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Indeed Roman Catholicism is a SKULL and BONES society that has nothing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ and his Kingdom. Flee this satanic society now!!! Flee pagan Christianity now. You must be born again now…

103 reports exposing “holy” skulls and corpses

Watch 103 examples of worship of skulls, corpses and body parts in Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches all over the World.
A Roman Catholic bishop worship the coprse of Saint Ubaldo.
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1. Bowing before the Catholic skulls of Chrysanthus and Daria
2. Jesuits made Vietnamese bow and kiss a skull
3. Worshiping the corpse of Santa Lucia
4. Parading “holy skull” in Spanish Galicia
5. Pope Benedict kneel and pray to skull
6. Armenian skull returned to Church in Naples
7. Parading a Catholic skull in Bari in Italy
8. Parading the skull of the grandmother of Jesus
9. The Italians worship skull of Luke
10. The skull and bones of a dressed-up Pope
11.The Holy Catholic skull of Austria
12. Honor false “holy skull” of Pope Lucius
13. Pope blessed skulls in Mexico
14. The two Catholic corpses of Kentucky, USA
15. The Catholic corpse of Sevilla
16. 6.000 Roman Catholics bow before a piece of flesh
17. Pope prayed to the cut out heart of Padre Pio
18. Catholics dress a corpse for the feast
19. The Bishops of Dagon display skulls
20. Four versions: Skulls of John Chrysostom
21. Skull of “blessed Gerard” kept by Order of Malta
22. Drama around skull and bones of Thomas Aquinas
23. Roman Catholic nuns fought and got half of saints boiled skull
24. Headless Mary Magdalene hailed in Catholic Church in France
25.The skull of Catholic “Santa” has a boken nose
26. The claimed skull of John the Baptist
27. Rome returned stolen skull of St. Irene
28. Roman Catholics parade a boneless skull in France
29. Pulling water through skull for healing
30. Touching the skull of Catholic Martin
31. Baltimore skull and bones to become “saint”
32. “Saint” Aloysius got his skull on display in Italy
33. The Holy skull of Adalbert
34. Priests rejoice over skull
35. Catholics in Bolivia celebrate “Day of the skulls”
36. Pope calls Catholics to venerate 1600 year old skull
37.  Holy Catholic skulls watch over Madonna and child
38. Santa Eufemia with flowers on her skull
39.The skull and bone “monastery” in Sinai desert
40. Orthodox Greeks worship skulls and bones in the Holy Land
41. Parading the “holy” skull on Czech statehood day
42. The Bishop of Macau got his skull cut off
43. Skull of controversial priest kept inside altar in Hungary
44. Skull of Timothy to travel from Italy to Russia
45. Skull of claimed Italian saint auctioned for 5000 USD
46. Catholic priests worship corpse of Saint Ubaldo
47. Exhumed “saint” honored with Catholic mass
48. Parading the corpse of Saint Dionysios
49. Parading their “holy corpse” in Greece
50.  The “holy” head of Corfu
51. Corpse of saint Valentine kept inside altar in Missouri US
52. The adorable corpse of Goa
The Pope kiss the “holy” blood, released by the presence of a skull.
53. Skull release blood of saint for Pope
54. The skull of Saint Ignatius
55. Skull of “holy” Pacificus
56. The skull of saint John Cassian
57. Skull of “Holy” Rose of Lima
58. Church in Milan with skulls and headless Chris
59. Worshipping the corpse of the Bishop of Milan
60. Italian Catholic corpse taken for a stroll
The list conitues after a brief comment:
It is not by the words a man speak, you can identify a follower of Jesus. But by his following, his fruits.
Matthew 7: 15-20:
Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognise them. Do people pick grapes from thorn-bushes, or figs from thistles?  Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  Thus, by their fruit you will recognise them.
The book of Revelation warns us about a spiritual whore who will face stern judgment, and command all followers of Jesus the Messiah to come out of her.
 Revelation 18:4
Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘“Come out of her, my people,” so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues.
If  you love your Christian congregation or fellowship: Please warn our pastors and leaders of the conseequences of accepting this whore as a part of our family of believers in the Messiah.  Do not participate in the evils of these death cults who defame God of the Bible in the name of “Christ”.
The claim that worship of skulls is a third world phenomena , is one of Satans many deceptive messages. Rome is the center.
61. Saint Theodors disputed skull and bones
62. Catholics in Ireland worship a “holy head”
63, The “holy” skull of Saint Yves
64: Roman Catholics pray in front of a “holy bone”
65: Catholics and Lutherans fight over bones of saint
66. Pope devoted to bones and 1600 years old woman
67. Shinbone of “Mary Magdalene” toured the US
68. Taking the leg bone of Oliver out for a stroll
69. The Pope tried to avert Iraq war with bones of Therese
70. “Holy” shinbone of Saint Mary Magdalene
71. The “holy sternum bone” of Francis Seelos
72. Kissing the remains and bones of Bartholomew I
73. The Pope keeps bones of “The holy Grandmother of god”
74. Tough Minister lady denies the Pope two bones of Danish king
75. US: Catholics worship a tooth and call for miracles
76.UK venerates 750 years old Catholic tongue
77.Dressing corpses for their Christ
78.Corpse of bishop with red gloves
79 Catholic skull got blue eyes and dental treatment
80. Pope offers incense to claimed bones of Peter
81. Rome pray to corpse of “Saint Zita”
82. Pope prays in front of skeleton dressed up as a nun
83. Venerable “Holy jaw” and teeth of Saint Anthony
84. The Catholic saint for all with toothache
85. Pope: Escape Purgatory by prayer in front of corpse of Bosco.
86. Catholics in Poland parade a “holy finger”
87. Holy tooth and two fingers of Galileo
88. Catholics adore skeleton and “feast of its tongue”
89. The roof came down on Church with corpse of Pope Celestine V
90. Parading a “holy arm” in FranceDeath0
91. They worship skulls and the spirit of death.
92. Catholics wants to develop skull tourism.
93. Catholics in Sicily offer money to skullPope110
94. Pope pray to skull of apostle Andrew
95. Worshiping skull of Peter the inquisitor
96.Catholic cult in Naples honored skull of Lucia
97. 1200 skulls in the Bone House of Hallstatt in Austria
98. Saint from Malta kept both mummified and in wax
99. Rotten man and child in chains in “Holy chapel”
100: Pope presents quartered “saint” as model for Church
101: The heartless Catholic treatment of “St. Clair”
102: Chapel with 24.000 skulls and skeletons
103:4.000 skeletons in crypt in Roman Catholic Church in Rome
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Catholics adore the skull of “holy Helena”

