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The Day Pentecostal Pastors made History by disowning Kakande, Brother Ronnie and Yiga


Pentecostals disown Kakande, Brother Ronnie and Yiga

Written by Alfred Ochwo
 After decades of publicly skirting around the thorny issue of eccentric individuals with strange doctrines operating in the guise of being Pentecostal pastors and prophets, Ugandan balokole represented by hundreds of their pastors and leaders have made their biggest statement yet.
On October 12, pastors representing their four biggest national unions held a conference dubbed ‘The Campaign To Revive Uganda’ at Christian Life Church, Makerere Kavule. The conference had one major item on its agenda: to dissociate the Pentecostal faith from false prophets that have penetrated it.

After the conference, the pastors represented by the National Fellowship of Born-Again Pentecostal Churches (NFBAPC), the Born-Again Faith Federation (BAFFE), Evangelical Fellowship of Uganda (EFU) and Miracle Centre Cathedrals (MCC) signed a petition denouncing Prophet Samuel Kakande of Synagogue Church of All Nations at Mulago Ku Bbiri, Pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Christian Church Kawaala and Brother Ronnie Makabai of ETM.

The pastors also urged government to start criminal investigations into some of the three men’s practices after several former followers, senior ministers and even relatives testified about occult practices, extortion, human sacrifice, rape and intimidation allegedly taking place.
Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church, who is spearheading the campaign, signed the petition together with Pr Joshua Lwere (overseer NFBAPC), Pr Joseph Sserwadda (presiding apostle, BAFFE), Bishop Peter Enyau (overseer, EFU) and Pr Robert Kayanja (overseer, MCC).

The conference drew renowned evangelists including Bishop Daniel Waddimba, Apostle John Bunjo, Pastor Michael Kimuli, Apostle Charles Tumwine and more than 500 pastors from across the country.
Pentecostal pastors have for long complained about the doctrines the three denounced men operate under, including selling at exorbitant prices ‘miracle-inducing items’ such as apples, necklaces, rings, rice, calendars and prayers, as well as stage-managing miracles to attract more followers.
Ssenyonga has since 2017 started been hosting daily prayer and deliverance sessions code-named P5 (prayer, praise, power, prosperity and permanent miracles).

And what started out as a normal revivalist crusade began drawing in distressed people seeking deliverance prayers for the hair-raising problems they encountered after visiting the denounced three men’s places of worship.

Talk of serpents in the churches, witchdoctor collaborations, deep Satanism and even rape, became the order of the day at P5, with broadcasts live on Top TV and Top radio.
Other churches, including Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral and their 77 Days of Glory (77DOGs) crusades, and others started registering similar complaints about the three churches and their affiliates countrywide.

“We the undersigned servants of God, pastors and Bishops representing the majority body of Christ in Uganda, sitting at Christian Life Church in Kampala, have for long observed the actions and activities of the above pastors and found that they totally contravene, contradict and falsify the teachings of the Holy Bible and the Christian church,” Ssenyonga read from the petition.
“The reason as to why we have formed this campaign is that we have received overwhelming grievances and evidence from hundreds of people who have fallen victim and have witnessed these horrendous activities and crimes.”

Ssenyonga said the men masquerade and camouflage as Bible teachers on the surface with a soft-spoken approach, yet some even invoke spirits of the dead, manipulate scripture, worship snakes, destroy marriages, “and we are ready to testify”.
“As full representatives of the born-again body of Christ, Spirit-filled, representing over 70,000 churches across the nation, we do hereby alert the nation and declare the said persons and their associate branches and affiliates are not part of us,” Ssenyonga stated.
Apostle Tumwine said abject poverty will make people believe anything and easily get charmed by false prophets and diviners.

The Observer’s efforts to reach all three accused pastors for their side of the story were futile.
Yiga kept cancelling this reporter’s calls, while Makabai’s assistant, one Stella, declined to comment on behalf of the flamboyant ETM leader and instead invited the writer to their church.
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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Pastor Male calls for judicial inquiry into pastors: Bobi Wine is singing about injustices in Uganda- Pastor Male

  Pastor Solomon Male

Beginning of the end of a Luciferian Pastor : 'Pastor Yiga raped, impregnated me in prayer room'

Male calls for judicial inquiry into pastors

Written by BAKER BATTE
 Last Friday’s arrest of Pastor Augustine Yiga of the Revival Church Kawaala for alleged rape became the latest outrage in a growing tale of scandal and debauchery now rocking the born-again Christian community.

Revelations about how steeped in sin some of the pastors have become has since prompted one crusading purist in the community to call for a full-fledged inquiry into the immorality threatening the church’s very existence.

