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Sunday, 27 May 2007


The Occult: “The signs are still out there...”

Sunday Life | May 27 - June 2, 2007

Different scenes from the movie Battle of the Souls; Wycliffe walks out of the water; A lecturer, Frederick talks about the occultic signs; Two disciples walk out of the water. Just how safe is one from the occult? Courtesy photos
The signs are almost everywhere. On clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags and many other items. Most people do not know what they stand for or that they are signs
anyway. Phoebe Mutetsi looks at what the occult signs mean and asks whether we should be wary about them

Means to abolish all laws. In other words "do what thou wilt" the law of Satanists. Used by Punk rockers and Heavy Metal followers.

Symbolises fertility rites and the building up of lust within a person. A spirit of lust is the power of this union of male /female representations. Also called the Long Life Seal.

Church of Satan:

Founded by Anton LaVey in 1966.

It is one of the most potent symbols used in the working of the powers of darkness. Used to work magic.

Inverted Pentagram:
Symbolises the morning star, a name Satan has taken. Used in witchcraft and occult rituals to conjure up evil spirits. Satanists use it 2 points up and pagans use it one point up. Any way it is used symbolises evil.

Pentagram:Symbol used in Witchcraft. Represents the elements, earth, wind, fire and water with the spirit surrounding them.

Satanic Cross:

Upside down question mark that questions the Deity of God. Within the occult, it is the representation of the three crown princes; Satan, Belial and Leviathan. Symbolises complete power under Lucifer


In Chinese philosophy, two great opposite principles or forces on whose interplay everything depends. Yang is male, light and positive, Yin is female , dark and negative.

Used in satanic and occult worship. Practitioners are acknowledging their god as Baal or Lucifer. Horoscope signs are included

Horned Hand:

The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. Note the thumb over the fingers and given by the left hand.
Going under water is so last season; no need not to wet your clothes and hair while holding your breath just to be in conference with the horned one. Today, all it takes is to be in possession of any of the 26 or more occult signs whether as accessories, wall hangings or on your clothes and Lucifer will be in possession of your soul.

That is of course if one is to go by studies published on the Internet and/or the theory presented in Matthew Bishanga's underworld themed movie, Battle Of The Souls.

GOTHIC: People have labelled heavy metal rock and rock stars like Marilyn Manson as Satanic. Net photo
In this movie, the plot revolves around the book of the occult signs. Right from that first scene, set in a cemetery in Gayaza; in the middle of the night, an old priest is digging up the occult book of signs with the intention of setting it on fire so this world can be rid of Satanism; to that long lecture given on three of the common occult signs, one gathers that this is a subject worth paying attention to.
These underworld signs range from the RnB/Rock n Roll finger gestures that apparently symbolise the devil's horns and a sign of recognition between those in the occult also used to place curses on the person it is pointed to, to seemingly harmless horn-like pendants and those silver circular pendants that Oprah Winfrey and so many others spot on their necklaces.
The unfairness of all this is that one needs no prior knowledge of these signs or intention to be in partnership with Satan to be sucked in.
Ignorance, no defence
According to Roger Mugisha whose former life as a Satanist is the inspiration for Battle of the Souls, the fact that one is not aware that what they are wearing as an accessory or the picture on their clothes is an Occult symbol doesn't let the wearer off the hook. "The signs will still be significant and the wearer becomes an advocate of the devil." With this statement, Roger Mugisha is shown a recent picture of the Nabagereka, Nagginda Sylvia Luswata at the Kabaka's birthday celebration.
Looking impeccable as usual, the queen of Buganda is wearing a blue dress, which bears a Ying-Yang symbol on the chest area. To a layman's eye and most likely herself, the Ying-Yang sign is only another artistic impression that makes the dress a lot more glamorous. But to one who knows about the occult signs, a Satanist or a former devil worshipper in this case, wearing this dress is no different from proclaiming your discipleship with the devil.
"It is very likely that the Queen of Buganda has no idea of what the Ying-Yang sign symbolises or the grave significance of her wearing such a dress," says Mugisha.
According to him, light needs to be shed on these signs such that people can be educated because, "these signs are spreading into the world like a bush fire. And the more people in possession of them, the more recruits the devil has."
But not every one is buying into this underworld exposé. To some, the talk about the occult signs is just a fresh angle to feed the increasingly lucrative obsession with the underworld.
"People are obsessed with the underworld, it's scary. I wish they spent that time and money teaching about the kingdom of God, His mercy and kindness instead of trying to sell books and movies using the gospel of the devil," one female radio presenter states.
Sam Tendo, like the lady above, says that this underworld obsession is baseless and illogical.
"The Bible is clear that it is not what we take in but what we put out that is important. Is it even logical that I will be possessed by the devil simply because my T-shirt has a Ying Yang sign or my hip-hop finger gestures are apparently the devil's horns? Who says that the devil has got horns to begin with? He might be a very attractive man, woman or just a spirit for all we know," he says.
Many Ugandans were subjected to listening to singer Chameleone's side of the story in his song Mbalangire when a rumour that his musical success was as a result of his underwater sojourns did the rounds. He rubbished all theories that suggested any association between him and the devil. But some people still insist that he has a pentagram in his living room.
According to Pastor Billy Bissel's chart of the occult signs and symbols, "the Pentagram is a symbol used in witchcraft. It represents the elements; earth, wind, fire and water with the spirit surrounding them. An inverted Pentagram symbolises the "Morning Star" a name Satan has taken." No one has however come forward with significant proof that Chameleone is a Satanist apart from pointing to his amassed wealth, which in all fairness, the man has openly worked hard to earn.
Spread of Satanism
A youth pastor in one of Kampala's Pentecostal churches insists that the spread of Satanism has been greatly enabled by secular music and musicians especially pop and rock music.