The skull of “holy Helena” the mother of Emperor Constantine, can be adored in the Cathedral of Trier in Germany.

The skull of the “Holy Helena” is placed inside a box, under the bust of the “saint”.
Flavia Julia Elena (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena; Helenopolis, about 248 – Trier, 329) was august Roman Empire, concubine (or maybe wife) Emperor Constantius and mother of Emperor Constantine I. Catholics venerate as St. Helena Empress.
She is revered as a saint by the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, the Roman Catholic, and the Anglican as well as commemorated by the Lutheran Church.
Source: Wikipedia
My comment:
The mother of Emperor of Constantine, started the Roman Catholic cult of “holy relics”. She travelled to Jerusalem around 326 A.D, and claimed she found pieces of the cross, used to crucify the Messiah.
The Bishop of Rome was instructed to declare the found items of Helena, “holy items”. And the first Roman Catholics ordered to adore, venerate and worship these objects.
Over the year, the sales of relicts become a multi million fundraiser for the Roman Catholic Church. Items sold as pieces of the “Holy cross’ amounts to a small forest in Germany.
The Pope has never renounced the cult of relics. He continues to brand him self as the “Holy father”. A claim that makes him the mother of all religious frauds.
If you wants to escape judgment, you need to renounced this copy-cat religious movement. Who pretend to be Christian, but in all possible ways mock and defame the true Messianic faith.
May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.
Written by Ivar

The Catholic skull in Champagne

The skull of saint Mammès is worshiped in Roman Catholic masses in the city of Langres in Champagne in France.

The Roman Catholic priest conduct a mass, with the bust with the skull next to the altar.
The skull of Saint Mamas – relic that was brought from Constantinople after the 4th crusade.
St. Mammès Cathedral is a cathedral Roman Catholic located in Langres , in the Champagne department of Haute-Marne , in France . It was built between 1150 and 1196 in the center of canonical quarter. It is dedicated to St. Mamas , martyr of Cappadocia in the third century.
Some historians date his birth in the year 259 and his martyrdom took place in 275 . So he was martyred at the age of sixteen.
A bust reliquary containing the skull of the saint, and kept in the Treasure room of St. Mammès Cathedral.
Source: Wikipedia
My comment:
First some more photos:

The bust of saint Mammes has a cap behind, where the skull has been fit in.
The skull of saint Mammes is kept inside the bust.
The order brothers carry the skull on thier shoulders, followed by the local bishop.
The skull is fasten with iron nails, so it do not fall out of the bust, if the golden head falls down.
The skull is hidden from the public. Why not take it out to be properly adored?

The skull is worshipped, as on of the brothers holds up what appears to be a Bibel.
What is presented in white as Christianity, serves as a tool for the kingdom of darkness.
Behind all the golden glitter: What appear to be like an angel of lights, contains the rotten remains of a human being.
When people see Roman Catholic priests and bishops carry a byst on their shoulders, it might not be only the gold or silver they are adoring. Inside many of these golden metal heads, there are skulls.
These kind of rituals, surely proves that the Vatican priesthood is a skull and bone society, defaming the Messiah in the most filthy way. Since they claim to k now “Christ”.
Matthew 8:22
But Jesus told him, ‘Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.’
This cult keep 1,1 billion people in bondage to the worship of death. That is a spiritual catastrophe, But also ten of millions of secular people, and kept away from Jesus by the wicked acts of religious people. Many hold their fingers over their nose, and do not want to have anything to do with what is presented as Christianity. Even evangelicals are not willing to brand the papacy as the seat of an antichrist.  That is a shame.
Jesus the Messiah is God of the living. Not of the dead. In one of his most stern comments, he told the “dead” to go and bury their own dead. This must be one of the best examples.  When Satan appear as an angel of light, he does the maximum damage to the true body of the Messiah.
What better example can there be, that Roman Catholicism defame the true messianic faith?
Repet or perish.
Written by Ivar

Spanish Catholics use skull to bless wine

The skull of San Guillermo (William) is used to bless wine and water in the village of Obanos, just south of Pamplona in Spain.

