Monday, 16 October 2017

When Museveni the Pentecostal savoir ridiculed Pentecostals for wasting time on long praying escapades : Museveni hypocritically condemns false prophets yet his government is famous for protecting Occultist and false prophets like Samuel Kakande


President Museveni has ridiculed the ‘Balokole’(born again Christians ) for indulging in long prayers instead of innovation. I wish he knew how  much the  balokole have invested in praying for his regime. In fact the ‘balokole’ are called by tabloids in Uganda ‘Museveni’s wizards’. Like King Nebuchadnezzar he now thinks that Uganda has reached where it is because of his power. If he is not careful he might end up like king Nebuchadnezzar. Although Museveni has openly said that he does not believe in the bible, he keeps on referring to the holy book over and over again. He for example used it to warn the country against false prophets yet false prophets like Kakande  are protected by his army and police. I think the ‘Balokole’ should focus their so called useless prayers towards kicking him out power. That is when he will realize how useful and powerful they are. People in Uganda spend long time in prayers because the social system has collapsed during Museveni’s presidency – there is  too much corruption and  some health centres are like pig sties. People have no choice but to trust only in the lord Jesus Christ.  

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Museveni blames believers for evils in Uganda: Yes, the country has many Christian hypocrites but also backslidden Christians (like President Museveni himself )who are mere spiritual politicians.


 Africans in endless prayers instead of innovating - Museveni 


 October 8, 2017     Written by URN

President Yoweri Museveni has cautioned against spending a lot of time praying and called upon Ugandans to work and take charge of man's fundamental mission of having dominion over all creatures on the planet.

Museveni says man's fundamental mission stipulated in the book of Genesis is dominion over nature. He says over the last 500 years Africans have absented themselves from this fundamental mission of dominion.

Museveni made the remarks at the 19th National Prayer Breakfast at Hotel Africana, Kampala, organised by Parliament of Uganda. This year's Prayer Breakfast was themed, "As for me and my family, we shall serve the Lord," quoted from the book Joshua Chapter 24 verse 14.

In the last centuries, Museveni said, scientific discoveries have been by Europeans. He noted that even though the Chinese were also absent when other nations were inventing, they have been active in copying what others invented, something that Africans aren't doing.

Museveni said that he doesn't like the helpless approach of "praying…praying and shouting as if God is deaf" while ignoring the fundamental role of dominion over earth.

"Having created the earth the living things, he created man and gave him that mandate of establishing dominion over nature. However, Africans for the last 500 years have absented from themselves from that obligation. They have been totally absent.
Yes, they invented iron long ago and fire - that one we invented but in more recent years we have been absent from this effort of establishing dominion over nature. All the recent scientific discoveries have not been by us. We have been absent nor have we even copied because the Chinese were also absent in these recent discoveries but have been active in copying what others have copied", said Museveni.
"Africans, Christians I don't like the helpless approach, where you just pray and pray and pray and you neglect this fundamental original mission given to man to establish dominion over nature because he gave you a superior brain. And you just pray and the whole night shouting as if God is deaf...God helps those who help themselves", he added.

Quoting from Matthew 7:15, Museveni warned the gathering to "be aware of false prophets who sheep clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." The president added: "You will know them by their fruits.."

Museveni noted that even during the last prayer breakfast, he told Members of Parliament about man's mandate of establishing dominion over the world. He said he borrowed the idea of prayer breakfast from Germany and the United States of America mentioning two people - Rudoff Daker and the late Dag Kook of the US parliamentary prayer breakfast.
"They are the ones who told me about prayer break, they invited me to Washington for a prayer breakfast. That how we started it here," he said.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga said the national prayer breakfast has no fixed office or address in parliament. She said it's a gathering of like-minded people who encourage each other and have a common vision.
Eng. Toluhi Olusegum Ayobami, a Nigerian pastor and founder of the Institute of Transformation, who preached at the event, called for leadership that minds about concerns of the ordinary people.