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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Prominent Pentecostal Preacher Dr.Myles Monroe Killed in Plane Crash Taught ‘Jesus Is Not the Gospel’:Myles Munroe Is Dead: Be Filled With Sorrow And Joy: Bishop Tony Palmer Has Perished: Be Both Joyful And Filled With Sorrow

“The church must not be preoccupied with leaving earth. Don’t pray to go to heaven; pray for heaven to come to Uganda, just like it is in the Lord’s Prayer,” Dr. Myles Monroe
….that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God. (Luke 16:15)

Prominent Pentecostal Preacher Killed in Plane Crash Taught ‘Jesus Is Not the Gospel’

MonroeFREEPORT, Bahamas – This past weekend, following word that the Bahamas most well-known preacher had died in a plane crash, concerns were renewed surrounding the message he taught and left behind, including his assertion that “Jesus is not the gospel.”
Myles Monroe, 60, who led Faith Ministries International and Myles Monroe International in the Bahamas, passed away on Sunday when a private jet carrying him to a leadership conference struck a shipyard crane while approaching Grand Bahama International Airport. His wife Ruth, who served as “co-pastor,” and his daughter Charisa also lost their lives, along with six others on board. Only his son, Myles, Jr., remains as he was not aboard the flight.

Monroe had appeared with a number of popular speakers throughout his 3o-year tenure, including Benny Hinn, T.D. Jakes and Eddie Long. He also was a part of the Promise Keepers gatherings, which sought to help men to be better husbands and fathers. Monroe, an Oral Roberts University graduate, authored numerous self-help books including “Releasing Your Potential,” “Overcoming the Crisis,” “The Spirit of Leadership” and “Waiting and Dating.”

“He was indisputably one of the most globally recognizable religious figures our nation has ever produced,” said Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie in a statement following Monroe’s death. “His fame as an ambassador for the Christian ministry preceded him wherever in the world he traveled, whether in the Caribbean, North America, Asia, Europe or Africa.”

In September of this year, Monroe generated controversy in the Bahamas in speaking against homosexuality, stating that homosexual activists had hijacked the civil rights movement. He also faced opposition from Bahamian Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell in stating that the leader’s views on homosexuality do not “represent the majority of the convictions of the Bahamian people.”

But while he faced resistance from the secular world, Christians also expressed concern about other teachings that Monroe promulgated, including his assertion that the message of the gospel is not about Christ’s death and resurrection. These concerns were renewed following word that Monroe had lost his life this past weekend as some considered the legacy that he left behind.

“Jesus is not the gospel,” he stated in a sermon entitled “The Gospel of the Kingdom,” the entirety of which is posted below. “Jesus preached the gospel of the Kingdom. He did not preach Himself. … The good news is the Kingdom, not Jesus.”

“[T]he gospel is not you must be born again,” Monroe also asserted. “Jesus never preached [being] born again; as a matter of fact, he only mentioned born again once in the entire four gospels. … And he only mentioned it to an old man at three o’clock in the night who woke him up.”

He contended that Christians should rather appeal to the lost by primarily telling them about the benefits Christ offers in His Kingdom as he stated that Jesus was simply a means to an end.

“Do you know why the people on your job really hate Christians right now? Because you are preaching to them Jesus Christ,” Monroe said. “You don’t [need to] be talking about blood and nails and the spear in His side, because that’s not what you’re supposed to be talking about. You’ve got to be talking about how to solve people’s problems. … People aren’t worried about no blood on no cross. They’re worried about how they’re going to make it through the day.”

Despite outrage over Monroe’s comments, those who characterized Monroe as a false teacher are saddened by his passing and ask that others be considerate and not insensitive during this time.
“I didn’t care much for his ministry, but I will not tolerate any gloating over his death,” wrote one man who had exposed Monroe’s unbiblical teaching online. “Our Heavenly Father doesn’t rejoice over the death of the wicked and neither will I.”

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Uganda mourns apostate prosperity and dominionist preacher Dr.Myles Munroe: He Inspired Muslims and Catholics but never led them to the Lord Jesus Christ to be born Again .They worshipped the creature (Dr.Myles Munroe) instead of his Creator( the Lord Jesus Christ). Dr.Myles Munroe drew attention to himself instead of the Lord Jesus Christ.

