aloysius-Ngobya’s coffin in order to get blessings

Msgr Ngobya is believed to have performed miracles when he was alive.
“I asked him to help me improve my business and for the past three years, it has become a success,” Mr John Lubira, a pilgrim, said while Ms Gertrude Namwanje testified that she had passed her exams.
The Kampala diocesan youth chaplain, Fr Augustine Luzindana, who was the main celebrant, criticised Ugandans for intentionally participating in immorality during day and drawing closer to God in the night to seek for favours.
“It is a shame to all of you who think that you can hoodwink the Almighty God,” Fr Luzindana said.
He also challenged the congregation to stop going to Kitovu and other places of worship to eat pork and drink alcohol but pray because it is the main reason why they go there.

Catholics Praying-at-Monsignor-Aloysius-Ngobya’s-grave
“Some of you come and eat a lot of pork but when time for receiving the Holy Communion approaches, you shy away,” Fr Luzindana said.
Fr Edward Sekabanja, the in-charge of the late Msgr Ngobya Foundation, urged people to stop spending nights at the late Msgr Ngobya’s grave, saying the church did not have enough security to protect their property.


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