The Roman Catholic priest pull wine through a skull, to bless the wine.
This is what the local newspaper reported from his feast day, 9th of April 2015.
More than 200 residents of the village of Obanos (Navarra ) held on Thursday 9 April the feast of St. William and , as is tradition, 180 liters of wine blessed and water through the skull of the saint relic preserved in the church of San Juan Bautista .
After a Mass celebrated at noon , there was a procession with the relic, now covered in silver , on nearby streets .
Religious and popular tradition goes back more than four centuries ago and as then, the residents of this town in the valley Valdizarbe gathered around the church of San Juan Bautista to drink wine and water blessed after passing through the skull of St. William ( or San Guillén) , relic preserved in the local chapel of Arnotegui . Tradition says that blessed wine and water have healing effects and remove the headache .
Source: Spanish websites
Some more photos:

The “Holy head” of Gulliermo is kept for adoration in the local Churhc.
Skull back
The skull of Gulliermo is kept inside the silver bust.
A local Roman Catholic bow and kiss the skull.

    No, there is no other Rock; I know not one.’
All who make idols are nothing,
    and the things they treasure are worthless.
Those who would speak up for them are blind;
    they are ignorant, to their own shame.
10 Who shapes a god and casts an idol,
    which can profit nothing?
11 People who do that will be put to shame;
    such craftsmen are only human beings.
Let them all come together and take their stand;
    they will be brought down to terror and shame.

The local priests take the sjull out for a stroll.
The skull’s blessing over the wine, is a grad event in the village of Obanos.
Also local water is pulled through the skull, to make it “holy”
Local parishoners bow dowm amd kiss the bust, dressed for the feast.
The local priests kiss the idol bust, which contains a skull.
This 4 minute video display the bust with the skull being paraded in public.
My comment:
Gulliermo of Obanos lived in the 17th century, and the legend says he murdered his own sister Felicia, also a “saint”. Whatever. This is a local “saint” that is not canonized by the Pope, still his “holy head” is kept for adoration in the local church of San Juan Bautista.
Gulliermo did gift his life to the “Lady of Arnotegui” (the virgin of the wine site). The main reason for why the coal parish Roman Catholic priest use his skull to bless the local wine.
It is terrible that these kind of religious rituals, are presented as true Christianity. The local “saint” of Obanos is promoted among the Roman Catholic pilgrims, on their way Santiago de Compostela.
The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook
By David M. Gitlitz, Linda Kay Davidson, Page 54.
Ephesians 5:11
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
The Bible do not tell us to keep quiet when we see this kind of defamation of the true Christian faith. We are supposed to expose this kinds of religious people.
May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all decived souls. Amen.
Written by Ivar

Spaniards parade a Catholic skull in Arjona

The skull and remains of Saint Bonoso and Saint Maximiano are paraded through the streets of Arjona i Andalucia in Spain.

Deceived souls in Spain parade a Roman Catholic skull through the streets.
San Bonoso and San Maximiano, martyrs Christians fourth century of Arjona ( Jaén ). Their feast is celebrated on August 21 .These two men are supposed to have been Martyrs in Syria in 363 A.D. Their remains are venerated in Church of Santa Maria de Arjona.
Source: Roman Catholic websites.
My comment:
First some more pictures:

Arjona. El Santuario de las Reliquias, en la Plaza de Santa Marí
This is the skull paraded through the streets of the city of Arjona in Spain.
Local Roman Catholic turns up in huge numbers to adore the parade of the “holy skull”.
Take a closer look at these men and their skull.
The “holy skull” is 1.700 year old, bur did not start to perform miracles before the 17th centurty.
This is translated by Google Translate from a Spanish Catholic website:
Saint skull

The skull is often on the move, to different Catholic shrinrs to be adored and venerated.
The skull is placed above the altar, but under the idol of the “queen of heaven”
This is just another example, that Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian Church. A true believer in Jesus the Messiah, will never honor rotten remains of mortal men. We worship Jesus alone, and we worship Him in spirit and in truth.
This kind of religious wickedness, is promoted by the Pope. He is the head of the cult of his saint. In their millions Roman Catholic obey the “saints”, and parade relics through the streets of Catholic neighborhoods. They bow before skull, copses and bones. And in this way they mock and defame the true faith in the Messiah.
Behold: These people do not represent the Messiah. Please open your Bible, and get connected to the truth. And the truth shall set you free. Amen.
Written by Ivar