When pilgrims and sajouners spend almost all their time preparing people to be comfortable in this fallen world: Famous prosperity gospel and purpose driven gospel preacher DR. MYLES MUNROE dies in plane crash dies with his wife and nine others. There is an urgent need to repent from preaching the mammon prosperity and purpose driven gospel or else we will be accountable before GOD.REPENT NOW!! 


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Myles Munroe Is Dead: Be Filled With Sorrow And Joy 

According to Charisma News
“Dr. Myles Munroe, internationally-known author, bible teacher, governmental consultant and leadership mentor, was one of nine passengers on a plane that crashed in Grand Bahama on Sunday afternoon, according to multiple news reports.
A Lear 36 executive jet left the Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) for the Grand Bahama International Airport, the Department of Civil Aviation reports. The plane departed at 4:07 p.m. and carried nine people. The vessel crashed while making its landing approach, the Department of Civil Aviation said.
News reports indicate his wife, Ruth, and daughter were also killed in the crash.”
He was attending a conference called the Global Leadership Forum, whose theme was “Leading Change In A Globalized World, Through Principled Innovative Leadership.”

If the name Myles Munroe sounds familiar to you, it should. We wrote about him previously when a Youtube video surfaced of him saying that people don’t want to hear about Jesus’ blood and the cross. That you shouldn’t talk about his crucifixion,  death or resurrection, but rather should talk to people about the good news of how God can solve problems.

But apart from that wicked little comment, he was known as a full-blown prosperity preacher. His teaching epitomized all the most awful and terrible parts of this damnable system, synthesized as an idiosyncrasy which married word-faith with governmental economic and globalization theories. He used Religion and Jesus to build his fortune, and there is a long, documented trail of false teaching and Christ-kicking blasphemy in his wake. Suffice to say that he didn’t just have a few theological quirks that could be tolerated and accepted, but by every standard of biblical faithfulness he twisted and spewed forth theological perversions that robbed and injured the souls of his hearers, fundamentally distorting the gospel message of who Jesus is and what he came to accomplish.
So like when Tony Palmer passed, and we said  we ought to be both joyful and filled with sorrow, we repeat this

“As for the man himself- like any enemy of the faith that breathes their last, we ought to be both saddened and heartened by this news. Saddened because a man and his family are dead and there will be hundreds, if not thousands grieving. Presumably not all the dead were as Myles was- they were not all enemies of the Gospel, and consequently it is a hard, aching tragedy that ought to cause believers everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer and supplication that the Holy Spirit might be a balm to the mourner’s souls. It’s a surreal, painful time when anyone passes away, especially in such brute circumstances, and we ought to empathize with those in mourning. The Lord takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and neither should we. We can only pray that all parties repented of their sins before they perished and will join us in paradise. I want nothing more than for this to be the case.

Heartened? Because relating specifically to Myles Munroe, a man who was peddling theological and spiritual poison is no longer a direct threat to the Christian Church.” He cannot preach any more of his heresy. He cannot bind Christ to the Almighty dollar bill and tie the gospel narrative to the riches and filthy lucre that he promised you had coming to you if only you became a Christian and gave him your seed offering. His reach has withered already, and will continue to diminish as time passes. It’s all fading to black.
By all accounts, ironically, the plane he perished in was his own private Lear plane, the fruits of his fleecings and an instrument of destruction in the hands of the Almighty God- the Judge of all the earth who will do right.

