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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saved Catholic !!! Ugandan Catholic musician AK 47 dies in bar: Shortly before his death, he released a song where he claims that he is saved as well as his catholic brothers Chameleon and Pallaso: Drugs suspected in AK47’s death, police rule out murder



This late young man was not born again. You can not be born again and remain in the catholic satanic system . His Confused ‘gospel’ song is proof that he was not born again and did not have a clue about salvation. Precisely,  AK 47’s so called gospel song is a mere mockery of salvation. In this song AK 47 insinuates that every body is saved, including his catholic brothers chameleon and Pallaso. This is utter confusion.

Video: Singer Chameleon’s brother AK47 dies: In the Video, he things that he is born again and his catholic brothers are also saved.

AK47’s last message: I am saved

Publish Date: Mar 18, 2015
AK47’s last message: I am saved
The casket containing the remains of Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47 arrives at Lweza sub parish off Entebbe Road. (Photo credit: Eddie Ssejjoba)
By Vision Reporter
His last post on his Facebook wall on Monday morning read; "Nze ndi mulokole. Nafuuka mulokole. AK Mulokole Naawe Fuuka Mulokole. In God we trust. Look out for ma latest Gospel Single ?#?NdiMulokole#  loosely translated as (I am born again. I got saved. AK is saved, you should also get saved. In God we trust. Look out for my latest gospel single titled 'Ndi Mulokole')."

He has been promoting his gospel album which was due for release any time. On March 12 at 5:43pm, AK47 posted on his Facebook wall; "Am soon dropping a new Gospel single called "NDI MULOKOLE" Watch Out!!"

AK47 dropped out of school after completing S.6 because "It was hard to balance music and books."

During an interview with Sunday Vision in July 2013, AK47 showed that despite his secular lifestyle, he knew God. "I pray at Christ the King church every Sunday," he said.

Musically, he  was mentored by by his brother's Leone Island crew, where he (AK47) was the vice-president.
Although they would occasionally have misunderstandings that would sometimes result into fights, AK47 said of  his brothers; "My life would not mean anything without them. I may be famous for my songs but I am much prouder with my brothers."

AK47 later joined Team No Sleep (TNS) run by  by Jeff Kiwanuka, the breakaway manager of the Goodlyfe Crew comprising artistes; Moze Radio (Moses Ssekibogo) and Weasel TV.

Thousands mourn 

The story of AK47's tragic death has attracted thousands of responses on social media while others thronged the hospital upon receiving the sad news.

Police transferred the body from Nsambya to Mulago hospital for a postmortem. Last evening  artistes paid last respects at the National Theatre.

On Twitter, AK47's story had 23,933 impressions and it was flagged as a top tweet. On Facebook, the story had 1,512 comments and 522 shares. There were also thousands of engagements on the New Vision website.

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AK-47's body at the National Theatre

The police yesterday suggested it was closer to establishing the cause of musician AK47’s death – but ruled out murder.

Instead, it is now suspected that AK47 (Emmanuel Mayanja) could have fallen to his death, possibly after consuming toxic substances.Police spokesperson Fred Enanga told The Observer that the posture in which AK47 was found lying indicated that he fell after losing his stability.

“He fell backward and [was found] lying on his back straight on the floor when he had not even completed urinating since his trousers were still open. This indicated that he[lost stability] when he was still urinating,” Enanga said.

He explained that if AK47, 24, had been hit from behind while urinating, he couldn’t have fallen at the back.
“He would absolutely fall in front, because of the way he would be standing while urinating,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to the postmortem report by the police pathologist, Dr Moses Byaruhanga, the cause of death was “head trauma.” 
The two-page report, dated March 17, says there was an open wound at the back of his head, resulting from the fall. As thus there was bleeding “at the base of the brain” which resulted into death.
However, samples of his body parts have been retained to carry out  toxicology tests.

“We want to find out if he had taken foreign substance such as poison or drugs before his death. We expect the results next week to confirm,” Enanga said.
He added that after cleaning up AK47’s body in the hospital, they found no bruises or scars as people indicated. It only had tattoos.

“When people saw clots of blood from his nasals which also fell around his neck, they thought it was bruises or scars.  This is not true, there were no bruises on his body,” Enanga said.

A police report into the death of the musician, released yesterday, notes that the police team that visited Dejavu bar, the scene of death, recovered “pieces of narcotic drugs, (opium), from where the deceased and colleagues…were earlier seated.”

The police team established that members of the music group Team No Sleep, to which AK47 belonged, spend most of their time at the bar practicing music and sharing ideas.

On the fateful day, the team established, all members of the group “were having good moments while sharing music and smoking. There was no quarrel or fight that night.”

At around 9:30pm, the “deceased left other members having fun after ordering for food and went for a short call in the urinals behind the bar.”

The report says the deceased entered the urinals alone but a few minutes later, a cleaner, Milton Mumbere, heard a bang and rushed to check. He found AK47 on his back.

The report says AK47 was unconscious, prompting Mumbere to call a bouncer, Thomas Mwima, who called the manager. The police report says the unnamed manager rushed AK47 to a nearby pharmacy, which referred them immediately to Nsambya hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

AK47 was a brother to renowned musicians Joseph Mayanja (Jose Chameleone) Weasel (Douglas Mayanja) and Pallaso (Pius Mayanja). The musician was buried yesterday in Mityana. He is survived by three children.

