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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

KCCA bans Kampala Street Preachers : KCCA an agent of Satan - Nsaba Buturo

KCCA an agent of Satan - Nsaba Buturo
Written by URN 
The Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Integrity has condemned the ban on street preaching by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

Dr James Buturo Nsaba, the chairman of the forum says that the ban contradicts the Bible which guides Christians to 'go out and spread the word of Christ among nations.'

He says that the scripture cannot be subjected to man-made regulations adding that by plotting to ban street preaching, KCCA is manifesting into an agent of Satan.

Buturo, the former minister of Ethics and Integrity and a born-again Christian says that street preaching is essential in touching lives of people who may not have time to attend church but also in shaping the morality of some Ugandans.
Nsaba Buturo
His comments follow a notice in which KCCA announced a ban on street preaching. In the notice, KCCA said that it had noted an increase in unapproved activities such as street trading, street preaching, pasting of posters and banners and mobile advertising screens and loudspeakers among others.

Kampala's street preachers are usually stationed at busy junctions in Kampala, mostly around streetlights, reading and interpreting verses from the bible to passers-by.

They have no specific time for their activity with some seen on the streets as early as 7am, all through the day. Lately the preachers started carrying megaphones and portable pulpits to add hue to the trade.

However, KCCA says their activities are illegal and that operations would soon start to arrest and prosecute them in line with the KCCA Maintenance of Law and Order Ordinance, 2006.

But Buturo says KCCA should halt the plan and instead regulate the way in which the preachers spread their word, as some of them are seen to go hard on their congregation on taxis. He adds that Uganda cannot turn itself into a godless country that can ban the gospel with ease.

Buturo also condemned the alleged destruction of Bibles that are alleged to be heavily edited and deceptive. The Bibles were reportedly burnt on the orders of House of Prayer Ministries lead pastor, Aloysius Bugingo, on grounds that they were had been tampered with and some verses omitted.
He pointed out that lines in the version of the Bible that make reference to fasting in lent were erased and that the word ‘Holy Ghost’ is used in the Bible 99 times replacing the word ‘Holy Spirit’ which appears only seven times.

The Holy Books included Good News and King James versions of the Bible. On Saturday, Bugingo denied the allegations. Buturo says the act of burning the Bible is sinful and calls for an apology.

When Pentecostal Pastors base on fake photographs to fuel Hatred Against their tormentor Pastor Aloysius Bujingo : Pastor Aloysius Bujingo’s Holy Ghost error and the Burning of Bibles that never was

Image result for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo Burns Bibles
Fake Photo of burned bibles

When Born Again Christians use sin to fight sin

Last week the social media, Local newspapers and Local TV stations were awash with the so called hot story of the burning of bibles by the renegade pastor Aloysius Bujingo. This story was based  doctored photos  that were circulated on social media. A number of Pentecostal pastors have used these photos to condemn Pastor Bujingo as a cult and false minister. It is possible that these photos were doctored by  ‘born again’ persons or even pastors. Many pastors are not condemning the act of bible burning per se rather they are using this fake incident to bring down pastor Bugingo because he has exposed the rotten , dark and evil acts of Pentecostal pastors  in Uganda such as robbery , lack of accountability, prayers for sale, extortion, defrauding of saints and ecumenism

 Pastor Aloysius Bujingo is right to expose the evils in Uganda’s rotten Pentecostal Prosperity movement. In fact many of the members of Pastor Bujingo’s house of prayer church were victims of evil pastors in Uganda’s Pentecostal churches. A number of religious fellows who have criticized pastor Bugingo just because they  have hatred against born again people. The bible says categorically that whoever hates his brother is a murderer(1 John 3:15)  and no murder will go to heaven. The bible also equates liars with their father the devil who was a lair from the beginning(John 8:44). It is therefore un Christian to use lies and hatred to bring down another person. Pr.Bujingo is hated by Pastors because he touched them where it hurts most.

Image result for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo Burns Bibles
Fake photo of Burned Bibles

 Image result for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo Burns BiblesImage result for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo Burns Bibles

Pastor Bujingo Bujingo’s Holy Ghost Confusion is not the worst crime and scandal  that has happened in Uganda’s Pentecostal Movement

Pastor Bujingo has erroneously argued that the translation of ‘Holy Ghost’ in a number of bibles is a ploy by  devil worshipers who want people to worship ghosts and that is why they call the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost. Pastor Bugingo also opines  that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, were deleted through unclear circumstances and that the word “Holy Ghost” appears 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times. To Pastor Bugingo, the defects in the Bible were the handiwork of “devil worshipers” and should, therefore, not be allowed to confuse Christians.