Bishop Tony Palmer Has Perished: Be Both Joyful And Filled With Sorrow

Tony Palmer
“Brothers and sisters, Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?”  Tony Palmer
News broke today that Tony Palmer, a [questionable] “Anglican Episcopal Bishop” in the Communion of the CEEC, has passed away from a motorcycle accident in the UK. Bishop Palmer gained infamy this past February when he was featured at a conference with good friend, ministry partner, shenanigans-enabler and arch-Heretic Kenneth Copeland. Bishop Palmer also counted Pope Francis as a close friends and leveraged that friendship to get the Pope to give a message at this conference via circumstances and technology. In this way the three of them had gathered to put into play spurious and mischievous intent. Their ecumenical purposes were to suggest that the Protestant Churches give up their divisive ways and to be joined in unity with the Roman Catholic Church. In short order, Bishop Palmer declared that the Protestant reformation was over, and that it was time for all the denominations, led by Kenneth Copeland and his merry band of Charismatics to assimilate back into a visible united [Roman] Catholic Church and “come home”
It was not difficult to see where Tony’s true loyalties were. While he was positioned as an Anglican is a particular schism, he seemed to have been a Roman Catholic in all but name only. He said in a sermon in 2007:
Because of our close relationship with the Charismatic Catholic Church, my wife has returned to her Catholic faith and even our Children desire to be Catholic. I am the only one in my own family that is not Catholic. This is something I have to suffer for the sake of my Mission. As an Anglican I represent a bridge between the Protestant and Catholic worlds, becoming a Catholic myself would mean losing my ability to be a bridge, therefore I suffer being outside the ‘Mother Church’ for the sake of the Kingdom of God. God knows how I suffer internally when I am unable to partake of the Communion that I feel so part of. I am reminded of the Samaritan Women who asked Jesus healing, He told her that He had not come for the Dogs but for the Jews… And she answered…’but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table’… I have become worst (sic) than a dog for the sake of God’s calling, remember us when you eat?
At the time of the conference, some people had made claims that this was the start of the one world religion,or at least a big step forward. Certainly It was and remains a historic event for how it came together, how the communication happened, and which personalities were involved, but to be frank it’s difficult for me to regard it as a precursor for one world religion. I tend not to put much stock in people who speculate about the formation of one world religion, and generally consider that an exercise in distraction and a profitless endeavor to pursue.

 Kenneth Copeland Reports In About His Meeting with Pope Francis

But now the man is dead and question are arising over what this means for the renewal movement; what does it mean for the ecumenical inroads that had begun to be driven by certain pastors and congregations, and what should our response be to this man’s death.

While not one to speculate or engage in conspiratorial thinking, I can see many avenues whereby his death would serve to rally certain susceptible denominations/ groups of people on a small-scale.  If not in outright assimilation then at the very least in working closer, and any time any group drifts towards Rome theologically I consider that a bad thing. Palmer had put forth some effort with his “the protest is over” speech, and I can see parts of that continuing after his death, and his death itself being a catalyst to gel certain factions together. It wouldn’t surprise me to see something like “To honor Tony’s memory and spirit, as a sign of solidarity to achieve his life-long dream, we will unite ourselves with…”
As for the man himself- like any enemy of the faith that breathes their last, we ought to be both saddened and heartened by this news. Saddened because a man is dead and his wife and children are grieving. It’s a surreal, painful time when anyone passes away, especially in such brute circumstances, and we ought to empathize with those in mourning. The Lord takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, and neither should we. We can only pray that he repented of his sins before he perished and repudiated Rome and her false gospel.

Tony Palmer

Ark CommunityFr. †Tony Palmer

Heartened? Because a man who was peddling theological and spiritual poison is no longer a direct threat to the Christian Church, though even in death the ramification of those meetings will invariably ripple across Christendom. Tony’s legacy is that he sought to enslave us Children of the Reformation by joining us to the damnable heresies of Rome. He partnered with and promoted Kenneth Copeland, a man whose spiritual misdeeds and heresies are legendary in their scope and in their depravity, and sought to have us look to him as a paragon of unity and Christian virtue.

And last he tried to minimize the dividing lines drawn by the Reformers. He tried to get us to stop protesting and lay down our bloody insistence that salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ’s work alone, confirmed by scripture alone, to the glory of God alone. He wanted to marry us to a decrepit, whorish, Romanist bride who wears the six sessions of the Council of Trent on her tattered dress with pride and defiance. In that respect it was *good* that he is no longer with us because his death has served to minimize the damage he caused in life.
[Contributed by Dustin Germain]


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 Vatican meeting

Those who met with Pope Francis on Tuesday are, from left, Carol Arnott, the Rev. John Arnott, the Rev. Brian Stiller, the Rev. Kenneth Copeland, Pope Francis, the Rev. Thomas Schirrmacher, the Rev. Geoff Tunnicliffe, the Rev. James Robison, Betty Robison and Bishop Tony Palmer.