"Most young people start by innocently taking to rock music (especially). Before you know it they are emulating rock stars and taking to the gothic lifestyle; wearing only pitch black and scarlet red for clothes, accessories and make up. The numerous body piercing and tattoos come next," he says.
This youth pastor who declines to be named adds that books like the Harry Porter series, which openly uphold witchcraft and are packaged to sound seductive and fun for our children are also another route of spreading Satanism.
"In the process, J.K. Rowlings (the author of the Harry Porter series) has become a billionaire by spreading the gospel of the underworld and also contaminated and probably converted a large number of our future leaders and law makers," he says.
One mother is not having this talk against the Harry Porter series.
"It is a children's book for goodness sake and besides, in the end, good triumphs over evil. Bad deeds are punished, the bad guy suffers and the good guy wins, the moral of all stories we have read. So what do people [who are anti-Harry Porter series] have to say about the tale of Father Christmas; a white old man with a reindeer flying a sleigh, coming into our houses every Christmas morning through the chimney? Is that satanic too or only a children's story?"
The debate over Satanic symbols and signs continues. While some people may condemn music genres like rock music labelling it as music of the anti-Christ, others find it fun and harmless.
Arthur Twinamatsiko a.k.a T.A, a presenter on 95.9 Touch FM, a private station playing predominantly rock music, says that the station has received a lot of support from listeners.
"People who have labelled rock music as Satanic have a problem with heavy metal rock and rock stars like Marilyn Manson. We (Touch FM) don't play hard metal rock unless it is requested, which is very rare," he says.
At the end of day, it comes down to an individual's convictions, whether to regard or disregard these occult signs and symbols and whether the kind of music one listens to or the hand gestures one makes will determine whether you end in hell, heaven or another place.
Food for thought though - The Battle Of The Souls closes with the quote; "The signs are still out there… The battle is not yours…" has 666

Vampires on National Geographical channel.
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Kata nfe

'Omusumba yandoga n'ansikdikira eminya'

Bya Richard Kayiira

NZE gwe mulaba nnasimattuka okufa, Omusumba bwe yansindikira eminya gintabaale.

Ebyo byonna okubaawo nga mmaze okwerabirako abantu munaana omusumba be yakolimira n'abalaalika bwe bajja okufa era ne bafa. Buno bwe bujulizi bwa Josephat Asimwe 37, eyalokoka mu 1998.

Agamba: Omusumba w'ekkanisa emu e Naguru (amannya galekeddwa) yamubuulira enjiri n'alokoka era wadde e Kitintale gy'abeera eriyo amakanisa, obulokole bwe yalina kubukolera Naguru. Ebyamutuukako abinyumya bwati: Mukama yannyimusa mangu ne nfuna ekitiibwa ky'Omudinkoni.

Omusumba yansiiga amafuta n'anfuula omu ku bakulembeze. Bwe nneeyongera okukuguka mu by'omwoyo, Omusumba n'assaawo amateeka okunkugira ne bannange okukola emirimu ye omusumba gye yali atwala nti gigye.

Yatugaana okusoma ennyiriri ezimu mu bayibuli okugeza olwa Matayo 16:19 oluwa abakkiriza amaanyi okugoba emizimu.

Yatugaana ennyimba okuli "mwoyo wa Mukama bw'akka wabeerawo enjawulo." Yatugaana n'okusiiba okuggyako nga y'alagidde. Ebintu byatabuka bwe twewaggula ne tusoma ennyiriri ze yatugaana, ne tuyimba n'ennyimba z'atayagala.

Buli lwe twasomanga ennyiriri ezo n'okuyimba ennyimba ng'omusumba afuna omutawaana. Olumu yafuna akabenje n'ajja atubuuza oba twakoze bye yatugaana.

Ekituufu twali twabikoze. Nze okumanya nti omusumba yalina eddogo, yamala kuva bweru mu 2001 n'ampa embira n'akawoowo bye yali anguliddeyo.

Embira nnaziwanika ku musumaali mu kisenge, kyokka olwefuuyira akawoowo ne ndaba ekifaananyi ky'omusumba ng'ajja gyendi n'annyingiramu n'abulira mu mubiri gwange. Nnafunirawo omusujja, ne nzirika ne banjoolayoola okuntwala mu ddwaaliro.

Nga ndi mu ddwaaliro nnafuna ebizimba omubiri gwonna. Baatuuka kunsiibula ng'omusumba wange talinnye mu ddwaaliro. Olwava mu ddwaaliro nnasibira wa musumba n'ansekerera nti: Olaba ovudde mu ddwaaliro ng'oli mulamu genda olye enkoko yo.

Yandabula: Komya olugezigezi oba oyagala obulamu. Bino okubaawo, agamba nti yali awakanya nnyo omusumba olw'amateeka ge agakontana ne bayibuli. Ebigambo by'omusumba byankwasa obusungu ne nzirayo eka.

Waayitawo ennaku bbiri n'antumira okugendayo kyokka ne ng'aana. Olunaku olwaddako nnalumbibwa eminya. Gyasooka mu kisenge nga buli we ntunula ndaba minya nga ne bwe ngigoba tegiseguka.

Mu kiseera ekyo nnajjirwa ebirowoozo bingi ne nzijukira engeri omusumba gye yakolimirangamu abantu, ebigambo bye ne bituukirira.

Waliwo abantu munaana abaamwesimbamu n'abakolimira era n'antegeeza nti bajja kufa.

Baagenda bafa okutuusa lwe baggwawo. Mu kutya nnasalawo okusenguka mu nju, kyokka ne nzijukira ennyiriri mu bayibuli ze twasomanga omusumba n'afuna ebizibu. Nnazisoma era okukyusa amaso ng'omunya ogwali ku buliri gufudde.

Ekiro Katonda yandaga ng'embira, omusumba ze yampa ze zaali zifuuka eminya. Nnaziggyawo ne nzisuula kwe kufuna emirembe. Nnakyusa ekkanisa ne nneegatta ku Prayer Palace e Kibuye gye bansabira okutereera.
Published on: Tuesday, 2nd May, 2006

Abasumba katono balwane lwa ddogo

Male (ku kkono) ng'alamusa ssentebe w'abasawo b'ekinnansi, Sylivia Namutebi ku Bulange Plaza.

Bya Richard Kayiira ne James Kabengwa

ABASUMBA b'Abalokole katono ebifuba bibabugumire ku laadiyo, bwe baatandise okuwaanyisanya ebisongovu ng'entabwe eva ku ddogo erisitudde enkundi mu makanisa gaabwe.

Ku makya g'Olwomukaaga, Omusumba Simeon Kayiwa ow'ekkanisa ya Namirembe Christian Fellowship ye yasoose okugugulana ne Moses Male ow'ekibiina kya Arising for Christ abalumiriza nti bakozesa ddogo okukola ebyamagero.

Baasisinkanye ku ya CBS mu Puloogulaamu ya 'Cross Fire' era Kayiwa eyabadde asoose okutuuka, bwe yalabye Male ng'ayingidde ne yeekandagga n'afuluma.

