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Saturday, 22 February 2014

From defending the gospel to defending homosexuality and lust : A sad story of a young man Arthur Owiti( Rex Arthur): Please pray for him

One grievous sin is that of homosexuality from which we get the word sodomy. This unnatural act is an ABOMINATION before God hence God had to judge this sin on the basis of his holiness. Today many here in Africa are shocked and amazed at the gradual but sure growth of this behavior in Africa. Arthur Owiti 

Arthur Owiti has come out openly as gay      

Rex Arthur


Bro.Arthur Owiti was a couple of years ago very passionate about the true gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He was very critical of ecumenism, the prosperity gospel  and the preaching of  unsound doctrine in today's  pulpits. I posted some his good articles on my blog. As I write now, he has fallen away. On his face book page , he is very passionate about lust and homosexuality and silent about the gospel. He used to preach the gospel at the university but now those Christians who knew him for preaching against the  heresy  of today’s prosperity gospel and the need for sound doctrine are wondering what happened. The devil is wicked and like a roaring lion, he is always looking for whom to devour. Let us keep on guard. I pray that this bother repents and turns back to the savour Jesus Christ.

Articles  by Arthur Owiti (Rex Arthur)


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Arthur Owiti’s articles on my blog

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Dark Reality of A Physical Rich Christendom and Spiritual Poverty

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~ FEAR GOD AND GIVE HIM GLORY FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT IS COME. WATCH 2011- Antichrist NWO Agenda is ACCELERATING in the economic, technology, religious and political spheres, God will also unleash his swift judgments on the earth speedily .Fear Not.Fear God.Endure To the End and You Shall Be Saved.


 Arthur Owiti's defence of homosexuality and lust     

Rex Arthur

Yearning for love from the men i love   

 Photo: Yearning for love from the men i love
Rex Arthur

Oh Damn it !!! my sexy dudes ..beautiful ..handsome ..i am fucking jealous now ..Drogba hold me too, and Sturridge i want to kiss your red lips
Didier and D-Studge!     

  Photo: Didier and D-Studge!

Rex Arthur

Yes sexy men in our beautiful Africa ..rubbable bellies and butts    
So which man is man enough to untie the red ribbon from this Gay puppy so that he can love lick ?? Lol it is happy Valentine's Hangover y'all    
 Photo: So which man is man enough to untie the red ribbon from this Gay puppy so that he can love lick ?? Lol it is  happy Valentine's Hangover y'all

 Arthur Owiti's articles



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A glance made on the global conditions on the world is proving one thing;the whole world is actually one, thanks to globalization. This globalization is making the world one in all its affairs and in religion. All these are mentioned in the holy scriptures.

This whole mix of conditions can lead one to call the so called one world a Global Sodom. Sodom was known for commiting very grievous sin before the Lord that in the end he judged it with brimstone and fire.

Genesis 19:24 Then the LORD rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven;

One grievous sin is that of homosexuality from which we get the word sodomy. This unnatural act is an ABOMINATION before God hence God had to judge this sin on the basis of his holiness. Today many here in Africa are shocked and amazed at the gradual but sure growth of this behavior in Africa.

Before it belonged to the abode of the West but now India has legally protected the rights of Gays and there are many of their advocacy groups rising worldwide,hence the spread of Sodom in the whole world .But is this the only thing that made Sodom , Sodom ?

Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Isaiah give us more insight of what took place in Sodom. Isaiah castigated Israel for declaring her sin openly like Sodom .

Arrogance and utter unrepentance of sin is what made judgment right for Sodom,hence Israel same arrogance and hearted hardness was judged like God had judged Sodom though a remnant was saved in Israel .

Isaiah 3:9 The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom, they hide not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves.

As for Ezekiel he shows the iniquities of Sodom ;

Ezekiel 16:49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.

A sober look of our world reveals today the same things that were present in Sodom are present in every part of the globe.


This where the love of self takes center stage in the lives of people.The capitalistic system has made people love self to extremes where people become selfish and feel good about themselves even when they are on the wrong.This self love exalts itself against the love of God which does not puff up itself.

Moreover religious pride has been seen in the form of denominations and false doctrines and the exaltation of ministers in Christendom. Through amassing wealth and fame many have become so exalted that they feel untouchable and too high to repent of any sin which grips them.

Pride is very deceitful hence blinding,where someone does not realise his real state of utter hopelessness without God. Hence repentance cannot exist where there is pride;it has to come down because God only gives grace to the humble.