The Roman Catholic Church is essential for faith; there are no 'free agents,' pope says: Kenneth Copeland Foolishly defends his ecumenical visit to Rome: James Robinson calls the meeting with Pope Francis a Miracle Jesus Prayed for: Copeland says Pope Francis is filled with the love of Jesus and their meeting was moved by the strong presence of the holy spirit: Can you Imagine !!!
 Bishop Tony Palmer of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) died in England July 20 after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle

Pope’s friend Bishop Tony Palmer dies in motorcycle crash 

  • July 22, 2014
OTTAWA - Pope Francis’ friend Bishop Tony Palmer of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC) died in England July 20 after his motorcycle collided with another vehicle.
According to e-mail reports obtained from The Ark Community he founded, three teams of surgeons tried to save Bishop Palmer's life but he passed away in the evening, leaving behind his wife Emiliana and two teenaged children. Bishop Palmer was in his early 50s, and grew up in South Africa, though recently he had been living in England.

The bishop recently facilitated an historic private meeting of evangelical and charismatic leaders June 24 with Pope Francis at the Holy Father’s residence inside the Vatican. The two had become friends when Palmer was doing ecumenical work with charismatic Catholics in Buenos Aires.
World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) global ambassador Brian Stiller was among the leaders present at the June meeting with Pope Francis.

“Tony was a most remarkable young man,” he said in an e-mail. “I so well remember his gracious and active leadership in bringing members of the World Evangelical Alliance together in conversation with Pope Francis late June.

“However, with his life and witness still fresh in our memory, I believe it is important that we carry on, as he would have desired, finding ways for our major Christian bodies to have friendship and to understand our respective communions,” said Stiller, who headed the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada for 16 years.
Bruno Ierullo, Catch the Fire founding member and pastor of its Newmarket, Ont., campus, knew Bishop Palmer for seven years and worked with him in a worldwide movement called United in Christ that brings Catholics and evangelicals together. He said he was “distraught” to hear of his death.
“He was a remarkable guy, a very sensitive, extremely forgiving and loving man,” said Ierullo. “It will be a great loss for the Kingdom, a just outstanding man of faith.”

Bishop Palmer had also been invited to Rome to work with Catholic charismatics there in unity efforts that had the blessings of Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Bishop Palmer and Ierullo were among headline speakers lined up for an ecumenical conference in Ottawa Aug. 28-31 called Fire and Fusion. Pierre Hogle, who is organizing Fire and Fusion with a team from Lift Jesus Higher, a Catholic charismatic community in Ottawa, said they expect the conference will go ahead.
“There’s a whole network of people all across the world who have this cause of unity in their heart,” said Hogle. “I think right now they are totally devastated.”

 Bishop Tony Palmer

Bishop Tony Palmer, Champion of Unity, Dies in Motorcycle Accident 

Jennifer LeClaire
Bishop Tony Palmer, a South African Bishop with the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, has passed away after a motorcycle accident.
Palmer gained worldwide media attention in January after Pope Francis sent a special envoy to a Charismatic Evangelical Leadership Conference Kenneth Copeland hosted.

"Tony Palmer, the charismatic young preacher who enjoyed a friendship with Pope Francis, has apparently died in a motorcycle accident," Kathy Schiffer reported on her Seasons of Grace blog. Not a Catholic, Palmer was a bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches.

The Communion (referred to as the CEEC) was birthed in 1995 as a result of a more general work of the Holy Spirit among Christian churches, in what has become known as the "Convergence Movement," and sometimes referred to as the "Convergence of the Streams" renewal. This is the spiritual vision, rooted in the New Testament revelation and the experience of the early Christians, that saw the church as one body with many diverse and contributing parts. Or, to put it another way: one river with many streams.

Palmer presented a video message from the pope that went massively viral at the Copeland-hosted conference. The message centered on unity among Catholics and Protestants. Copeland prayed for the pope and sent a message of his own back to Francis.

Catholics and evangelicals alike are mourning Palmer's loss.
"I never personally met Bishop Tony Palmer. However, I look forward to spending an eternity in the full communion of God's love with him. I appreciated his Christian courage and felt that his efforts were prophetic," wrote Keith Fournier, founder and chairman of Common Good Foundation and Common Good Alliance.

"He wrote his life—and lived his ministry—with broad brushstrokes, seeking to reveal the fullness of God's loving plan for the Body of Christ, the healing of the divisions and wounds which separate those of us who share the name Christian."