Eyabadde abakyazizza Andrew Kizito yagambye nti yagezezzaako okuwooyawooya Kayiwa ne yeerema.

Kyokka Kayiwa bwe yatuukiriddwa yategeezezza nti omutegesi wa pulogula-amu bwe yali amuyita teyamutegeeza nti anaabeeramu n'omuntu omulala yenna.

Olweggulo, Male yazzeemu okugwisanya obwenyi n'Abasumba abalala okwabadde Godfrey Lule ow'ekkanisa ya Blessed Temple e Kawanda n'Omusumba Patrick Kimera ow'ekkanisa ya Endtime Messengers e Wakaliga abaamusisinkanye ku pulogulaamu ya Mambo bado.

Male yasoose kuteeka Basu-mba ku nninga ng'agamba nti banyaga abagoberezi baabwe.
Wano Kimera we yaviiriddeyo n'alumba Male nti, "Otuswaza otya ? Eyo nsaalwa olwokuba ggwe tolina kkanisa.
Published on: Sunday, 30th April, 2006Naye mulogo

ABASUMBA b'Abalokole ab'enjawulo bongedde okuwa obujulizi ku ddogo n'obubbi obuli mu makanisa ag'enjawulo. Kyokka abamu be balumiriza bagamba nti eyo nnugu. Terah Kaaya yabatuukiridde ne babaako bye boogera.

ATAMUKUTTE y'agamba nti kwatira ddala onyweze. Naye ne nnabe agudde mu Kkanisa z'Abalokole yandyabuluzaamu ekkanisa.

Amakanisa gano galudde nga geerumaaluma ku bintu ebyenjawulo omuli eddogo, obubbi, Abasumba b'obulimba n'abasamize. Kati n'endiga zaabwe zitandise okuwanyisiganya ebisongovu.

Obukuubagano buno bwasooka kweyoleka mu 2003 eyali omukulembeze waabwe Simeon Kayiwa (ku ddyo) bwe baamuggyamu obwesige nti yali akozesa ddogo oluvannyuma lw'omukazi Omumerika okumulumiriza.

Baamuteekako akakiiko akabuuliriza naye n'okutuusa kati alipoota tefulumizibwanga mu butongole era tewali amanyi ky'azuulibwa.

Abawomye omutwe mu lutalo luno nga bakola kye baayise okugogola Kkanisa ye Musumba David Kiganda owa Focus Christian Centre , Omusumba Nehemiah Bamutiire ne Solmon Male.

Ate be basinze okuvumirira mulimu Nabbi Samuel Kakande nnannyini Kkanisa ya Synagoque of all Nations e Mulago, Godfrey Lule ow'e Nakulabye ne Steven Ssozi ku Kaleerwe.

Ekizimba kyeyongedde okusamba eddagala wiiki ssatu emabega Abalokole abaakulembeddwamu Nehemiah Bamutiire bwe beekalakaasizza nga bwe bayimba ennyimba ezivumirira banabbi ab'obulimba.

Ebimu ku bigambo ebyayogeddwa Abasumba bano mu bukambwe:
Bamutiire: Abo batwerimbikamu nga beeyita Abasumba naye balogo bennyini. Tufunye abantu ababaddemu ne batubuulira ebikolobero bye bakola.

Abamu balina amasabo gye bagenda ne basamira oluvannyuma ne badda mu makanisa ne bakola ebyamagero olwo abagoberezi baabwe ne babatenda okukola ennyo. Waliwo n'abalala abapanga abantu ne bawa obujulizi obutaliiyo.

Abakazi bangi bavuddeyo mu nkukutu ne boogera ebikolobero ebibakoleddwaako Abasumba bano. Abamu babakaka omukwano, bababbako ssente zaabwe n'okubasiiga amafuta mu bitundu byabwe eby'ekyama.

Waliwo ababba ssente ku bagoberezi baabwe nga babaguza ebintu nga emigaati, amazzi n'amafuta nga babalimba nti mwe muli emikisa.

David Kiganda; Agamba nti kino bakikoze okutaasa abantu okulema okugwa mu butego bw'abanyazi abeenoonyeza ebyabwe n'okukwabulwa.

Era abamu bye bakola katemba yennyini kufunirako ssente. 'Twagala omuntu bw'aba Mulokole akole ebintu ebituweesa ekitiibwa si kusamira olw'okuba ayagala okuganja mu bagoberezi be. Obubbi obukudde ejjembe mu makanisa tetukyasobola kubugumiikiriza,' bwe yayongeddeko.

Abantu bangi bali mu kubonaabona olwa ssente zaabwe okutwalibwa Abasumba mu lukujjukuju.

Abakazi bafiiriddwa obufumbo bwabwe naddala abakola bizinensi baziggyemu ssente zonna ne bazitwalira Abasumba okuzizaazaamu.

Abaami baabwe olubitegeera ne babagoba. Kati kye kiseera okugogola Ekkanisa n'okugirongoosa tuwone okuvumibwa n'okuweebuuka.
Male: Nze abasumba bonna mbamanyi nnyo. Nnali ewa Kakande okumala emyaka etaano, ebyaliyo byonna nnabiraba era mbimanyi bulungi. Ebyamagero ebikolebwayo ebisinga gonna maanyi ga mizimu. Basamize bennyini abawedde emirimu era baliko n'ennaku ze bagenda mu masabo gaabwe okufuna amaanyi gano.

Godfrey Lule: Abo Abasumba balina 'ennugu'. Bwavu bwe buboogeza batyo. Tebalina byawandiikibwa bye beesigamako okugamba nti tuli ba nnabbi abobulimba.

Ekikwekweto kye balimu Mukama si ye yabatumye wabula sitaani y'abatawaanya.
Batandise kwawulayawula mu bantu, balese amasabo agali okumpi n'amakanisa gaabwe bazze ku bannaabwe.

Okugeza Ekkanisa ya Kiganda yeetooloddwa bamalaaya abasuula kondomu mu mulyango gwe ne ku lubalaza. Lwaki tasookera kw'abo? Abo beeyita basumba naye balalu ate balogo abawedde emirimu, babuliddwa amaanyi agakola ebyamagero ne balufuula lutalo.

Kye balina okumanya abantu baakoowa Kkanisa ezibeebasa nga tewali kikolebwayo. Ssozi:

Katonda talwanira muntu yenna ntalo. Olaba bagamba nti Kakande ye yamenya ekkanisa ya Luwaga n'etta abantu ng'ekituufu bakimanyi nti yazimbibwa bubi mba si bategeera.

