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Was it an Inside Job?? Police officers held for murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi :Kaweesi murder suspect abuses Nakawa magistrate:“You kafir, you kafir, Allah Akbar (God is great)...“God is going to judge you! All of you, God is going to judge you!”

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Police officers held for murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Written by URN
The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is holding five police officers over their alleged involvement in a string of malefactions. 
The officers held include; Nickson Agasirwe, the former head of the Police Special Operations Unit at Nalufenya in Jinja district, Joel Aguma, the commandant Professional Standards Unit (PSU), Alex Tumukunde and Faisal Katende, both operatives from the Flying Squad Unit and an intelligence officer only identified as Magada.

Aguma and Agasirwe were detained on Tuesday evening when they appeared at CMI headquarters for the third time in less than a month for questioning. The other officers were detained on their first appearance.

Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye declined to comment on the arrests and referred URN to the army spokesperson. The army spokesman, Brigadier Richard Kalemire denied knowledge of the arrests when reached.
According to information obtained by URN, Aguma is being investigated for allegedly repatriating several refugees to Rwanda. Agasirwe and the three others are wanted in connection to the murder of former police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi.
Nickson Agasirwe (R) is held for alleged involvement murder of Andrew Felix Kaweesi (L) in March this year
In 2013, Aguma was implicated in the kidnapping and illegally extraditing Lt Joel Mutabazi, a former bodyguard of Rwanda President Paul Kagame leading to his suspension from the force for two years.
Lt. Mutabazi was kidnapped from Sky hotel in Naalya, a city suburb where he was living with his family. From his suspension, Aguma bounced back as the deputy director crime intelligence from where he was promoted to head PSU.

The arrest of the five suspects comes few days after President Museveni reportedly directed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to order four police directors to appear before the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) and CMI for questioning in relation to a missive authored by Ali Kabanda, a former police operative.

Kabanda allegedly wrote to the president implicating the officers for their alleged involvement in dubious deals including undermining investigations into the murder of Kaweesi and making wrongfully arrests. 
An officer involved in the investigations told URN on condition of anonymity that plans are underway to transfer the suspects to Makindye military police barracks.

Kaweesi murder suspect abuses Nakawa magistrate

Written by Derrick Kiyonga
One of eight people who were yesterday committed to the High court for trial in the Andrew Felix Kaweesi murder case lost his cool and insulted Nakawa grade one magistrate, Noah Sajjabi.
Joshua Kyambadde suddenly started shouting at the top of his voice, denouncing Sajjabi as a “Kafir”.
Kafir is an Arabic word meaning “one who covers the truth” or “one who covers something”, also translated as “infidels” or “unbelievers” according to Wikipedia.
Kyambadde, who was standing together with 22 other co-accused, was astounded when Sajjabi said “Kyambadde together with seven others murdered the former police spokesman and assistant inspector general of police in Kulambiro.”   
He raised his voice, babbling a lot of incoherent things. The magistrate calmly asked him to behave himself and tried to inform him that at this stage he isn’t allowed to say anything but the suspect kept on.
“I have never been to Kulambiro,” Kyambadde started.
Some of the Kaweesi murder suspects 
His Muslim tunic swishing about as he gestured in anger, Kyambadde shot back: “This government is nothing, this is just life; we shall all die! I have never killed Kaweesi, this is all government, God will judge you.”   
Taken aback, Sajjabi ordered prison warders to take him out of court. Kyambadde unleashed another torrent.
“God is going to judge you! All of you, God is going to judge you!” he shouted while being led away with his hands now shackled.
“You kafir, you kafir, Allah Akbar (God is great),” he said. The charges were later read to him in Sajjabi’s chambers amid tight security.   
The magistrate indicated that out of the 22 people who have been charged with killing Kaweesi, eight were committed to the High court for trial.
They include: Abdu Rashid Mbazira Buyondo Muhammed, Aramazan Higenyi Noordin aka Taata Abdallazack , Mugerwa Yusuf aka Wilson, Bruhan Balyejusa aka Masiga Jimmy Ogutu, Kyambadde,  Jibril Kalyango,  Abu Aisha, Yusuf Nyanzi Siraje aka Ssentamu Jimmy and Shafiq Kasujja.
According to the DPP, the accused committed acts of terrorism when for political or religious reasons they involved themselves in or were complicit in the murder of Kaweesi on March 17.  
They are also charged with murdering Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver Godfrey Wambewa. Charges of robbery have also been brought against them in respect to the robbing of Kaweesi’s pistol and the escort’s SMG rifle at gunpoint.  
According to a summary of the evidence, police investigations led to the arrest of Mbazira.  The DPP alleges Mbazira revealed that he was involved in the planning and execution of the murder. Mbazira is said to have identified some of his accomplices as Higenyi, Mugerwa, Balyejusa, Kyambadde, Kalyango, Nyanzi, Siraje and Shafiq.
Mbazira, according to the DPP, revealed that the assassination of Kaweesi was ordered by the rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a terrorist organisation.
Mbazira allegedly revealed that ADF plotted to assassinate top government officials and that Kaweesi was one of their targets.  
Upon obtaining information from Mbazira, the DPP says, police tracked down his accomplices. Higenyi was arrested on March 21, in Kasese aboard a bus en route to Mpondwe, which the DPP says is a notorious crossing point for ADF rebels and recruits into DR Congo.
“He was in the company of a young boy and upon search, he was found in possession of a forged a national ID card which he revealed was made for him by accused eight (Kasujja),” the indictment says.
The DPP says it was established that the juvenile Higenyi was being transported to DRC to join the rebels. Police arrested Kasujja from the home of Balyejusa and interviewed him.
Kasujja allegedly led the police to his workplace on Nasser road in Kampala where the DPP says a computer containing digital images of forged national IDs were recovered.
Kyambadde is also alleged to have been present during a meeting where Kaweesi’s murder was decided and assigned the role of reconnaissance at the deceased’s home.
In respect to the 14 who were not committed to High court, Sajjabi said he will convene a court session next week to hear prayers to have them discharged.

