Tuesday, 10 January 2017

You can fool people but not GOD: Pastor Robert Kayanja’s 77 D.O.G.S Revival and the Worship of the Golden Calf of Money, Materialism and Worldliness

Jesus: You were  not redeemed with corruptible things , as silver and gold , but with my precious blood(1 Peter 1:18)
Kayanja : ‘’…money answers all things’’(Ecc.10:19)

Jesus: My blood cleanses you from all sin(1 John 1:7)
Kayanja : ‘’…money answers all things’’(Ecc.10:19)
Jesus: I was wounded for your transgressions, I was bruised for your inequities, the chastisement of your peace was upon me  and with my stripes you were healed(Isaiah 53:5).
Kayanja : ‘’…money answers all things’’(Ecc.10:19)
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Since late last year, Pastor Robert Kayanja has been conducting the  so called 77 DOGS(Days of Glory Season Services ). Thousands flocked   Pastor Kayanja’s   Miracle Centre Cathedral  to experience the so called revival . This fake revival is aired LIVE on Pastor Kayanja’s Channel 44 Television .  This so called revival is not  unique to the world, we have seen fake  revivals such as; the Toronto Blessing revival  in the 1990, the Toddy Bentley revival of 2006 etc. Perhaps  it is only new to some young  African  saints .

The total delusion of the prosperity Gospel:  Bentley: It Rained Gold During Our Revival In South Africa


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When Todd Bentley removed all doubts that he is a spiritual fraud: Outrage as banned preacher Todd Bentley calls death of former Croydon North MP Malcolm Wicks "the Lord's justice"

Who is controlling this fake revival?
Of course, the 77 DOGS revival is a fake revival . Evidence suggests that  it is controlled by man and satan. Of course, there have been a number of healings and conversions however, we do not measure revival but mere casting out of demons, healings , conversions and miracles. Revival is measured  by the  quality of the gospel being preached i.e. exclusive focus on repentance, purity and holiness . A true revival makes people realize that they are mere sojourners and pilgrims in this world and not permanent residents in this fallen world. The Acts of the Apostle give us a clear picture of what a true revival is. The apostles did not tell people to accumulate a lot of money, mansions, horses, gold, silver, businesses, clothes, shoes,  and land like pastors Kayanja. The 77 DOGS ridicule Jesus and his apostles as  fools and failures in this world because they failed to know that ‘’…money answers all things(Ecc.10:19)’’ 

Although the words holiness , repentance and purity have been uttered by Pastor Robert Kayanja on a number of occasions , they have been treated as   periphery  issues in both the 1st and 2nd 77 D.O.G.S. The Major focus of this revival is money, materialism, worldliness . In other words, the god that is being worshipped in these DOGS is MAMMON or Lucifer . Pastor Robert Kayanja is telling the people of God to worship the gods of Gold and Silver. He is not   calling people to back to the cross to live a simple life style of self denial , holiness and purity . He is inflaming the PROSPERITY GOSPEL  by calling people to go back full swing to the American T.B.N designer Jesus  which is a GOLDEN CALF of money, materialism and worldliness . Remember that Pastor Kayanja has been referred to by some people as the BENNY HINN of Africa. Examine  Apostle Paul and Pastor  Kayanja at the end of their ministries below:

Apostle Paul: The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books but especially the parchments(2 Tim.4:13)

Pastor Kayanja: The expensive suits , shoes and clothes  , mansions , SUVs and aircraft and fat bank accounts in Kampala and the USA ,  pass them over to my children especially my son. 

How Pastor Robert Kayanja has managed to clean his image using the 77 DOGS
The people who are benefiting more from this revival are pastor Kayanja and his family. Remember, Pastor Robert Kayanja ‘s image was terribly tainted by a number of boys  who come out to accuse him of  sodomising  or sexually abusing them . One of the boys called Mukisa went  to miracle centre cathedral and apologized . Another  lady also came and apologized for  being  responsible for the smuggled wine that was found in pastor Kayanja’s mansion. Mukisa said that he was bribed by pastors such as Male and Kyazze to frame pastor Kayanja. 

 Mukisa has changed statements a number of times but should not be blamed . Like the other boys who have accused Pastor Kayanja of sodomising them, he is a mere victim. Pastor Kayanja has the money  , the guns and the connections in statehouse to fight anybody who tries to expose him and he has succeeded in doing exactly that. It is ridiculous to think that pastor Male and Pastor Kyazze can use money to flame kayanja? From Where? They are themselves struggling  to survive.  Pastor Kayanja has managed to clean himself but still, there many unanswered questions.  I think Pastor Male , Pastor Kyazze and Pastor Sempa are so exhausted that they have now decided to live every thing regarding Pastor Robert Kayanja  to God. I know God will not disappoint them. 

City pastors paid me to frame Kayanja in homo scandal – Man confesses

Very Dangerous Move By Homosexuals in Uganda
If Pastor Kayanja is a true Man of God,  he should have submitted himself to an independent commission of inquiry
There are still a number of boys who insist that Pastor Kayanja sodomised them . I’m not saying that he sodomised them, but the mere fact that  justice has been strangled in these cases  makes  Pastor Kayanja  un-cleared  in the eyes of  the public . He should have borrowed a leaf from Pastor Semeon Kayiwa who was cleared by un independent commission. 