Ddala abo basumba?
Wabula baagambye nti olutalo Male lwasitudde ng'alowooza nti agogola Kkanisa yeerimba.

Lugenda kwabuluzaamu Kkanisa era kino kiraga nti naye Mulogo.
Published on: Thursday, 27th April, 2006

Eddogo balifunira mu biwandiiko

Bya Richard Kayiira

ABAALI abayambi b'Abasumba b'Abalokole basatu bavuddeyo ne balaga ebiwandiiko bbo bye baayise 'yirizi' bakama baabwe ze bakozesa okukola ebyamagero n'okutuusa ku bantu abalala obulabe.

Ebiwandiiko bino biri mu lulimi Luwalabu era ekimu kiriko n'ekifaananyi ky'omusaalaba wakati (ku ddyo).

Abayambi bano baali bawee-reza mu kkanisa z'Abalokole entutumufu (amannya galekeddwa) era olw'ebikolwa eby'eddogo bye baalaba ku Basumba abaali babakulembera ne basalawo okwawukana ku kkanisa zaabwe.

Yirizi zino ezaali zibaweereddwa okusobola okukola ebyamagero nga bakama baabwe tebaliiwo, baasalawo okuziweereza Moses Male ow'ekibiina kya Arising For Christ mu kiseera we yatandikira okulwanyisiza Abasumba abakozesa eddogo.

Omuyambi omu yagambye nti, "Omusumba yampa yirizi eno mu 1989 ng'ang'ambye nti y'egenda okunnyamba okukola ebyamagero buli lw'anaabanga taliiwo abantu baleme kudduka mu kkanisa. Nagiteekanga mu Bayibuli era bwe natuusanga okusabira abantu nga ngizingako (bayibuli) ne ngikubako ekibatu n'amaanyi amangi nga bwe mpita Yesu, olwo amaanyi ga yirizi ne gasaanuuka abantu ne bagwa ebigwo."
Agamba nti wabula bwe yafuna obutakkaanya n'omusumba mukama we oluvannyuma lw'okukitegeera nti yali ateekateeka okutandikawo ekkanisa ye, yirizi n'emufuukira ekyambika.

"Buli lwe nneebakanga nga ndaba emisota egimubojja, kyokka nga bwe mpawamuka sirabawo kintu kyonna. Ate emisana, buli we nnateekanga olupapula luno (yirizi), nga ndabawo omusota oba omukka ogunyooka kyokka nga bwe nsembera we biri nga bibula," bwe yannyonnyodde.

Agamba nti ekkanisa yagiddukamu era mu 1994 ekipapula (ekiri ku P1) n'akiwa Male era kwe kufuna ku mirembe.

Omuyambi omulala naye yaweereza Male yirizi mu 2002 ng'agamba nti yali esobozesa mukamaawe okumanya buli ky'akoze, ky'alowooza ne ky'ateekateeka okukola ebyobugagga by'alina n'ebyafaayo bye.

Ate omuyambi Owookusatu yirizi yagiweereza mu April 2003 n'annyonnyola nti buli lwe yabeeranga nayo ng'ebintu bitandika okumutambula mu mubiri era bwe butuuka ekiro ng'ebintu bitandika okumutuga kyokka bwe yagamba Omusumba eyagimuwa yamuddamu kimu nti, "Awo amaanyi ga Yesu gaba gakola" Male ayongera okunnyonnyola ebyewuunyisa yirizi eno by'esobola okukola n'ebizibu by'esobola okutuusa ku muntu gwe baba bagiwadde era agyogerako bw'ati:

Ewunza Abalokole ababa bakulemberwa Omusumba agikozesa nga buli ky'abagamba bakikkiririzaawo awatali kusengejja. Ewaliriza abagoberezi okuwaayo buli ke balina okukkakkana nga tebasigazza kantu konna.

Ekuwaliriza okuggya obwesige mu bantu bonna ne busigala mu Musumba oyo yekka nga ne ssente tokyazitereka mu banka, Omusumba y'azikuterekera. Bw'ogitwala ew'omuntu gw'otakolagana naye, n'olaamiriza ekintu ekibi kimutuukeko, ekimutuusaako.

Bw'ofuna obutakkaanya n'Omusumba eyagikuwa, buli lwe weebaka otandika okulaba ebifaananyi by'Omusumba oyo nga bikukolako obulabe.
Published on: Sunday, 30th April, 2006

Omusumba Ssozi

Wednesday, 27th April, 2005

Omusumba Ssozi

Bya Terah Kaaya ne Godfrey Katamba

BW’OGENDA mu kkanisa y’Omusumba Steven Ssozi eri ku Kaleerwe toyinza kuvaayo ng’enviiri tezikuvudde ku mutwe!

Kubanga emboozi z’osangayo, nga zinyumizibwa abantu b’olowooza nti babitiibwa mu ggwanga zikumala okumanya nti abantu bangi mu nsi basula ku tebuukye.

Olumu mu 1998 Maj. gen James Kazini yava e Congo ng’ali bubi, era nga buli omu alowooza nti taasulewo.

Wabula Omusumba Ssozi bwe yamusabira yavaamu ebintu ebya kiragala omukwafu ebigambibwa nti ly’Eddogo eryamusindikirwa.
“Kazini yawona, buli munnamagye yali amuwaddeyo, era ebyuma ebyasooka mu kkanisa y’Omusumba Kazini ye yabigula ng’ayagala okumwebaza okumuwonya,” omu ku balokole bwe yang’ambye.

Ate olumu mu 2001 Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye yakeera ew’Omusumba Ssozi. Omu ku bakebezi ababiri abaaliwo nga Besigye asisinkana Ssozi agamba nti yali ayagala amusabireko omusango aguwangule.
“Omusumba yamugamba nti Besigye ne Gavumenti tewali ajja kuwangula musango. N’amukuutira nti bw’alyeyingiza mu buyeekera, bajja kumutwala talinnya, nti ate okudda mu Uganda alimala kusimba nnakakongo. Kyokka byonna Omusumba bye yagamba Besigye byatuukirira,” omukebezi bw’agamba.

Okumala eggobe mu kibya y’emboozi y’omusajja Moses Ssebbombo agamba nti baamukolera Eddogo e Mpereerwe nga buli w’agenda bw’aggyamu engatto ng’emu ebula.

