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Thursday, 18 February 2010

From the Thames to the Tiber: Rome Builds a Bridge for Anglicans to Cross Over


Still Blood on the Harlot’s Lips: Rome Still Kills Protestants Whenever She Can Get Away with It

From the Thames to the Tiber: Rome Builds a Bridge for Anglicans to Cross Over

Ecumenical relations between the Roman Catholic and the Anglican institutions have been progressing for decades. Much ground has been gained by Rome, at Canterbury’s expense. But now the pope of Rome has boldly and aggressively marched right into the Anglican ranks and made them an offer many will find difficult to refuse. On October 20, 2009, Benedict XVI made it possible for groups of traditionalist Anglicans to convert to Rome while still retaining many of their distinctive Anglican traditions!


Christians should be interested in these goings-on because of their significance in revealing the real nature of Romanism, Anglicanism, and the wolves in sheep’s clothing who lead them. This kind of backstage intrigue, behind-the-scenes cloak-and-dagger carryings-on, are what one would expect from political institutions, not “churches”. But that’s just it: these are not churches of Christ, and their leaders are not men of God. It is all about power.
Christians should take an active interest in these workings of Rome, because the religio-political institution that sits on the seven hills is working ceaselessly to rule the world – its ages-old desire. Every move it makes, every carefully-planned step, is another step towards that goal, which it always keeps in view. It is relentless.
Quite frankly, we don’t care what happens to the Anglican institution, as an institution. The world will not be worse off should it fall apart. It is a false “church” and if it collapses, we will shed no tears. It is a daughter of the Romish Whore that has deceived multitudes of souls. But we do care for the souls of those within it, just as for those within the Roman Catholic institution. Confused by the bewildering changes going on within Anglicanism worldwide, their faith being in their “church” rather than in Christ, these poor people are lost, and as they cast about for some solidity, something sure and certain, increasingly their eyes fix on Rome. And truly, should they go over to it, they would have become twofold more the children of hell than before.
And so, disillusioned Anglo-Catholics will make their weary way from the Thames to the Tiber; from Canterbury’s confused leadership to the Vatican’s perceived rock-solid foundation. Canterbury is the loser; the Great Whore on the seven-hilled city is the winner, yet again.

February 2010