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Pastor Robert Kayanja to host Controversial Prosperity Gospel Guru Dr. Mike Murdock in WISDOM , triple blessing Conference from 9th -15th November, 2015



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Who is Michael Dean Murdock?

Michael Dean Murdock (born April 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States) is an American televangelist and pastor of the Wisdom Center ministry based in Haltom City, Texas. Murdock preaches around the world and is best known for his promotion of prosperity theology. He often preaches with David Cerullo and Benny Hinn and has also preached with Tammy Faye Bakker. He hosts the Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock television program.


Mike Murdock was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana to J.E. and Willie Murdock, and has one sister (Deborah Murdock-Johnson) who works for his ministry.[1][2] In 1964, Murdock graduated from LaGrange High School in Lake Charles.[1] He attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, Texas, but left after three semesters in 1966. In 1989, he received an honorary doctorate from International Seminary in Florida.[1]
In 1966, Murdock married Linda Lormand (married from 1966–1979) and they adopted a boy, Jason, in 1979. On October 4, 1979 the couple divorced. Linda Lormand Murdock was given custody of Jason following the divorce. She is said to have had difficulty providing for the child despite her former husband's income.[1]
In addition to preaching, Murdock is known for his publications and songs.[3] The Fort Worth Star-Telegram alleged that Murdock exaggerates his accomplishments and that he would have written an average of 300 songs per year based on his claims. The newspaper also reported that he had registered 76 songs with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, according to unofficial data kept on those groups' Web sites.[1]
In 1973, prior to his divorce, he established the Mike Murdock Evangelistic Association and began preaching and fundraising throughout the country.[citation needed]
In 1989, as a pastor on The PTL Club, Murdock gained national attention during the PTL scandal when he asked viewers to donate to Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker claiming they helped broken marriages and people.[4][5] The PTL later declared bankruptcy and Bakker went to prison for fraud related to his ministry.[citation needed]
In 1999, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Murdock refused interview requests and had previously declined to answer questions about money.[6]
In 2003, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram ran a series about Murdock giving association (donor-raised) money to select family members who were on his association's board.[2]
On 3-3-2003, the Associated Press reported Murdock asked followers for money to help the poor but spent more than 60% of donations on overhead, including his salary, and only a tiny amount (reported to be "legal minimums of 1% to 3%") on helping the needy, or any other 'public interest'.[7]
In 2004, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Murdock "has started a church and the law allows him to keep his financial records behind closed doors." In August 2004, the association purchased the International Faith Center in Haltom City, Texas, and changed its name to The Wisdom Center, which it operates as a church.[8]
On 3-22-12, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Murdock's home, assessed at $1.5 million, was for sale.[9] The 9,943 sq ft 25-room home with built-in wine cooler located on 6.89 acres at 2010 Whitebridge Rd., Argyle, TX 76226 was first listed for sale on on 11-29-11 for $3.2 million and then subsequently on 9-4-13 (MLS 12020088) for $2.7 million.[10] According to public records, Murdock also was the owner of 2013 Whitebridge Rd.[11]
Murdock has appeared on TBN, CBN, BET, INSP, WORD, Daystar Television Network and other television networks, and his weekly television program, Wisdom Keys with Mike Murdock. Murdock is a Founding Trustee on the Board of International Charismatic Ministries along with the late Oral Roberts[citation needed].


Murdock was one of several televangelists profiled by John Oliver a British comedian on a segment of television program Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that exposed "churches that exploit people’s faith for monetary gain". A clip of Murdock prompting his congregation to applaud the purchase of several private airplanes was featured.[12] [13]

Poverty-hating Haltom City televangelist Murdock's $1.5 million mansion for sale 


Haltom City Cashevangelist Mike Murdock, who asks donors to send him money by assuring them God could possibly, if things go right, Mike Murdockreward them with big bucks, is selling his Argyle estate, valued at $1.5 million by the appraisal district.
A quote attributed to Murdock goes like this: “You will never become rich, until you hate poverty.”
His mansion - which includes an indoor fish pond, 3,000-square-foot tennis court, game room, water fall, jetted tub, four media rooms, swimming pool, exercise room, guest quarters and other amenities on 6.89 acres - certainly screams “I have something of an aversion to non-richness.” Murdock Manor
Perhaps not surprisingly, Murdock, who goes by the moniker “Dr. Mike Murdock” on television  — it’s an honorary degree — is trying to make a little profit on his 9,825-square-foot manor.
Its listed price is $3.2 million. (See video below for a virtual tour.) If you're lucky, he may also toss in a copy of his $10 Twitter tips book.
Murdock’s website for his church, The Wisdom Center, doesn’t indicate where MM may be moving.
Still, consider this, potential homebuyers: Not only do you get a home with five balconies, four gazebos and a sunken fire pit, you’ll be able to show others that they don't have to wait for heavenly rewards.
No matter how you raked in the money.