Olumu yagenda n’okusaba omulimu okutuuka eri engatto emu n’emusowoka mu kigere n’ebula. Omulimu baagumumma!

Bino byonna biri wa musumba Ssozi. Bw’otuuka mu kkanisa ye e Kaleerwe oyinza okulowooza nti waliwo afudde. Kubanga kumpi mu buli kusaba, abantu bwe bakwatibwa emizimu emikambwe nga bakuba enduulu, okusinda, n’okutema emiranga gy’obeera bafiiriddwa.

Ekkanisa y’Omusumba Ssozi eyitibwa Glad Tidings.Eyiye eyawukanako ku nkola z’amakanisa amalala ag’Abalokole. Okusaba kubeerawo buli Lwakutaano, sso si ku Ssande. mu mwezi bakung’aana ku Lwassande olusooka lwokka. Olwokusatu luba lw’akusabira na kuyamba bagenyi ababa batagendangako mu kkanisa eno.
“Abamu ku bakungu ba Gavumenti bampita mu ofiisi zaabwe mbasabireko, sikulwa ng’emizimu gibakaabirako abantu ne babawulira. Bano mbasabira buli ku Mmande,” Omusumba bw’agamba.

Olwokuna lwa balwadde, abalina ebizibu eby’enjawulo omuli, bangoba ku mulimu, bangoba mu nju, ezadde libuze, ebintu bintambula mu mubiri, emizimu gintuga n’ebirala .

Kigambibwa nti mu kiseera eyali omumyuka wa Pulezidenti Dr. Sepecioza Naigaga Wandira Kazibwe we baali bamunyeenyeza ennyo olw’ebidiba, nga tava wa musumba Ssozi. Wabula bwe nnakimubuuzizza yagaanyi okukikakasa!

Agamba nti ye takola ku bantu, wabula Katonda y’akola era y’amuwa amaanyi.

mu kusaba okw’Olwokutaano oluwedde Ssozi yayogedde ku mubbi lukulwe John muhanguzi eyeeyita ‘John King’ gwe baakutte wiiki ewedde. Yagambye nti yali alemye abaserikale okukwata, nga yeemulula nga Bin Laden, naye bwe yakisabiddeko Katonda n’amukwasa ab’obuyinza.

Agamba nti amaanyi g’alina okukusabira ne bakuwa viza, n’ofuna omulimu, abadde omwavu lunkupe n’ovulumula emmotoka n’ebizibu ebirala ebimweyunya Katonda y’abikolako.
“Waliwo Abasumba abanjogerera obubi naye nze nnina ebirabo bye mbasingako. Nnina ekirabo ky’obunnabbi, ndi musumba, musomesa ate omubuulizi,” Ssozi bw’agamba.

Ekkanisa ye oyinza okugiyitako nga togitegedde. Okuva ku kkubo ku Kaleerwe oyita mu lukuubo nga bw’olaba zino ezibeeramu bamalaaya e Kabalagala. Naye omusomi wange, ani yakugamba nti Katonda abeera mu bifo b
imasamasa byokka?
Omusumba agamba nti Katonda tatondanga muntu amusse ku nsi aboneebone, naye obujeemu bwammwe n’okuba nga temumanyi ani ayinza kubayamba kumumanya kye kibasibye mu bwavu, ebizibu, ebikolimo na buli kalonda omubi ali mu nsi.

Kati wuliriza emboozi ya muky. Sarah Nkonge muwonge ayagala okwesimbawo ku bwameeya bwa Kampala. “Nfuna nnyo ebizibu bingi naye byonna biggweera wa musumba Ssozi. Nnina ennyumba gye nzimba era bwe ngibeeramu ndaba nga Kampala ali wansi wa bigere byange. Naye omu ku bannannyini ttaka yabadde ayagala bagimenye naye Omusumba bwe yansabira byonna byagonjoose,” bwe yawadde obujulizi mu kusaba kw’Olwokutaano.

Kati ggwe oli ku ki?

Eby’eddogo mu balokole biranze

Monday, 24th April, 2006

MU LINNYA LYA YESU NDAGIRA OWONE: Nnabbi Samuel Kakande ng’asabira omulwadde eggulo.
Bya Basasi baffe OmuSUMBA eyayawukanye ne Nabbi Samuel Kakande ayongedde ayongedde okulumiriza nti eby’amagero ebisinga ebikolerwa mu makanisa g’abalokole bibeera bipange. Moses Male eyafulumidde mu Bukedde ku Ssande yagambye nti abamu ku bawa obujulizi bamala ‘kukola ddiiru’ n’abasumba.

Yawadde ekyokulabirako ky’omusumba omu (amannya galekeddwa) eyeeyogerako nti awonya siriimu n’ebizibu ebirala kyokka amazima gali nti akolagana n’omusawo asooka okukebera omusaayi n’alaga nti omuntu oyo mulwadde n’oluvannyuma n’akakasa nti omuntu oyo awonye oluvannyuma lw’okumusabira.

Male agattako nti abasumba abamu bapanga n’abantu baabwe ne bajja mu kkanisa ne bawa obujulizi obwewuunyisa ku byamagero Katonda by’abakoledde kyokka nga tebiriiyo. Yagambye nti tawakanya maanyi ga Katonda kyokka basumba banne ebintu babitaddemu obutali bwesimbu nga bakozesa erinnya lya Katonda.

Okugeza bawonya buli agendayo n’abasomooza nti bwe baba ng’amaanyi ago bagalina bagende e mulago batuwonyezeeko ku balwadde abaliyo kubanga abo (abali e mulago) tebalina ngeri gye bajja kupanga nabo.

Ebigambo bya Male byasaanudde abasumba era eggulo kye kyabadde ekyokubuulirako mu makanisa agenjawulo. Ekkanisa ya Kakande e mulago yabooze abantu omwabadde ne RDC w’e Kalangala, Katenda Luutu.

Yabasabidde okuwona endwadde n’ebizibu ebirala. “Mwenna abalina endwadde n’ebikoligo ebibadde bibasibye musumuluddwa mwetambulire”, bwe yalangiridde mu mizira ng’abantu bwe bagwa ebigwo olw’amaanyi g’omwoyo.

Yagambye nti kituufu yaliko n’omusumba Male naye byonna byayogera (Male) bikyamu kubanga baayawukana dda.

