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Friday, 30 October 2015

Mudslinging Pentecostal Pastors in Uganda in order to create a triumphant entry for Pope Francis in November 2015: Popular Uganda tabloids harass Pentecostal Prosperity Pastors in Uganda by calling them Illuminati: If Pope Francis and the papacy are not big stakeholders in the Illuminati satanic Society , then the Illuminati does not exist.


Ugandan Pastors who are said to be Illuminati-Blizz Uganda

My Comments

Illuminati Conspiracies in Uganda are tinted with exaggerations and Malice

For over two months now, local Ugandan tabloids like Kanumye, Redpepper and Hello have been writing on illuminati pastors in Uganda . They have linked  pastors like Pastor Robert Kayanja , Imelda Namutebi, Samuel Kakande, Kiganda and others to the illuminati secret society . The Illuminati is believed to be a secret society behind the creation of a one world government.  The problem with secret society is the secrecy of their activities which creates a lot of room for rumors , conspiracies and exaggerations. These tabloids are using the illuminati stories to make money  by malicing pastors. Of course we know that some of the pastors such as Pastor Samuel Kakande, Augustine Yiga  are really occultists and ministers of satan, however calling almost all Pentecostal pastors Illuminati is malice of the highest order. The problems with many Ugandans is that they like rumors so much because they do not want to read and do research . Some Ugandans are so gullible to even see the fake illuminati photos that are being used by Kamunye and other tabloids.

The illuminati stories and  Pope Francis November  visit

Some time back Kamunye and Hello tabloids had tried to link the illuminati money with the papacy however when the Archbishop of Kampala Barked at them, they stopped.  Why? Because these tabloids are by and large controlled by catholic faithfulls some of whom I hear were former catholic seminarians. Satan is using tabloids in Uganda  to discredit and mudsling the Pentecostal church in Uganda and the Born again fraternity in Uganda  in order to create a triumphant entry for pope Francis into Uganda . It must be noted that the catholic church in Uganda is not happy with the rate at which Catholics are  converting to Pentecostal churches and other born again churches. They think that by discrediting the Pentecostal church in Uganda , they are legitimizing Roman Catholicism in Uganda. The biggest illuminati is the catholic church headed by pope francis . The catholic church has plans of uniting all religions including  the eastern voodoo religions. If Pope Francis is not Illuminati, then there is no illuminati. Case closed.

Is there a difference between what this Pope is doing and what the Illuminati do???

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6 Signs of Illuminati pastors - Blizz Uganda
Fake pics like this one have been used to harass the so called  Illuminati pastors. Some people are so gullible to know that this is a fake photo

Pentecostal pastors and the new age

Most pastors in Uganda are not illuminati per se, they have just entered the NEW AGE cult by totally embracing the satanic prosperity gospel and dominion theology. Some of these pastors are being used by the devil without their knowledge. Some pastors have embraced homosexuality and Satanism because of their GREED for money . 


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 Media Story on the Illuminati and the church in Uganda

The changing face of Uganda’s church and chilling Illuminati stories

By Grace Nakato Sunday, Oct 4th 2015 at 10:18
 Churches have been big business for a while, and like all businesses, they compete to get the biggest share from the mwananchi’s pocket. It is no longer enough to have a hoarse voice or a choir with angelic faces and voices as crowd pullers. This generation is so far gone that it needs special gimmicks to get them onto hallowed ground.

The first pastor to change how the game is played gave us ‘Celebrity Sundays’. This was a Sunday when our local celebrities — regardless of faith and denomination — would be in charge of the service. The celebs would serve as ushers, give testimonies and of course sing in the choir once in a while. The church would be packed to the rafters. This fad soon faded and normalcy returned to worship, causing the church coffers to start dwindling as there were fewer worshipers.

 he advent of the prosperity gospel had many sowing a seed to enable the pastor buy a monster ride, because ‘God does not want his messenger to walk on the street and wear out his shoes’.
The more you paid the stronger the prayers. Things began to go awry when pastors began to borrow against church title deeds and to traffic church youth. This is when Government stepped in and decided to impose a tax requiring all churches to be registered, further depleting the oceans of free cash.

Today, Illuminati is the word on everyone’s lips especially because you must be willing to sacrifice your soul for untold riches and fame. Many are wondering where to take their useless souls for cold hard cash and have enough left over to buy another soul like a multi-level marketing scheme. Illuminati is a supposedly secret sect, comprised of the most powerful and richest people in the world.

Angry sect members
The whispers began when a prominent musician’s brother was killed in a bar brawl and the Illuminati were blamed. According to the rumours AK 47, singer Chameleone’s brother, had just gotten saved thus annoying members of the sect. Our local tabloid was quick to jump on the story and carry out in-depth research to unleash a list of the Ugandan Illuminati.

The pastors and celebrities featured on the list had me thinking that money had been poured to lure gullible and curious people into patronising those churches. I am one of the curious ones who attended service at a certain church when I read that the pastor is the head of the local Illuminati sect.
Apparently, the chosen pastors get powers to heal when they suckle on her 12 nipples. I wanted to see her in real life so as to spot where the extra nipples would fit on her generous bosom.

The churches these pastors lead must have had a pact with the tabloid and are laughing all the way to the bank. Their services have been well-attended in the recent days with many curious worshipers and others seeking healing and wealth regardless of where it comes from.

However, only a gullible person would believe that a struggling musician could have been wooed by the sect, unless of course it was because of her nude pics. Another musician on the list is well known for bar brawls and a few hits but his round of bad luck proves he cannot be Illuminati. I wonder why our rich Ugandans with properties equivalent to a district were not on the list — are they the real Illuminati? Time will tell.