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From the fire to the boiling pot: Another Uganda catholic charismatic priest quits catholic church: Fr Jacinto Kibuuka quits Catholic Church

Fr Kibuuka quits Catholic Church

The controversial Catholic priest, who was earlier this week suspended from his priestly duties in the Catholic Church by Kampala Archdiocese, on Friday announced that he had quit the Roman Catholic Church for the Orthodox Church
Saturday July 16 2016
The controversial Catholic priest, who was earlier this week suspended from his priestly duties in the Catholic Church by Kampala Archdiocese, on Friday announced that he had quit the Roman Catholic Church for the Orthodox Church.
Fr Jacinto Kibuuka, who was ordained into priesthood in 2008, made the announcement at a press conference at his Mamre Prayer Centre in Namugongo, Wakiso District.
“Priesthood is for life and no one can take it from me. I will continue offering sacraments and taking readings. However, I will do it in accordance with the Eastern Orthodox Church (EOC) which practices the Antiochian Rite. I will pray to St Chrysostom, whose healing and deliverance prayers are more effective than Roman Catholic prayers,” he said during a press conference.
Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, who announced the suspension of Fr Kibuuka, said he would comment about Fr Kibuuka’s latest move once he got the details, as he was out of town.
“Has he been permitted into EOC? There are rules to follow. You do not just make announcements and cross over,” Archbishop Lwanga told Sunday Monitor.
At his press conference, Fr Kibuuka said the Catholic Church only allowed him to obey a superior who leads in truth and justice, and since there was no justice, he found it difficult to accept the suspension by Archbishop Lwanga, choosing to leave the Catholic Church.
EOC’s beliefs, prayers and sacraments are similar to the Roman Catholic Church. In Uganda, EOC encompasses the Coptic Church in Namungoona, Evangelical Orthodox Church in western Uganda, the Ethiopian Church, and Brazilian Catholic Church in Jinja.
Archbishop Lwanga in a July 12 notice, announced he had suspended Fr Kibuuka and also banned all activities of his Mamre Prayer Centre, instructing Catholic believers that it was forbidden to participate in any event held there.
Fr Kibuuka is accused of disobedience, including resisting a transfer to Ggoli parish. However, on Friday, Fr Kibuuka said: “I love Archbishop Lwanga, but he has been misled by self-seekers who are jealous of my success in praying for people and during the Pope’s visit,” the priest said, adding that he would have been obedient if he had been in the wrong.
Flanked by about 100 supporters, Fr Kibuuka carried documents showing police reports pinning Monsignor Expedito Magembe of Mt Sion Prayer Centre Bukalango as the architect of his woes, claiming that Msgr Magembe’s aides gave a one Winifred Nantongo Shs10m to tarnish his name in the media.
He adds that Archbishop Lwanga unfairly banished him to Ggoli Parish without punishing Msgr Magembe. The priest was given a 10-year banishment and forbidden to talk to people, or make phone calls.
Fr Kibuuka on Friday said prayers will continue at the Centre, which has a new branch on Nkrumah Road. Mamre was registered as a private company in March 2016. It is not a church. Fr Kibuuka said he will be under the authority of Bishop Girol, a Canadian. Priests joining Fr Kibuuka presented on Friday include Deacon Dr Sylvester Rwakadyeri, Fr Deogratius Ssonko, and Fr Tony Ssewanyana. He also extended an invite to Fr Anthony Musaala.
Fr Kibuuka also indicated that though he has forgiven his detractors, he will not forgive anyone who continues to libel him.
The orthodox church

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 Fr.Kibuuka Speaks out on suspension

Catholic church suspends Fr Kibuuka

The priest has been suspended over disobedience.
Thursday July 14 2016

Fr Jacinto Kibuuka (in green cassock), blesses the congregation during prayers at Mamre Prayer Centre in Ganda, Namugongo, Wakiso District last week. PHOTO BY STEPHEN WANDERA 
Kampala- Archbishop of Kampala Cyprian Kizito Lwanga yesterday announced the suspension of controversial priest Jacinto Kibuuka, withdrawing all his priestly duties, including celebrating the sacraments, preaching the word of God and pastoral care of the faithful.
This means that Fr Kibuuka, whose Mamre Prayer Centre – Uganda at Namugongo, has also been banned, is not allowed to celebrate Mass, until his suspension is lifted.
In a five-page missive dated July 12, Archbishop Lwanga said the Kampala Archdiocese tribunal had recommended the suspension of Fr Kibuuka due to disobedience, including resisting a transfer to Ggoli Parish, and operating an unauthorised prayer centre - Mamre Prayer Centre – Uganda, at Namugongo which is outside of his jurisdiction.
“It is therefore with regret that we wish to inform the general public that after several months of tedious pastoral and canonical attempts to salvage the situation, we have been obliged to suspend Rev Fr Jacinto Kibuuka from the Roman Catholic Priestly ministry,” reads part of the statement.
Fr Kibuuka could not be reached for a comment by press time as his phone was off.
Fr Kibuuka, who is popular for his prayer and exorcising sessions, previously served as Chaplain of Lubaga Hospital. He had misunderstandings with his superiors and was transferred to Mt Sion Catholic Prayer Centre, Bukalango. While at Bukalango, he was accused by one, Winfred Nantongo of sexual impropriety.
However, in a dramatic move, the accuser made a public apology to Fr Kibuuka and the Church for the allegations. This time, the investigations of the Catholic Church exonerated the priest. Fr Kibuuka was then appointed to Uganda Martyrs’ Catholic Shrine, Namugongo, to coordinate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the canonisation of the Uganda Martyrs as well as coordinate the activities for Pope Francis’ visit last November.
But according to Archbishop Lwanga’s notice of suspension of the cleric, during this period, the priest “committed a serious diplomatic error at the Apostolic Nunciature and was asked to step down from his office”.
It is during this time that the troubled priest then started conducting prayer services without jurisdiction and harmony with local parish authorities, and later set up Mamre Prayer Centre - Uganda, which the statement claims, is fracturing the unity of the Church.
Steps taken
Archbishop Lwanga says Fr Kibuuka had been offered numerous chances for dialogue and reconciliation, with the latest being on July 11, but he did not show up before the Kampala Archdiocese tribunal.
“Neither did he give a reason for his absence,” said the letter, which is copied to all Catholic bishops in Uganda, the clergy in Kampala Diocese, the Uganda Episcopal Conference, and the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda Archbishop Augustine Micheal Blume.
Archbishop Lwanga has also announced the banning of activities of Fr Kibuuka’s Mamre Prayer Centre and instructed the clergy, religious people, and laity who still adhere to the communion of the Roman Catholic Church that it was forbidden to participate in an event held there. He also calls upon all Catholics to pray for Fr Kibuuka so that God assists him to rediscover the bonds of communion.