Yajulizza bayibuli nti abayigirizwa baali 12 naye omu Yuda yayawukana ku banne n’alyamu ne Yesu olukwe. Male naye atwalibwa mu kiti ekyo.

Kyokka Male yategeezezzza Bukedde eggulo nti tayinza kuleka Basumba kuswaza linnya lya Krisito nga bakola ebikyamu. Ajja kubaanika. Yagambye nti aludde nga wa munda nnyo. Yasooka kubeera ne Bishop David Makumbi mu 1989, n’adda ewa Kayiwa, n’azzaako Stephen Ssozi n’oluvannyuma ewa Kakande n’olwekyo ‘mbamanyi nnyo.’ mu kusaba ewa Kayiwa, yategeezezza a nti amaanyi gaakozesa agaggya mu bayibuli. N’ajuliza Bakolinso ekisooka, 1:10, nti Katonda agaba ebitone ebyenjawulo okulaga amaanyi ge.

Awo we nzigya amaanyi. mu Victory Centre mu Ndeeba, Joseph Sserwadda yabuuliridde Basumba banne obutalwanira bagoberezi n’agamba nti ekyetaagisa kunyiikira okubuulira enjiri abagoberezi bajje bokka. Omusumba Imelda Namutebi eyabadde abuulira mu kkanisa ye eya Liberty Worship e Lugala yavudde mu mbeera n’alabula abakimusibako nti akozesa ddogo nti bwe bataakikomye Katonda ajja kubabonereza.

Yalangidde basumba banne nti obutaba na maanyi gakola byamagero kiva ku butawa kimu kya kkumi. “ Nze buli lwe ngaba ekintu nfuna amafuta”.Yabadde yaaakava mu South Afrika n’agamba nti abamwogerako bamala biseera, ajja kweyongera okukola ebyamagero abantu basumululwe.

Omulabirizi w’e Namirembe Balagadde Ssekkadde eyabadde e Maganjo yalabudde Abakukisitaayo obutagenda mu makanisa mapya kubanga bawulidde nti eyo gye bagenda abantu abamu bakozesa ddogo. Yagambye nti abasumba abamu okutandika okulangira bannaabwe okukozesa Eddogo kiragira ddala nga bwe bavudde ku mulamwa. Yataddeko Abakulisitaayo 60 emikono. Biwandiikiddwa Henry mutebi, Hannington Nkalubo, Richard Kayiira , Ibrahim Ssegirinya.

Nabbi Ezra Lukwago

Tuesday, 31st May, 2005

Nabbi Ezra Lukwago omu ku Basumba b’Abalokole ababadde basinga amaanyi mu Kampala.
Bya Tom mutebi

Nabbi Ezra Lukwaago yafudde obulwadde bw’omutima n’amawuggwe ku Lwokutaano lwa wiiki ewedde Ono y’abadde nnannyini kkanisa ya Good Samaritan Mission Of Uganda, e Masajja ,kyokka ng’erina n’amatabi amalala agasoba mu 100 mu bitundu by’eggwanga ebitali bimu.

Byonna ebimwogerwako okuva ku kuzaalibwa okutuusa lw’afudde bya kyewuunyo. Yazaalibwa nga July 3 1958, ku kyaalo Katwe Bambula ku lugenda e Hoima mu maka g’abagenzi Petero Luuti Kanani Jjumba ne Nasita.

Ekitabo kye yeewandiikira kiraga nti mu lubuto lwa nnyina yamalamu emyezi 28! Nti olubuto bwe lwaweza emyezi mwenda nnyina n’agenda mu ddwaaliro okumukebera kyokka ne bakamutema nti mu kifo ky’omwana alinamu mazzi. Emyezi bwe gyeyongera nga mukazi wattu tasobola kutambula yadde okutuula ate nga n’abasawo b’ekinnansi bwe bamulyako ssente baasalawo bagende ewa dokita omu eyeeyita mucheeza n’amutegeeza nga bwe yali alina okulongoosebwa.
Lwe yali agenda okulongoosebwa ate lwe yazaala! Nti Lukwago teyatambula, kitaawe yakola eddagala lyonna lye yali amanyi n’atuuka n’okukyuka mu ddiini okuva mu Busiraamu okudda mu Butakoliki ne birema!

mu 1964, Abalokole ba mungu Umwema bwe baagenda ku kyalo kyabwe nnyina n’alokoka n’abantu abalala bangi olwo Lukwago naye mwe yagendera era n’atambula.
Yali muto naye n’atandika okukola obunabbi. Nti era abantu beekuluumululanga okugenda okulaba omwana omuto akola eby’amagero omuli okusabira abalwadde ne bawona n’ebirala.
Obuwereza yabutandikira mu Kiryokya Full Gospel Church n’omugenzi Christopher Kimera.

Omugenzi Erick Ssali ye yamuleeta e Kampala nga babeera Makindye , wano Dr. Abul Nyanzi we yamusangira ne yeewunya eby’amagero omwana omuto bye yali akola n’amutwalira omusajja Omwesiopia Daz Wet , eyamutwala e wa Ssekabaka Salius mu Ethiopia. Eno yakolerayo ebyewuunyo era nti mu kiseera ekyo n’alagira bendera ya Uganda ewanikibwe olw’okumuwa ekitiibwa.

Bwe yakomawo mu Uganda yaddayo n’asoma e Bukoola Primary School n’akoma mu P.3.

Abalokole Abakanada bajja mu Uganda okubuulira enjiri mu kiseera ekyo ng’ekkanisa esinga obututumufu ye ya Makerere Full Gospel. Baatambula mu bitundu eby’enjawulo ne batuuka n’e Kiryokya gye baasanga Lukwaago ng’abuulira enjiri , bamwettika ne bamutwala e Canada.

Eyo nti yasangayo omuwala Galad eyali alwadde eddookooli n’amusabira n’awona. Nti ate emikono gye gyali gyagongobala n’agosabira ne gitereera.

mu Uganda yakomawo mu 1976, kyokka ate ne bamuyita e Toronto , baamuwerera okuddamu okusoma mu yunivasite ya Toronto . Omulabirizi Kivengere ye yali munnayuganda eyali mu Canada mu biseera ebyo n’amuyamba okubeerawo.
mu 1979 ng’akomyewo yatambuza bigere okutuuka e Kiryokya, kyokka eyo abatujju baamusangayo ne bamubba n’okumusiba mu kkomera.

Olwava mu kkomera n’akola nga haawusibooyi e Kasubi, naye ng’akawungeezi abuulira enjiri ew’Omusumba Simeon Kayiwa.