The alleged rape of one Angella Ainembabazi also got the same purist to demand sterner police action against Yiga. A few years ago, Yiga was dragged to police by another woman who also claimed he had raped, impregnated and infected her with HIV.

In these circumstances, Pastor Solomon Male of the National Committee on Cults and False Teachings in Uganda criticized the decision to release him on police bond. Yiga’s latest run-in with the law draws from a purported 2014 incident in which Ainembabazi claims that the colourful pastor raped her in the prayer room, leading to pregnancy and subsequent child abandonment.
She had entered the room to seek spiritual redemption and financial breakthrough to cater for her siblings. They were orphans, the distraught woman said, while pointing out that she was only 15 years old at the time.

Yiga’s lawyer Evans Ochieng told URN that his client was granted police bond at around 7:30pm on Monday. He was instructed to report to Kawempe police station on February 18.
Now, Pastor Male thinks police’s actions were just a public relations stunt to calm President Museveni down.  Recently, the president angrily called out some ‘pastors’ whom he said have misled Ugandans with their dubious ‘prosperity gospel’ teachings – a fallacy which he implied has undermined government’s wealth creation campaigns.

Male told The Observer yesterday that he had thought the arrest of Yiga would be the beginning of a proper cleaning-up of the mess in the born-again community. The community has in recent months been riddled with reports of extortion, phantom miracles, murder, rape and witchcraft, among other shocking forms of wickedness.

“I’m not yet satisfied that government is indeed serious about investigating pastors who are involved in crimes because as we talk now, Yiga is out on police bond, not on court bail,” he said.
“Police bond means that investigations are still going on but they have not yet found evidence to pin him. On the other hand, court bail means that there is evidence to prosecute somebody but because of the time lag between prosecution and delivering judgement you allow him to be free because he is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” Male said.

On Saturday, some followers of Yiga stormed Kawempe police station demanding that their man be released. They claimed that the accusations against him were just machinations of his detractors.
They were not alone. There are many other people who believe that the infighting among pastors for supremacy explains the ongoing mudslinging, accusations and counter accusations of devilishness amongst and between rival ‘men of God’.

Male confirms that the Pentecostal Church has been infiltrated and overran by conmen passing themselves off as pastors.

“Police is moving against Yiga, but not an inch against others like … (names withheld). They are all miracle fakers and fraudsters. [They] have even been accused of raping their flock and sodomizing boys. Many people are crying because of their actions. But despite the existence of irrefutable evidence, none of these people has been prosecuted,” Male said.

He added that to make matters worse, many of those accused enjoy state security protection.
“The police want to be seen to be working yet all these criminals have been protected by the system. All of them have either military or police protection; so, I’m not amused but saddened. These people are fleecing desperate people who run to churches thinking that they will get solace,” Male said.
He adds that if government is serious about fighting crime in the church, it should set up a judicial commission of inquiry.

“People should be encouraged to come out and give evidence because we are dealing with people who are very powerful and connected. This commission should have powers to determine cases and prefer charges. These bafere [conmen] in church are not different from witchdoctors,” Male said.
Police, however, announced Monday that it launched investigations into complaints against 20 pastors, accused of ritual murders, possession of mass graves, rape defilement and extortion. Police sources said the investigation is based on intelligence and preliminary evidence gathered. Two pastors are also said to have volunteered information.
Bobi Wine is singing about injustices in Uganda- Pastor Male

Tuesday January 8 2019

Pastor Solomon Male
Singer-turned-politician Bobi Wine has recently come under fire by some Pentecostal pastors over his new song Tuliyambala Engule which has in a way become the anthem of the People Power movement.

Most recently, Pastor Joseph Serwadda of Victory Christian Church, warned Bobi Wine against using God’s property in blasphemous situations.

The song that features other local musicians like Pastor Wilson Bugembe, King Saha, Irene Ntale, Nubian Lee, Ronald Mayinja, Dr Hilderman is derived from a Christian hymn.
However Pastor Solomon Male has defended the singer saying that there is no evil in singing about the challenges people face.

In an interview with NBS television this morning, Pastor Male said the song is rallying Ugandans for patriotism, and not evil.

“When Bobi Wine sings a song, when does it become evil? Bobi Wine is singing about the injustices we have in this country. ‘Engule’ resonates with the challenges people face, murders, health care issues, injustices. Is he the first one to sing, what sin has he committed?”

“He’s rallying people behind the cause. The bible mandates us to advocate for the weak and oppressed. We see politicians on a day to day basis quoting scriptures to drive their point home, why can’t Bobi Wine do the same?” he wondered.