This is a big error from pastor Bujingo that came about because he tried to understand an English word ‘holy ghost’ using a mother tongue or local African language. The Luganda language which Pastor Bujingo is using has no concept for holy ghost. It tends to look at all ghosts as evil ghosts(emizimu). The word Ghost in Luganda has been associated with the evil spirit of a dead person. Pastor Bugingo should be forgiven for claiming to be an authority on something he has not taken time to study. Basing on his level of education this error of his is excusable. However, he needs to simply repent in order to save us from all this hullabaloo.

Attack on the bible

Pentecostal Prosperity Pastors and their ignorance of the bible version controversy: Bishop David Kiganda mis- interprets Pastor Solomon Male’s stance against divorce

The day Pastor Solomon Male biblically Challenged Bishop David Kiganda Divorce & Remarriage


Image result for Pastor Aloysius Bujingo Burns Bibles
Fake Photo

Scandals in Uganda’s Pentecostal Movement that are worse that Pastor Bujingo’s Holy Ghost Confusion

The following scandals in Uganda’s Pentecostal movement are worse that Pr.Bujingo’s holy Ghost confusion:
Isn’t it a scandal that born again pastors in Uganda do not know that Easter is a pagan goddess and has nothing to do with Paske or Passover or the death and resurrection of the our Lord Jesus Christ? Isn’t it a scandal  that  born again pastors in Uganda  have  the guts to sing that Jesus was born on Christmas day? Isn’t it a scandal that many pastors in Uganda hate to account for monies collected in their ministries yet they call themselves children of light ? isn’t it a scandal that Pentecostal pastors in Uganda teach tithing yet Jesus never told his followers to do so?  isn’t it a scandal that Pentecostal pastors in Uganda teach tithing when the disciples of Jesus never told Christians to do so? In fact tithing is absent in the entire book of the Acts of the Apostles. Isn’t it a scandal that a born again pastor can join hands with ecumenists?? Isn’t it a scandal that Pentecostal pastors also pay tithes yet they call them selves Levites? Do we have Levites in the bible that paid tithes?? Isn’t it a scandal that a number of Pentecostal pastors in Uganda have divorced their wives or husbands? The list of scandals in Uganda’s Pentecostal Prosperity Movement is quite big.

In the line of fire for exposing thievery, robbery and thuggery in Uganda’s Pentecostal churches and Pastor Serwadda’s devilish ecumenism : Pastor Bujingo blasts Robbing, cunning pastors : Born again KCCA’s Musisi Evicts Pastor Bugingo From Bat Valley: Pastor Bugingo unhappy with Impregnated Daughter and Catholic Son In-Law

Pentecostalism becomes an official religion in Uganda through the ‘’efforts’’ of ecumenist Pastor Joseph Sserwadda’s Born Again Faith Federation


The Harlot Ugandan Church and spiritual fornication : When American- Ugandan prosperity pastors dress in religion garb like catholic and Anglican clergy : Pastors who dress like this are controlled by the spirit of hypocrisy; they slowly drift away from preaching the true gospel and eventually lead to Rome.

Pastor Bujingo is right on omitted verses in bibles  but wrong to tell people to burn fake bibles

Pastor Bujingo is right to argue that many bibles are missing verses . He is raising a very important debate on bible versions. However, he has not adequately studied the issue. He is defending the KJV but is not sure about what a true KJV bible looks like. The debate on bible versions is healthy, it will open the eyes of believers but needs a deeper critical study.You do not need to burn fake bibles , just expose them . If they are all burned, with what will you compare??? Pr.Bujingo is exposing the secret that religious institutions like the catholic church have hidden from Christians for ages. The catholic church does not want people to know the history of the bible and to point out the errors in the bible. It is surprising that the so called theologically illiterate Pr.Bujingo has managed to show the missing verses in the bibles yet graduate Priests and Reverends are saying nothing about this. 

Ugandan Pastor, Bujingo, exposes Bible verses that were ommited

Pastor Solomon Male Reacts to Pastor Bugingo Burning Bibles, He is Just Naive

Pentecostal pastors announce day of mourning to condemn recent bible burning

Pastor’s Bujingo and the challenge of  Double standards
Pastor Bujingo is proving to be person of double standards because he is practicing what is condemning . For example he has been accused of telling people to burn seed envelopes but he one time  asked people in his church to pay in dollars. Secondly, he preaches the prosperity gospel and dominion theology that all the extortionist pastors preach. It is very difficult to separate the prosperity gospel from extortion , defrauding and merchandising of saints. Some people are of the view that he condemns other pastors in order in order to attract followers to his church.