But the global world is driven by pride or self will,nations want to do what they want and show off their supremacy.It is vanity on a global scale.Yet this pride is also exuded in Christendom in its showing off of
success in the world…celebrities and merchandising of Christian minstry.


Again Capitalism has made the world divided into classes of rich middle class and poor in dynamic ways. One phenomenon borne out of this worldwide system is consumerism.

All nations have a consumerist population that is growing with the so called capitalism.This behavior has spurred the super rich to great heights of profit hence their out sourcing tactics and global companies.

This growth and development is a sign of bread in abundance. However in the midst off it the poor are present globally starving for lack of finances to gain that same bread that many have in abundance.

Ezekiel is showing that Sodom despised the poor and it is evident today that global capitalistic system which has gripped the whole world has despised the poor .It is ironic that people can throw away stuff that can actually save another within their country.It is greed on a global scale.

Yet this greed is being sanctifed by false doctrines of Political Christianity and Prosperity gospel in global Christendom.


With bread in plenty and life in good shape,the world or those who are enjoying its riches get idle hence feed idleness with Entertainment.To be in sync with the words of Paul in 2 Timothy,it is amazing how the love of pleasure as escalated in these perilous times.As wars go on the other part of the world is in bliss having fun through entertainments of the world such as football,movies and music.Entertainment is one of the top profit earners in the world today.In fact some developing nations are beginning to call it a need.

This Entertainment thing has also hit Christendom.With lack of firm admonition of the scriptures Christians are busy entertaing themselves while they are in apostasy and false doctrines.The media which is now global is encouraging greed and self love through Prosperity Gospel and Purpose Driven Life.

So called Christian music is now big business( has ministry ever been business ? ) and many Christian celebrities are being born.Christian movies having premieres just like their Hollywood counterparts.Everything looks glassy but it is just a facade; false and deception.

Books that encourage Christians to love the world and be at ease in this wicked world instead of fighting sin and walking in Love are what matter. Look at the so called Chrisian Best Sellers on the New York Best seller list, what are they talking about? None are talking about building true faith all talk about building this fading world and being big in this world.,..the love of the world.

In the midst of such a drunk world as Sodom the righteous were present.This is seen in the figure of Lot who was vexed by the wickedness in Sodom. We as pilgrims in this world are also vexed by what we see but ours is to keep the faith and witness for our righteous Lord in deed and truth.


Yes the love of this world was raging in Sodom and that same love is raging globally but God being righteous has to reveal his wrath to such society where lawlessness is called liberty and bondage is called freedom.
When the angels were rescuing Lot from the sodomites, they struck all the people there with blindness until the brimstone and fire rained down.

Blindness today can be seen where people are ignoring the Lord’s judgment on the earth for her inquity.Moreover Christendom is part of that blindness by refusing sound doctrine hence bearing the love of this world.No wonder it is giving way to the works of the flesh and the works of the devil.


When discussing with one about the current state of the world we concluded that the state of the world is like a network of computers.If one computer in that network gets a virus,the other computers will get it to and they will all come crashing down.

The rot in Western Christendom is spreading to the whole world because of the one network connection it has with the other parts of the world through globalization and one world system. This fro example in Anglican circles why the homosexual sin in England and US Episcopalian church is also raging in Asia and African communions.

Evangelical sodomy in America where top leaders have been implicated have been proved to be in parts of Evangelical Africa .Why ?Not because the Asian and Africans have left their values but because they are communions. So long as you are connected you will get the virus.

Sin has power and is spiritual and one has to walk in the spirit to overcome its power,not just by talking words or excusing it.That is why Jesus came,to destroy such works of the devil.

This sin and blindness is cured with the Light of the glorious gospel of Christ where true Christians defend the gospel in truth and deed. Maintaining that God will judge and reveal his wrath from heaven against the ungodliness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness.

God will judge the whole earth as iniquity and ungodliness is now not just confined to the West but the whole world, not just Western Christendom but Global Christendom which needs to repent or face judgment from the Lord God against the Global Sodom.

Arthur Owiti


 Dear Readers,

Due to other matters of this life , Ukweli Library has decided to call it a day . It has been a great joy sharing and writing and having you read and research on various topics  . Thus on Friday November 25,  this blog will not be available .Thanks and God bless you and keep on reserachjing and pursuing the truth.Wisdom is the principal thing and the truth shall set you free.

Thank you.
Arthur Owiti,
Ukweli Library