Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Reply to an ardent tithing proponent


A new survey from a group of church leaders says many leaders don't think tithing is required. CNN's TJ Holmes reports.

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Mr. Steven K Ellington’s attack

Steven K Ellington

I tithe not out of obligation but out of love. I 'get' to tithe! I tithe more than 10%. I give 10% plus an additional 15-20% to people in the work of the gospel. Sometimes I send money to a ministry to help them buy aircraft. Sometimes I give to building projects. I love the tithing principle that is taught in churches today. I could not imagine my life without it! I take my tithe of the top! Yes even before my mortgage! Even before my necessary food. Tithing is scriptural and an amazing principle that God has provided for the new testament church.

People that don't tithe are stingy and think they are doing God a favor by stamping out heresy. Give me a break and shut up! I am tremendously blessed because I'm a tither! The scriptures tell me so, Old & New! I'll keep tithing and keep getting blessed. If you don't believe in tithing then don't do it. Who cares! You are only living beneath your priviledge. You'll never be able to experience life in a supra-natural way.

My Reply

Dear Mr. Steven K Ellington, basing on your ‘arguments’, It is clear that you are an ardent promoter of the material prosperity gospel. I really pity fellows like you who are more emotional than scriptural . It is sad that you have been trained to trust your emotions and experiences instead of the word of God. You have completely failed to rebuttal the argument that the new testament teaches GIVING and not tithing. Although you boast of being blessed by God, you are still living under the curse of the law. Mind you, there are many Muslim millionaires who pray five times a day and use their money to help the poor and needy but this does not exonerate them from the curse of the law.

Have you ever wondered why the rich church of the Laodiceans is called poor and miserable by God? Check this out this :

Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:( Revelation 3:17).

Have you ever wondered why God calls the POOR church in Smyrna RICH? Check this out :

I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich)….(Revelation 2:9).

You see, you understand blessedness in material terms but God does not look at it the same way.

The ‘argument’ that Christians who are opposed to tithing are opposed to the spread of the gospel is indeed premised on error. How can an advocate of GIVING that is spirit led be opposed to the spread of the gospel? When you look at the millions and millions of Tithes raised via Trinity Broadcasting Network(TBN) for example, are they being used to preach the Gospel or the Anti-Gospel? Are TBN tithes being used to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom or the Gospel of Materialism from the pit of hell???

You can continue fooling your self but I assure you, you can not fool God.