Saturday, 21 April 2018

False Jesus , Prophet Elvis Mbonye makes a triumphant entry into ‘Jerusalem’

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Prophet Elvis Mbonye Worshiped on Palm Sunday

He has been off the news for some time actually since he made a dinner of one million shillings per head and the day he made a record Skype call to God, we hope he has been pushing the ministry of gathering God’s sheep together and now he is back after receiving Godly welcome to his church today the 25th of March.


All this happened at his church since it is a Palm Sunday a very important day to Christians since it is believed that in Christianity it is the day Jesus Christ the son of God came to Bethlehem before he was crucified and he has welcomed amidst sheer chanting and precious cloths and palm leaves were set down for him to step on with his horse.

‘Egotistic’ Kabuleta scoops low, kisses Mbonye’s feet

When a false Watchman Kissed the Shoes of a false Prophet: ‘Egotistic’ Kabuleta scoops low, kisses Mbonye’s feet : Check cultic tendency of Prophet Mbonye


Criticism pours in on Church for choosing white man to depict Jesus

Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine on Sunday chose a Poland national and parish priest of Munyonyo to depict Jesus and ride on a donkey as Christian faithful in the area matched to mark Palm Sunday.

When the Church and Media uploaded images of the proceedings, many commented with bias saying: “Couldn’t they find a black Jesus.” Others said the event was symbolic of idol worship.
The race and appearance of Jesus has been a topic of discussion since the days of early Christianity.
Bible scholars insist the New Testament includes no descriptions of Jesus’ appearance before his death and that the Gospel narratives are generally indifferent to people’s racial appearance or features.
Nevertheless, many people have a mental image of Jesus drawn from artistic depictions.
A wide range of depictions have appeared over the two millennia since Jesus’s death, often influenced by cultural settings, political circumstances and theological contexts.
Social media user under account name, Damulira William said: “Why muzungu (White man), funny Africans, they think everything good should be white.”
“Why is it that a white has to be Jesus. We are still locked back to colonialism,”  Vicente Johnsons remarked.
Jemima Zaabu said, “Couldn’t they find a black Jesus? We have been brain washed! He had to be white in a sea of black faces!”
Kahunde Abwooli K Hilda said, “Breaking the very first commandment…..this is worshiping a human being.”
Other Christians however condemned the “racial” comments.
Ssemambo Peter said, “I have failed to understand exactly what’s wrong with a white Priest to ride a donkey. According to Matt 28:19 Jesus commanded his Apostles to make disciples of all nations. I haven’t seen anywhere that whites are exclusive.”
“It’s not your color that matters. It’s not your tribe that matters. It’s not the shape of your nose that matters. What matters is your heart and mission God ordained unto you.” one said.
“Most of you people complaining are already anti religious, looking for an excuse why you don’t pray… So you wanted Jesus to be a White man, black man, Indian, Chinese and at the same time an an Arab or Dinka. Had God given you a Muganda Jesus, the acholis would have complained.” another continued.
“When Jesus calls for us to go into all the world and teach the gospel (Matthew 18:18–20), He is telling us that there are no cultural or racial barriers, that we are all one in Christ Jesus. Paul echoes this in his letter to the churches in Galatia: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” The color of our Savior’s skin has no bearing on our sharing the gospel. Nor should our neighbor’s skin color have any bearing on our imparting the gospel message to him,” another said.