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Thursday, 16 May 2013

The day Ugandan Pastor who “Defrauded” US Philanthropists On Internet was exposed

‘Senior Pastor,’ Dickson Ruhasha

Ugandan Pastor “Defrauds” US Philanthropists On Internet

Police have commenced investigations into suspected fraudulent internet activities of a Ugandan “pastor.”


Cornerstone World Miracle Ministries ‘Senior Pastor,’ Dickson Ruhasha Fresiano, has been accused by an American identified as Kelly L Hansen of “defrauding people on the internet.”

“He (Ruhasha) is presenting himself as founder of Friends Orphanage and School in Kampala, Uganda. If you read the Status report on the Orphanage provided to me by the attorney I hired in Kampala, Friends Orphanage was closed in February, 2012 due to the owner using funds for his own personal enrichment,” said Kelly.

The preacher’s mission is reportedly based at Kisugu, Muwayire Road, Plot 566, Makindye, Kampala.

According to Kelly, Ruhasha extorts donations stating his children are passing out with hunger and are drinking dirty water.

“I've identified other victims of his, as well. LinkedIn was how he contacted me and his other victims, and I contacted them and told them of his activities.  They performed an investigation and removed him from LinkedIn.”

Kelly, in an email to Uganda Police dated March 16 which Chimpreports has seen, suspects Ruhasha has several websites he used to con unsuspecting western donors and that he is part of an internet "ring" of fraudsters.

She said: “I had my e-mails investigated and they were shown to have had my bank information compromised.   Now, several other people (questionable) have contacted me with schemes of "big contributions to HOMEOWNERS HELPING HOMEOWNERS" from London and Australia and I think they are connected to him.”

Uganda Police Press and Media Officer Patrick Onyango confirmed reception of the emails, saying investigations were underway.

Kelly said she hired an attorney in Uganda, Mauren Kemigisha, a Legal Associate at Capital Law & Partners Advocates to help her recover $3300 (Shs8.7m) she lost to Ruhasha.

“Would you help me recover my $3300.00 USD from this imposter? I've already found another victim (the owner of CALL MOM in Denver) among his contacts on Linked-In, she also donated a large sum to him under his pressure tactics,” Kelly urged Police.

“The Pastor uses scripture, and shames one into helping children who he says are sitting around him crying and "passing out with hunger having not eaten in days, suffering with chills and fever with Malaria, and more."

Contacted, Ruhasha admitted to fraudulently receiving money from Kelly.

“Yes, it is true she gave me money in form of a donation but she wants it back and I will give it to her,” said Ruhasha.

Asked why he fronted a closed company to receive funding from the donor, Ruhasha responded: “I used the money to construct an orphanage in Kisugu but she wants her money back.  I am planning to gather the money and give it back to her. I will pay in installments within four or six months.”

Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi recently warned the public of increased cases of online fraudsters especially in Kampala.
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