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Friday, 28 August 2015

When Wolves disguise as Pastors : Pastor Yiga dragged to police over child neglect

Pastor Yiga dragged to police over child neglect

Publish Date: Aug 22, 2015
Pastor Yiga dragged to police over child neglect
Pastor Augustine Yiga has been embroiled in a string of child neglect cases.
By Emmanuel Luganda

PASTOR Augustine Yiga of Revival Church Kawala, has been dragged to police over charges of child neglect.

Prossy Nabukenya 23, a resident of Kawala, a Kampala suburb is accusing the pastor commonly known as 'Abizaayo' of neglecting a child he produced with her.

Nabukenya, a former church maid at Revival Church Kawala, told police that since she gave birth to Yiga's child, he has never given her any financial help and has disassociated himself from her.

"When I informed him that I was pregnant he cut off communication. He would not allow me to access his office and stopped picking my calls upto now," Nabukenya explained in her police statement.

She told police that she met Yiga at his church in Kawaala in 2011, where she was serving as a church maid.

"One day, Pastor Yiga told people with problems to come to the prayer room for special prayers. After lining for 2hrs I went into the prayer room where I met him and poured out my problems to him before he prayed for me and later asked for my phone contact," she added.

"After a few days, he called me and started praying through the phone before he summoned me to his office for special prayers. On reaching there, he prayed for 30minutes before smearing olive oil in my private parts" Nabukenya claimed.

She added that the pastor said that she was to be his wife if her problems were to be solved, which she accepted out of desperation.

She wants police to prevail on Yiga so that he can extend help to the 3-year-old boy she claims is his son.

Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the complaint and said they will summon Yiga for further investigations into the matter.

Efforts to reach Yiga were futile as his phone was off.

In September last year, Pastor Yiga was dragged to Nabweru Court on charges of child neglect by a woman identified as Brenda Nabukenya.


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