Eyo nayo baamukwatirayo ku mulembe gwa Obote nga bamuyita omuyeekera n’asibira e Luzira.

Enjiri yagibuyulirirako e Tanzania . Yavaayo atandiseeyo ekkanisa ya Good Samaritan Bihalamuro era ekyaliyo era ekulirwa Omusumba Bumaali.

Bwe yava e Tanzania ne yeegatta ku Kkanisa ya Uganda era Abalabirizi Lwetungula , Kauma ne Kivengere baamusindika Busoga. Wabula Omulabirizi Bamwoze ne mukyala we nti baamuyisaamu amaaso n’adda mu bulokole.

Yatandikawo ekkanisa ya Redeemed Church e Katwe eyasabiranga mu bbaala ya White Nile. Eno gye yasisinkana ne Nabbi Obiri Yeboah, omusajja agambibwa okuleeta Eddogo mu balokole mu Uganda.

Yali omu ku balokole abeegatta ne Balabyekkubo okukola ekkanisa ya Prayer Palace e Kibuye.

Era Balabyekkubo bwe yafa Lukwago n’akola ekkanisa ku Nakivubo Blue. Oluvannyuma omugenzi Henry Kasule yamuwa yiika bbiri e Kawempe-Ttula n’azimbayo ekkanisa .

Gye yava okugenda okupangisa e Najjanankumbi.

Omugenzi Sarah Nakibuuka ye yamuwa ettaka e Ndikita-madda ku lw’e Salaama awali ekkanisa ye. Wabula Omusumba abadde tava Luzira kubanga nga tayisa sikaati!

Male ayongedde bwino ku Basumba. ‘Babbi’

Wednesday, 26th April, 2006

Moses Male eyayawukana ne Nabbi Samuel Kakande alumiriza nti Abasumba b’abalokole abamannya bakozesa Eddogo, banyaga ensimbi ku bagoberezi era bapanga abantu okuwa obujulizi nti bawonyezeddwa kyokka nga si kituufu. Yabadde ku CBS ku Mmande ku pulogulaamu ya ‘Kkiriza oba gaana’ ekubirizibwa Meddie Nsereko Ssebuliba. Bino bye bimu ku bye yayogedde:

Nsereko: Waliko ewa Kayiwa, n’odda ewa Stephen Ssozi n’oluvannyuma ewa Kakande. Nga kiki ekikutabaaza?

Male: Nnali sitabaala.Ng’omulokole tewali king’aana kusabira mu kkanisa gye njagala. Ate bwe wabaawo ebitatambudde bulungi ddembe lyange okugenda awalala. Abasumba mbamanyi kiwanvu. Bye bakola byonna mbimanyi. Ewa Kakande nnali wa munda nga ndi nnamba ssatu okuva ku Kakande ne mukazi we.

Lwaki ovuddeyo kati okwanika Abasumba Abalokole bye bakola kyokka ng’obadde obisirikidde ebbanga ddene?
Buli kintu kibaako ekiseera kyakyo. Olwaleero
ky’ekiseera okubuulira abantu nti be bayita abalokole babbi, bakozesa ddogo, beegomba bak’abasajja ne basinda nabo omukwano, basaddaaka. Bantu bakyamu nnyo.

Olumu nnali n’omusumba omututumufu mu Kampala akola ebyamagero (amannya galekeddwa) ne tugenda mu dduuka lya Wina Classic ku Sheraton. Omusumba yeegomba essuuti n’engatto nga bigula buwanana. Nga tuli n’omusumba oyo twayiiya engeri y’okufunamu ensimbi zino okuva mu bantu abajja okusaba. Kwe kusalawo enkeera ku Ssande abuulire enjiri y’okusiga.

Ku Ssande, Omusumba yayimirira mu Kkanisa n’abuuza abaagala okusiga ewa mukama bawanike emikono. Kyokka abaawanika baali batono. Waliwo omuvubuka, Omusumba gwe yali ayisizzaamu olukwe eyasituka n’ayogera ku kusiga nti yawaayo eri mukama 5,000/- kyokka n’afuna 50,000/- mu ddakiika ntono.

Abantu baacamuka ne bakuba mu ngalo. Ku nkomerero baamatira enjiri y’okusiga. Omusumba n’alaggira baddeyo beetegeke baddeyo ku Ssande n’ekirabo kya mukama. Ssande eyaddako abantu baayiwa ssente era Omusumba n’abawa omukisa.

Omusumba yalaba ssente nnyingi nnyo nga zipakiddwa mu bisawo n’alowooza nti zijja kutiisa abagoberezi, kwe kubagaana okufuluma Ekkanisa okutuusa ng’ensimbi ziggyiddwawo.

Male yennyini naye ekitimba ky’Abasumba yakigwamu. Yali anoonya omuwala ow’okuwasa, Omusumba n’amubuulira ebisaanyizo omuwala gw’anaawasa by’alina okuba nabyo. Male yagwa ku muwala alina ebisaanyizo ebyo: luvannyuma nnyo nga tusiimaganye lwe mmanya nti omusumba yali asisinkanye omuwala oyo n’amubuulira ebisaanyizo by’omusajja gw’ateekwa okufumbirwa nga ye nze (Male).

Bikyamu ki ebirala?
Omusumba omukazi omwatiikirivu (amannya garekeddwa) mubbi w’abasajja. Ekyo ani atakimanyi? Nsobola okumenya abasajja b’asigudde. Wano Nsereko amukomako aleme kulumba bantu.

Ebirala by’omanyi?
Amazzi Abasumba ge bamansira abantu gawunya ekivundu ng’omulambo. Kino bakikola okwongera okutiisa abantu. Obujulizi obuweebwa obumu bupange. Abasumba bakolagana n’abantu baabwe okuwubisa oba okumatiza abagoberezi abalala.

Wano Omusumba Simeon Kayiwa akuba essimu: Male by’ayogera si bituufu. Nnina ekifaananyi kya Ebiri Yebowa mu Kkanisa kyokka si ddogo. Kyampeebwa mukwano gwange. mu nkola ey’ekigunjufu toyinza kusuula kirabo.

Kayiwa: mu 1990 Male yantuukirira ng’omukulembeze w’Abalokole n’antegeeza nti Kakande akozesa Eddogo. Nnamulagira aleete abajulizi kyokka bwe yagenda teyadda.

