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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kasubi prayers: Case of culture versus religion

Kasubi prayers: Case of culture versus religion

Monday, 5th April, 2010

Michael Kizito

THE prayers that were held at Kasubi tombs on Friday March 26 proved to us that our spiritual fathers are actually spiritual politicians. I was shocked to learn that even Apostle Alex Mitala, the chairman of the National Fellowship of Born-again Pentecostal churches was also in attendance.

The Lord Jesus Christ warned us that we shall see these people by their fruits (Matthew 7:16) not by their cassocks, suits and barkcloth.

The burning of the Kasubi tombs is carnal and, therefore, unacceptable. However, there is no way a true Christian can pray to God to rebuild a stronghold where satanic rituals such as devil invocation, pipe smoking, ancestral possession, fire altars, ritual cleansing, worship of the dead, are practised.

It must be noted that these anti-Christian rituals were the major spice of the Buganda week of mourning. And yet our religious leaders choose to please Buganda Kingdom instead of Jesus Christ because they have attained land and privileges from the kingdom. Instead of conforming Buganda Kingdom to the teachings of Jesus, they ensure that Jesus conforms to the desires and aspirations of Buganda Kingdom. Instead of telling people to enter the heaven of the Bible they take them to the heaven in Mukono (Ggulu). What a shame. No wonder early Christians were killed for exposing evil without double standards, but these days, Christians just love the praises of men and women.

These religious leaders often attack President Museveni for creating tension between Mengo and Buganda, but are silent about the ancestral worship and witchcraft rituals practised in Mengo contrary to the Bible.

Jesus had nothing to do with the Kasubi tombs prayers. In fact he said in his word that ‘..that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God’’ (Luke 16:15). The Kasubi tombs fire has revealed how religious institutions in Uganda have been totally transformed from spiritual to political institutions.

The decades of religious acumen in Uganda have left African spirituality virtually intact. Uganda is sinking deeper and deeper into witchcraft and ancestral worship amidst the ululations of religious leaders. God have mercy on this country.

The writer is a committed Christian