CMI police arrests, details revealed 

Written by Sadab Kitatta Kaaya
The widening Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence investigation into police has claimed more scalps of senior officers, sending a huge panic wave within the force’s rank and file.
As the dragnet spreads, six officers have been placed under lock and key at Makindye maximum security military police facility on the outskirts of central Kampala, sources revealed.
By yesterday, insider sources said CMI and Internal Security Organisation agents had been dispatched to the notorious Nalufenya police station in Jinja to arrest yet another senior police officer there.
Other operatives were almost simultaneously on board a flight to Algeria to retrieve Joseph Baroza, a former assistant to Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura.
Baroza is presently a police liaison officer at Uganda’s mission there assigned with monitoring, informing and implementing exchange programmes on African Police Cooperation Mechanism (Afripol) such as trainings, visits and others.
IGP Kale Kayihura
Herbert Muhangi, the commandant of the Flying Squad, a unit dedicated to combatting violent crime, was according to sources, interrogated but later released. Muhangi neither picked nor returned our calls yesterday.
Senior Commissioner of Police Joel Aguma, the commandant of the police Professional Standards Unit; Senior Superintendent of Police Nixon Agasirwe, the former special operations unit boss at Nalufenya in Jinja district; Faisal Katende, an operative in the flying squad; Assistant Superintendent of Police Magada (crime intelligence); AIP Mpambuzo, Sgt Abel Tumukunde, the Kampala Metropolitan Police flying squad commander, and Ali Kabanda, a flying squad operative, are being held at Makindye Military Police Barracks.
Agasirwe, Baroza and Katende are reportedly suspects in the aggravated robbery and murder of an Eritrean businessman. Deniel Weldo was killed in cold blood in December 2016. His killers then tried to steal two million euros (Shs 8bn) from his account operated in Stanbic bank.
The 32-year-old man had operated his business from South Sudan. He left that troubled country for Uganda after renewed armed conflict broke out between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and his former first Vice president Riek Machar.
Aguma is being investigated for allegedly engaging in subversive acts, including colluding with foreign security agents to abduct and forcibly return Rwandan political asylum seekers/refugees to Rwanda.
According to insider police sources, these dark dealings came to light when former flying squad operator Ali Kabanda reportedly fell out with colleagues. He started telling all and sundry that his life was in danger. Sources say that Kabanda took to social media to highlight these alleged threats to his life.
Soon, CMI reportedly took interest in his case and approached him. Military intelligence offered to protect him in exchange for what he knew.
Kabanda allegedly blew the lid on how a Rwandan double agent, who had spied on both Uganda and Rwanda, was eliminated. Kabanda’s information was that this double agent picked information on Uganda and fed through channels that purportedly ended at the desk of Rwandan President Paul Kagame and vice versa.
The agent, sources say, was known in well-placed political and intelligence circles in Uganda. But he was killed on Ugandan soil and his body dumped in Kisoro district, which borders Rwanda not long after Kigali learnt he was double dealing.
According to Kabanda, the killing was done by top Ugandan police operatives at the urging of their Rwandan counterparts.
When President Museveni learnt of the agent’s death years ago, he assumed the Rwandans had done the hatchet job.
But years later, Kabanda was singing a completely different tune about that death. When CMI got this useful information, they passed it on to the president. The president reportedly invited police chief Kale Kayihura and asked whether he knew that his officers were accused of bumping off the spy.
Kayihura, sources said, promised to investigate. But CMI again advised the president that Kayihura might not be a reliable investigator as he is part and parcel of the very police now under suspicion.
On second thought, the president asked Kayihura to drop the investigation. He later asked CMI and ISO to investigate.
As the investigation widened, more aspects cropped up, including the forced repatriation of Rwandese nationals (some of them on the run from Kigali security) and the murder of the Eritrean.
All these crimes reportedly pointed at senior police officers. As CMI tightens the noose, police officers are in a state of panic.
Interviewed, several police officers, who declined to be named, said yesterday they don’t know who will be picked next.
“We don’t know what is going on in police now. Most of the officers have been picked by CMI and arrested without clear charges. We don’t know how and where they are detained. We are living in fear because we don’t know who will be picked next…,” a source said.
One officer said if CMI operatives turn up at his gate without clear charges, he will fight them.
“The moment I see them, I will first let my dogs attack them before firing at them. They shouldn’t arrest us anyhow over unexplained issues,” the officer said.
Another officer said most police officers have been arrested by plainclothes soldiers and taken to unknown places where they could have been tortured.
“We are hearing rumours that the arrested officers were investigated for many cases including murders, business deals that went wrong, robberies and issues of deportation of Rwandese and South Sudanese refugees,” a source said.  
Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye confirmed the arrests yesterday and said senior police staff are rattled because army personnel are not explaining why they are arresting these individuals, and where they are holding them.
“They are just picking people; we don’t know what they are investigating and where they are taking them.  We also don’t know how many they need. Let CMI and UPDF explain why they are arresting police officers and on what charges…,” Kasingye said at the police headquarters.
UPDF spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire didn’t pick his phone calls but has been quoted elsewhere saying the army is not holding any police officer.
Col Frank Bagyenda Kaka, the ISO boss, didn’t give away much when interviewed yesterday.
“In fact we shall arrest you. You are interrupting our investigations. It’s not right when we are investigating such sensitive issues and you put them in papers. You are not doing good service to the public,” he said.