Jjuko Denis says Kayanja Sodomised him
What has Happened during Pastor Kayanja’s 77 DOGS has also happened at Pastor Kakande’s  Synagogue  Church of all Nations
What has happened during the 77 DOGS  has also happened at Pastor Kakande’s church. In my opinion, Pastor Kakande has performed more miracles than pastor Kayanja but this does not exonerate him from being  an occultist and  false prophet. Therefore miracles , healings , conversion of  Muslims,  giving away of cars, TVs, sofa sets, fridges and lots of money are NOT evidence that the 77 DOGS revival is controlled by the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Kakande Ministries

The 77 DOGS revival   amidst a sea of naked  females
During these 77 DOGS, Pastor Kayanja has cast out  demons of witchcraft , lesbianism, homosexuality,  adultery, spiritual husbands, demons of poverty. He has not cursed out the demons of nude dressing  greed, materialism and worldliness . What amuses me is that Kayanja’s church is one of the churches in Uganda where nude dressed women  cherish to go? The dressing is so BAD that chasing demons of lust, lesbianism, fornication is a mere waste of time, after all they will return and possess these women in great numbers.  The Nigerians would say the dressing in Kayanja’s church  is really BADO!!!!


 Also, most of the young men who attend Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle centre Cathedral can not be differentiated from the Justine Bibers, Chameleons, Babe cools of this world. Surely, the God of Robert Kayanja is not  the Lord Jesus Christ but rather MAMMON and satan . We should not allow our eyes to deceive us . The bible says the devil is the father of lairs(John 8:44) . In other words, the devil is a master of deception. He has been fighting the church of Christ for thousands of years and has mastered how to disguise as an angel of light. 

The prosperity Gospel as a façade to hide the American Neo-liberal system and its slave states
The purpose of the prosperity gospel is to hide the satanic American neo-liberal system and its slave states like Uganda . The USA has implemented a neo-liberal system where promoting markets and economic growth  takes precedence over the wellbeing of the poor. According to this system, there is nothing like a right to health, right to food, right to water, right to education. These are mere aspirations that people might enjoy as economic growth improves.

 In Uganda , although prosperity pastors prophecy peace and prosperity every year , the health system has crumbled, they is too much corruption , land grabbing etc .In 2016,  almost the whole country was affected by famine and food shortage. Lives were lost due to this famine. Some people ferried food from Kampala to their relatives in the villages. Prosperity pastors like Pastor Kayanja keep silent about all these . They keep telling people how good Museveni’s  government  is and how bright the future is .

Uganda Pentecostals are treading a dangerous political path by fornicating with Museveni’s corrupt dictatorship: Pastor Joseph Serwadda, Bishop David Kiganda and Pastor Jackson Senyonga new year eve celebrations turn into political fora to raise support for President Museveni.
When Pentecostal pastors in Uganda fornicate with a Dictator : Pastor Kayanja compares President Museveni to King David (a man after God’s own heart(1 Sam. 13:14) ) at the 2016 swearing in.

Men of God in Uganda prophesy Peace and Prosperity in 2017

Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Gospel is at total variance with the Word (Jesus Christ-John1:1- )
Pastors like Kayanja claim to serve the Lord  Jesus Christ , but their gospel opposes almost every thing he stood for.  Look at the exchange  below between the Lord Jesus Christ  and Pastor Robert Kayanja:
Jesus: Blessed are you poor, yours is the kingdom of heaven(Luke 6:20)
Kayanja: Blessed are you rich, your is the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus: Woe to you that are rich, you have had your consolation.
Kayanja: Woe to you who are Poor, your is the kingdom of hell.

Jesus: Labour not to be rich (Proverbs 23:4)
Kayanja: Labour to be not only rich but also wealth. 

Jesus: You can not serve God and Mammon.
Kayanja: You can not serve God without Mammon(Money).

Jesus: They that will be rich fall into a temptation and snare , and unto many foolish and hurtful lusts.
Kayanja: They that will be poor fall into a temptation and snare , and unto many foolish and hurtful lusts.

Jesus: It is very difficult for a rich man to enter heaven.
Kayanja: It is very difficult for a poor man to enter heaven. In fact , the rich men will enter heaven while riding their Mercedes benzes and SUVs.

Jesus: The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.
Kayanja: The LACK of money is the root of all evil.

Jesus: My kingdom is not of this world.
Kayanja: God’s kingdom is  in this world.

Jesus: Love not the world and the things in the world.
Kayanja: Love the world and things in the world.

A Warning  to Prosperity pastors in Uganda and Africa
Since 2006 God put the burden on my heart to warn the church in Uganda and in Africa about the  satanic nature of the prosperity gospel from the United States of America . I warned them that God is going to expose the rot in this movement and that some pastors are going to be smashed by God for trapping his saints into this false/satanic gospel. God  does not lie. I have seen pastors being exposed for  extortion and fraud. I seen false prophets die,  I have seen pastors like Kiwedde go to jail, I have seen pastors loose wealth , I have seen saints flee churches, I have seen big churches becoming almost empty . The list is so long. 

God is not done yet , he will continue to smash the prosperity movement in Uganda and in Africa and the whole world will be shocked. The Lord Jesus Christ is very jealous for his church . He will not allow his church to be turned into a den of thieves and liars.  If pastor Kayanja does not repent and  turn away from the prosperity GOLDEN CALF, the lord will smash and   expose him  such that  some saints will faint and request Jesus to take them to heaven. The Money, Fame, Guns, T.B.N, state house and  white house will not save him. The word of God says that there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. AMEN.