Thursday, 27 April 2017

Renegade Ugandan Charismatic Catholic Priest Fr. Anthony Musaala Attends Pastor Robert Kayanja’s 77 Days of Glory

Fr. Anthony Musaala greets Pr Robert Kayanja, team leader at Miracle Center Cathedral

May 77 Days of Glory never end – Fr Anthony Musaala

Fr. Anthony Musaala, a popular Catholic Charismatic preacher and influential gospel artiste on Friday night made a surprise appearance at Miracle Centre Cathedral.
When Pastor Robert Kayanja gave him an opportunity to greet the congregants during the 77 Days of Glory Meeting – Screams of joy filled the Cathedral longer than usual.

This prompted the pastor to ask why everyone was that excited. “Let him sing for us.” The Church shouted in chorus.

Christians have always loved to listen and sing along to Fr Musaala’s music. According to reports, he was the first Roman Catholic priest to storm the local realm of modern gospel music in Uganda. Before 2002, no Catholic priest had staged a public musical concert, let alone sharing a stage with secular artistes in pop music.

The 62-years-old then led believers through a popular thyme, after skillfully and effortlessly doing a free style in hitting high notes that left the congregation happy and screaming at peak ear-pierce volume through most of the ministration; “There are 77 days of Glory, there are 77 days of power, the power of our God. I said there are 77 days of your miracles.”

“Elisha desired to receive an anointing from Elijah, I desire to receive an anointing from you.” Fr Musaala told Pr Kayanja. “One quarter, one half – anything. I love you so much and thanks for your courage.”
Pastor Robert later read a message Father Anthony had written on a small note paper saying; May 77 Days of Glory never end.

Fr Musaala’s Testimony
I was brought up from the Catholic Church, then I had a big fall out with the Roman Catholic Church. Rubaga Cathedral is not far from here – and it is a place I’m no longer welcome. I have served the Roman Catholic Church for 22 years. So it is tremendously moving that I am welcomed in this Cathedral [Miracle Centre].

You know the word Catholic simply means universal. I now belong to another Catholic Church – not the Roman Catholic Church – but one which is founded in Brazil and they have asked me to be the Vicar general here. But what is important for me is that there is no church that has the monopoly on the Holy Spirit.

I am here in my Priestly garments. I want every catholic out there to know – whether a bishop, priest or lay person – no church has a monopoly on the Holy Spirit. In this place today, the glory of the lord is here.

There are so many walls of divisions among Churches . Those walls must come down. What is important is the work of the holy spirit in our hearts. The work of the Holy spirit in your heart, Pr Robert has done this wonderful thing in Uganda. I honor you for that my brother because this is an anointing from God.

And someone told me that the 77 Days were meant to end a while ago. I am so glad they did not end, otherwise I wouldn’t come. I give Glory to God. There is a lady (Monica), who used to be a roman catholic; she encouraged me; “go to the 77 Days of Glory meeting.”

The thick anointing in this place cannot be forgotten by anyone that comes here. And I know many miracles were taking place even when we were praying. And I know that the 77 Days of Glory are opening something for this nation and the whole of the region. Let us not take them for granted, and I thank God that I am here tonight. I gave my life to Christ July 8th 1996. My life has never remained the same. I became a Charismatic priest- the Roman Catholics didn’t like it – but I always had wonderful support from the Pentecostals.

I bless God for this fellowship. I ask for some anointing for the mission God has given me.


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