VIDEO: I did not burn Bibles — Pastor Bugingo says “people faked photos” 

After Easter Monday last week, Salt Media CEO and head pastor at House of Prayer Ministries Church Aloysius Bugingo has been in the news for allegedly burning Bibles.  It was alleged he asked the congregations to burn Bibles that had the word “Holy Ghost” instead of “Holy Spirit”, stating that the word “ghost” is a negative force

However, during yesterday’s Sunday prayer services at Canaan land in Makerere, Kikooni, the pastor denied burning Bibles.
“The person who faked the bible burning scenes should have kidnapped me on gun point to show I am indeed the one who burnt the bibles“, he stated.
Bugingo said the circulating photos are not real, they are just intended to defame him.
“They just ‘added photos’ together and made allegations.  Who can burn the bible where we find the word that brings us together”, he defended himself.

VIDEO: Tempers flare as Ugandan pastor burns Bibles

Sunday April 23 2017


Kampala. Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer Ministries in Makerere Kikoni, a Kampala suburb, stunned Christians last Monday, when he torched Bibles on claims that they are ‘misleading’ and cannot be a dependable source of the Gospel.
Pastor Bugingo, whose feats have been despised as “stupid”, “ignorant” and “intolerant” by fellow leaders in Christ, is however, reported to have burned King James Version (KJV) and Good News Bibles – which he collected from his 6,000-strong flock on Easter Sunday – because they bore the words ‘Holy Ghost’ as opposed to ‘Holy Spirit.’
Bugingo’s followers quoted their leader, telling them before overseeing the burning of the Bibles that King James Version and the New Testament, were tampered with and that some verses were omitted without explanation.
For instance, Pastor Bugingo told his flock that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, were deleted through unclear circumstances and that the word “Holy Ghost” appears 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times. To Pastor Bugingo, the defects in the Bible were the handiwork of “devil worshipers” and should, therefore, not be allowed to confuse Christians.
Pastor Bugingo claims that the devil worshipers want people to worship ghosts and that is why they call the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost. Mr Bugingo is quoted by his followers as saying, “Satan is trying to twist the minds of those that think are learnt. There is no word used by Satan that is used by God. You will hear their agents – they call themselves pastors here in Uganda – rising up to fight what we are doing.”
The pastor, who owns Salt FM and Salt TV, also announced plans to build a printing house that will produce ‘verified’ bibles” and in response to his fellow pastors, who condemned his act of burning the Bibles, his answer was unequivocal. “If what am doing is wrong, then am ready for hell.”

Under fire. Pastor Aloysius Bugingo

Under fire. Pastor Aloysius Bugingo
Swift condemnation
But the more the photos of burning heaps of Bibles went viral on Social Media sites, the more the anger kept spreading. Although there were no street protests, religious leaders in the country have, however, come out to condemn the Bible burning incident as “a blasphemous abomination” and asked God-loving people to denounce what some Christians have described as “the warped teachings” of Pastor Bugingo.
Sunday Monitor’s efforts to talk to Bugingo were futile as he did not answer our phone calls nor did he reply to recurrent text messages. His assistant [Pastor Francis Victor Mutawe] declined to speak on behalf of his boss.
Holy Ghost Vs Holy Spirit
English Language. It is only in modern English translations of the Bible that ‘spirit’ has replaced ‘ghost.’ However, the KJV retains ‘Holy Ghost’. In 1611 when the KJV was published, a ghost meant the soul of a living person, while a spirit meant a demon or a dead person. As English evolved, the word ‘ghost’ took on a different meaning and newer versions changed ‘Ghost’ to ‘Spirit’.
Theology. Theologians also believe the difference came when some writers translated the Greek phrase hagion pneuma as Holy Spirit, while others translated it as Holy Ghost. Both Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit refer to the Third Person of the Trinity – God the Spirit.
What they say...
“That pastor neglected to consult those who have been in the pastoral ministry for a long time, he acted out of ignorance. We would have counselled him. If you have a jigger in your foot, do you cut off the whole leg?”
Bishop David Kiganda, Christianity Focus Centre
“It is at such times that my heart sinks for the ignorant followers, who even don’t read their Bibles but rely on listening to their pastors. An undiscipled Christian is a dangerous one!”
Robert B. Mutyaba, Bible Readers Network Uganda
“The burning of the bibles is a sign of intolerance. I condemn such ignorant and stupid acts,”
Father John Mungereza, parish priest of Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church
“The Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit are the same There are many spirits, but the difference is that while others are evil, only one is holy. It is narrow-minded of him (Bugingo) to say the Holy Ghost is evil,”
Rev Jasper Tumuhimbise, All Saints Cathedral Kampala.

He revealed that he is meeting various pastors to “resolve the matter”.
“We are meeting with various pastors who are not divided so that we can find a solution to this matter,” he concluded.