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Monday, 1 September 2008

Pastor Bugembe should learn from Pastor George Okudi

I’m so worried about Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s being surrounded with secular musicians. There is nothing wrong with associating with secular musicians but is he ready to confront them with the truth of the gospel of Christ. It is reported that at his recent launch people from various religious walks of life attended the launch, but when one person attempted to confront them with the gospel, there was commotion. I hear there was beer and that kind of stuff.

I understand last year he sung during Father Musaala’s( the dancing catholic priest) launch. But, the association with father Musaala means that you believe that charismatic Catholics are saved Christians, yet truth is that you cant get born again and remain in the catholic church. I’m proof of this. Pastor Bugembe should remember that it is not the milk that spoils the salt. It is the salt that spoils the milk. A tiny crystal of salt can spoil a drum of milk.

Bugembe alaze amaanyi ng’atongoza

Pastor Wilson Bugembe should know that His associations might send serious messages about his stand on the gospel and salvation. He is at the moment an Icon for the media but remember even Pastor George OKudi who allegedly broke up with his first wife was an icon for the media, but this prestige led to his downfall. I take this opportunity to warn Pastor Bugembe about the prosperity gospel of antichrist in Uganda. God is going to punish and expose all pastor associating with this antichrist gospel.

Where is Pastor Okudi

Pastor Bugembe has come up at a time when there is terrible deception, and at a time when virtually all pastors in Uganda are infested with the prosperity poison. He really needs the grace of God to stand. He should know the signs of the time.
I was shocked to hear Pastor Kiganda a Man I respected for some time say that when Jesus said that he had come to preach the GOOD NEWS to the poor he meant lifting the poor from poverty to riches. Can you imagine how drunk these pastors have gotten!!

Pastor Kiganda said that Concern with sin was a secondary issue to JESUS. He does not seem to know what the name Jesus Means ( Mathew 1:21). Pastor Kiganda reminds me of Keneth Copeland’s view that when Jesus said that he had come to preach the acceptable year of the lord, He meant Debt relief . I was shocked.

The Prosperity Gospel and the Cainic Rebellious spirit

Prosperity pastors in Uganda have now ganged up to fight against Christ with their stinking and luciferian Prosperity Gospel. I would like to assure them that UNITED THEY FALL.

Many Prosperity Pastors in Uganda have started poverty eradication schemes in the church. Instead of Fighting SIN they are fighting poverty. HOW fleshy, how carnal, how sick!! I think God has sent many of them a strong delusion, to believer a lie(2 Thesa.2:11).

Making Merchandise of the saints of God

Who is Pastor Wilson Bugembe

Who is Pastor Wilson Bugembe

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