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Thursday, 22 October 2015

When a minister of God participates in partisan politics : Pastor Wilson Bugembe joins with secular artists in Museveni’s Tobonga nawe campaign song

When cartoonists caricature Museveni's corrupt regime

Tobonga nawe song(4:58)


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Ugandan Artistes Receive 400 Million From President Museveni

Isaac Oct 17,2015 0 Comments
For the first time ever, the entire entertainment industry converged at Speke resort Munyonyo for the ‘Tubonge nawe’ campaign.
Apart from just a few artistes, most entertainers pledged their support to president Museveni in an event that kickstarted at 4pm.
Museveni talks to various artistes
Museveni talks to various artistes
All clad in yellow outfits which is the official color for National Resistance Movement political party, artistes started entering the venue before the president who was also the chief guest. He came with the first lady and minister Karamoja Janet Museveni a few minutes past 9pm and they sat next to Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone and Juliana.
The president thanked the artistes for their support before launching ‘Tubonge nawe’ song which features 12 artistes including Mun G, Harunah Mubiru, Bebe Cool, Juliana, Rema, King Sahara, Chameleon, Irene Namubiru among others.
Bebe Cool, Juliana and Jose Chameleone at the event
Bebe Cool, Juliana and Jose Chameleone at the event
He also pledged 400million shillings to help out in the entertainment industry as SACCO( Savings And Credit Coperatives).
Chameleon promised to rally all artistes support Museveni in his presidential bid while Bebe Cool said he will crush anyone who stands in the president’s way.
However, former Amarula comedian Messe and arts leader Aloysious Matovu Joy were disappointed with the artistes.
“All the musicians who went on the podium to speak will die very poor people. Instead of asking the president to enforce the copyright law, they are busy celebrating 400million shillings which will not help them in anyway, Messe said.
Juliana showed why she’s one of the best vocally talented artistes in Uganda when she perfectly sang both the East African and Ugandan anthems.
Poster of the upcoming Tubonga Naawe song
Poster of the upcoming Tubonga Naawe song
Those who attended the event include comedians like Bujju, Ann Kansiime, Salvado, musicians Golden band production, Afrigo band, da new eagles, Goodlyf, fashion designers like Sylvia Owori, Santa Anzo, film actors and producers among others.