Male akozesebwa bantu abalina ekigendererwa okwonoona Abalokole. Male teyasoma. Agezaako kusuula bamusinga buyigirize n’ensimbi.

Male: Yesu bwe yali abunyisa enjiri yakozesa bataasoma abaawansi. Abayigiriza be 12 kwaliko abavubi. Yesu yennyini yazaalibwa mu kiraalo, ekyo kiraga bwetoowaze tasosola baavu nga nze Male.

Amakanisa mangi gaavuwaza abantu nga babalagira okutunda ebyabwe ensimbi ne bazibanyagako. Njagala okulabula abantu bonna mu kiseera kino eky’okusasula fiizi z’amasomero: Abasumba bajja kukozesa omukisa guno babanyage mulemwe n’okuzzaayo abaana mu masomero.

Waliwo abasajja abali ku kyeyo abaweereza ensimbi bakyala baabwe, kyokka abakazi ne bazitwalira Abasumba baziwe omukisa zonna ne bazibalyako.

Ebirala bingi ebizuuliddwa ku balokole birinde mu Bukedde w’enkya.

‘Batukaka omukwano’

Omusumba yankuba nga mmugaanyi.
Bya Richard Kayiira ne Henry Ssennyondo

OBUJULIZI obusamaaliriza ku Basumba b’Abalokole abeeyambisa Ekkanisa ng’empuku y’ebikolobero bwongera okuvaayo buli olukya. Abalokole ab’enjawulo baasanguzizza emize gy’Abasumba abaludde nga babalyowa emyoyo.

Justine Namayanja, 24, ayanise Omusumba ‘eyasiba ffaamu’ y’abawala n’atandika okubakozesa omu ku omu era abamu ne babuukayo n’embuto. Byonna abirombojja bw’ati:

“Nali mbeera ne mmange e Lubaga era gye navanga okugenda okusoma. Emisomo bwe nagimaliriza omulimu ne gubula. Bandagirira ew’Omusumba omu alina kkanisa ku luguudo Musajjalumbwa mu Kampala gwe bankakasa nti talina kizibu ky’alemwa.

Nga ntuuseeyo, mu October wa 2004 omusumba yankwatako n’ang’amba nti naliko ekikoligo ekyali kizibikira emikisa gyange era n’andagira okubeera mu maka ge ansabire okutuusa ng’ekikoligo akikutudde.

Nasiibula maama ne nkwatamu ebyangu amakanda ne ngasimba ewa paasita. Eno nasangayo abawala abalungi musanvu abaali mu kigero kyange era nti nabo baali balindiridde kukutulwako ‘dayi mooni’.

Nakitegeera luvannyuma nti gano amaka Omusumba yali agataddewo kukuumiramu bantu be kyokka nga yalina amaka amatongole omwali mukazi we n’abaana.

Nga wayise emyezi ebiri nakizuula ng’Omusumba yali yaakeebaka n’abawala basatu ku musanvu be nasangawo. Omusumba ky’ataamanya kiri nti abawala bwe baamalanga okwebaka naye nga batunyumizaako ng’obulamu bwabwe bwe bumaze okukyusibwa.

Yabagambanga nti bw’amala okwegatta nabo mu buliri babeera bagabanye ku mafuta agakola ebyamagero Katonda ge yamufukako nti era kye babeera baagala mu bulamu basaba busabi ne bafuna.

Be yamalanga okukozesa, ng’abafunira abamu ku baweereza be nga babawasa ng’abamatizza nti Mukama amulung’amizza nti amafuta ge bagabanye gajja kukola ebyamagero bingi nga bafumbiddwa abasajja abo.

Eby’embi abamu okwali Harriet ne Kisaakye baagenda okubagabira abasajja abalala nga bali mbuto, Omusumba ze yabafunisa. Olunaku lwakya lumu Omusumba n’ampita mu kisenge kye n’atandika okunkuba ‘siasa’ gwe yakubanga bannange.

Nagaana ne mmugamba nti bwe kituuka awo nze nga nzirayo ewa mmami era olwamugamba bino n’atandika okunsamba n’okumpacca empi. Bwe yalaba ng’aanidde ddala n’atandika okunsendasenda nfumbirwe omu ku balenzi gwe yakozesanga mu kkanisa kyokka ne nneerema.

Baakola olukwe bankwate nga nneebase bansobyeko olw’empaka kyokka omu ku bavubuka eyalumanyaako n’andabula, kwe kuddukayo ne nzira ewaffe.”

Bino Justine okubyogera ng’ali mu musomo ogwategekeddwa e Mmengo ogwagenderedde okulabula abantu ku Basumba abeeyambisa ekkanisa okutuukiriza ebigendererwa byabwe ebikontana ne Bayibuli.

Wano akola ku by’okukunga abantu mu Ofiisi ya RDC wa Kampala Rehema Kyeyune eyakazibwako ‘Maama Nakagiri’ we yasitukidde n’awa obujulizi bw’omuyambi w’Omusumba Samuel Kakande eyamukuba ng’agamba nti yali asaalimbidde ku lusozi lwa Nabbi.

Agamba nti mu December wa 2006 yagenda ku kkanisa ya Kakande eya Synagogue esangibwa Kubbiri ng’alina ensonga z’ayagala okumuyitiramu, wabula ne bamugamba nti ali ku lusozi lwe oluyitibwa Prayer Mountain e Bulenga gy’asabira n’okusiiba.

“Nneesitula ne ng’enda e Bulenga ku Prayer Mountain ne nnyingira mu kikomera Nabbi mwe yali wabula nali nkyalindiridde okumusisinkana, Omuyambi we amuvvuunulira Johnson Kato n’annumba n’annyambalira nga bw’ambuuza ampadde olukusa olugenda mu kifo ekyo.”

Mu musango maama Nakagiri gwe yaggula ku Kato ku fayiro SD16/06/12/06 ku Poliisi y’e Kakiri agamba nti mu kavuvung’ano Kato yasindika mmotoka ya Nakagiri n’ewaba ng’alina ekigendererwa ky’okumusuula ku kabenje.

Omusumba Moses Solomon Male ow’ekibiina kya Arising For Christ eyategese omusomo guno yagambye nti bagenda kutegeka emirala egiringa guno mu bitundu bya Uganda eby’enjawulo nga basaasaanya enjiri evumirira Abasumba abavvoola ekitiibwa ky’ekkanisa.
Published on: Saturday, 13th January, 2007