Monday, 16 October 2017

Ecumenist Bishop Julius Oyet and his entourage of about 135 pastors foolishly expose their yellow ribbons at parliament : Pastors pray for Kadaga and ‘cast of demons of witchcraft , chaos and confusion standing in the ploy to amend 102(b) to give museveni a life presidency ticket ‘

Once again Pentecostal pastors under Pastor Joseph Serwadda’s ecumenistic Born again faith federation have shown their foolishness  by openly praying for the Pope’s Girl Rebecca Kadaga and casting out demos of chaos , confusion in parliament . They are simply insinuating that  the opposition MPs who fought in parliament  to protect the constitution are the ones who are demon possessed . This is foolishness of the highest order and  portrays their lack of impartiality. The truth is that the  demons of chaos and confusion are reigning supreme in Museveni and his NRM-O cronies. It is actually Museveni  causing confusion and chaos  in parliament  by clinging to power at all costs. These pastors should be ashamed of themselves, even a child can see their yellow side. Why did they only pray for Kadaga? Why didn’t they also pray for MPs such as Betty Nambooze who were injured in the fracas? I have always told you that born again pastors who  put on collars like Anglican and catholic priests are controlled by the spirit of confusion and hypocrisy. No wonder a number of born again saints have rejected Pastor Serwadda and Bishop Oyet’s born again faith federation. How can a born again saint  allow to be governed by such blind leaders to who can not see the signs of the time.  



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Speaker Rebecca Kadaga visits MPs Nsereko and Betty Nambooze ...

 How come we failed to see that Kadaga(the pope’s girl) was a Wolf all along: The recent Parliament fracas demonstrated Speaker Kadaga’s low level of judgment and moral competence

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Kadaga turns to pastors

Written by Sadab Kitatta Kaaya
After a week of unrelenting criticism from the general public, opposition, civil society and diplomatic circles over the September 26-27 events at Parliament, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga on Friday received spiritual support from some Pentecostal pastors.

The speaker appeared to still be reeling from the fall-out from those two days when the fight to keep presidential age limits in Uganda’s constitution took a decisive turn.

She allowed soldiers to be inserted into a constitutional dispute – effectively re-enacting the actions of former president Apollo Milton Obote in 1966 which had grave and bloody consequences for Uganda.
Bishop Julius Oyet (R) lays hands on Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (C) to pray for her
The pastors, numbering about 135 from the national association of born again churches of Uganda arrived at Parliament shortly after 10am.
They were led to the Parliamentary conference hall where they met Kadaga. The Observer understands that their appointment was fixed after they wrote to Kadaga seeking audience so that they could present a petition on the constitutional amendment.
But their leader, Bishop Julius Peter Oyet of Lifeline Ministries, instead made a speech before announcing that they wanted to go and pray in the chamber, the scene of the September 26-27 showdown between MPs opposed to the lifting of the presidential age limit and officers of the Special Forces Command (SFC), President Museveni’s elite force.
Armed with an animal horn, anointing oil and prayer books, Oyet led his group, with Kadaga in tow, in a praise and worship session. Oyet blew the horn to call on God to cleanse the house of what he said were evil souls and MPs who got elected with the aid of witchcraft.
Kadaga stood in the middle of the chamber, facing her chair as the pastors spoke in tongues. Some shook violently as if possessed, others screamed and one woman donning a flowered yellow dress had to be helped to a bench after she appeared to have been overwhelmed by spirits.
“We pray that God will guide this House as it embarks on the debate on the constitutional amendment bill. We bind every spirit of chaos, confusion from this House. We pray that God’s presence will reign supreme. We pray that  members find a way forward for this bill that has brought controversy,” Oyet prayed.
Members of the Born Again faith in parliament last week to pray for Kadaga
Oyet blew the horn for the second time as he gave way for Pastor Tony Okot. They then asked Kadaga to kneel so that they could lay hands on her, and so that God contains her enemies.
Kadaga’s has turned to pastors for prayer at a time when her position as Speaker in under test. She may have surprised many given that upon being re-elected to the coveted position in May last year, she visited a shrine at Nhyendha hill in Iganda district, allegedly to thank her ancestors for making it back as speaker.


Kadaga was in the company of MPs Margaret Muhanga (Burahya) and Jacklet Atuhairwe (Sheema Woman). Muhanga said on Saturday that she attended the prayers in her capacity as spokesperson for the NRM caucus and to ensure that everything went well.
“I had to be around as they prayed for the Speaker and sanity to return to Parliament so that I have something to report to caucus,” Muhanga said.