Gerald Mayanja, his father, had earlier asked police to speed up their investigations to find out the exact cause of his son’s death. In his last post on Instagram, AK47 talks of how he had given his life to Christ in his last days.

At the time of his death, AK47 was working on his first gospel album.newvision
On March 9, Emmanuel Mayanja had what is now his last press interview with Olivia Nagawa who met him at his father’s home in Seguku off Entebbe road.

Hundreds throng Lweza Church to pray for singer AK-47

Ms Margaret Kiweesi (in black gomesi), the mother of AK-47’s children (two are cuddled) is comforted by other mourners. Photo Michael Kakumirizi 
By Joseph Kato, Darius Mugisha & Eseri Watsemwa

Posted  Thursday, March 19   2015 at  02:00
In Summary
Ms Margaret Kiweesi, described the father of her children as someone who was very respectful, hardworking and loving 

KAMPALA. Hundreds of mourners thronged St Joseph Catholic Church in Lweza parish yesterday to pray for deceased singer Emmanuel Mayanja popularly known as AK-47.

Fr Vianney Mugabo, the parish priest, urged artistes to be role models in society because the public listens to them more than anyone else.

“When I first heard Emma’s song titled Nnalongo Tukole, I fell in love with its educative message. It encourages people to work hard. I, therefore, ask his fans to emulate him by working hard,” Fr Mugabo said.

While eulogising his late brother, Joseph Mayanja, aka Jose Chameleone, described AK-47 as a great friend. “I did what I could to help him. He loved and respected me as his elder brother. He was a great friend to everyone. You have gone very soon my brother. May your soul rest in peace,” he said.
Mr Pius Mayanja, alias Pallaso, described his deceased brother as a patient and calm person. “My brother was very calm. He always distanced himself from chaos. I remember a day when he was made to sing at gunpoint in Juba, he did so without hesitation and God helped him go through it unhurt. Emma never insulted anyone,” he said.

Pallaso also applauded Chameleone for helping them join the music industry. “We are not that much educated, but Chameleone brought the microphone to our courtyard. We are surviving because of his efforts. Even those who described us as failures, praise us now,” said Pallaso.

Gerald Mayanja, the deceased’s father, acknowledged that his children are not easy to handle. But he heaped praises on AK-47 for being respectful to his parents and elders.

Mr Mayanja praised his late son for being very generous; “He would come home to visit with only Shs50,000; he would tell me to take Shs20,000 and give him the balance. He cared about us even when he was not doing well financially,”, Mr Mayanja said.

AK-47’s mother Prossy Mayanja proudly spoke of her son as a humble person who never indulged in fights like his older brothers.

Ms Margaret Kiweesi, described the father of her children as someone who was very respectful, hardworking and loving.

“On November 20, 2014, I gave birth to our twins. He was at a show at that time. He was very excited and proud to be a father of twins. I came from the US to celebrate the twins who are now two months old, not to bury. It is unfortunate that he has left me with very young children,” she said.

AK47 final interview: Why he got saved

Publish Date: Mar 19, 2015
AK47 final interview: Why he got saved
Pallaso and Chameleone eulogise their little brother at the funeral mass on Wednesday. PHOTO/Eddie Sejjoba

    Who is Ak47 ?

    I grew up in a family of many brothers and sisters. Sometimes I do not know the exact number. Being the last born of my father, Gerald Mayanja, I enjoyed a lot of love from my family members.My real name is Emmanuel Mayanja. I attended
    Kisubi High School and I am a father of three, including a set of twins.

    Why do you call yourself AK47?

    My big brother, Chameleone, gave me this name. He said it would make me rise to greater horizons and that it will would spread like a wildfire because it will always stick in people’s minds. Chameleone said when I start singing, my phrases
    would fly like bullets fired from an AK47 rifle.

    Who inspired you to start singing?

    Singing is a talent that runs in my family. Besides, I love singing and dancing. I got the inspiration from my brothers like Joseph (Chameleone). when I wanted to start singing, I approached him and he gave me a go-ahead.

    When did you start singing?

    I started in 2008 when I had just completed S6. I joined Chameleone’s Leone Island and I did with him my first song titled Bayuda. Later, I asked him to let me stay in his group so that I could get a breakthrough in my music career.

    What would you consider your breakthrough into the industry?

    It was my song Champion in 2011. It had a Jamaican beat that many youth and adults loved. That gave me the strength to go on because I realised I could make it. I got lots of positive feedback from my brothers and fans. Most musicians wear their hair long or have unique hair styles.

    What happened to you?

    Wearing my hair long is by choice. In my case, I chose to have a new identity. I even considered changing my name
    from AK47 to Ay. Many artistes use drugs.

    Do you?

    I live my life and I do not care what people say about others. However, I do not do drugs.

    You are active on social media. What is the meaning of your latest post on your Facebook page?

    In life, we do a lot of regrettable things that are not worth it and do not please God. There is a point in life I felt I needed to change my life and make it better. I also know of my father’s status and at times I felt I had done things that made me unworthy to be called his son.

    Besides that, I realise I have become a father of twins and have to change and be different. So I told my brother Pius (Pallaso) that I had become a Born-again Christian and had changed my ways.  Since my friends did not believe me, I decided to post the development.

    How do you juggle tasks as a Ssalongo (father of twins) and a musician?

    I am proud to have twins because they are a blessing from God. Besides, I do the right thing at the right time. I
    also thank God for the mother of my children because she appreciates me.

    I have always seen you with Pallaso, what of your other brothers?

    I love all my brothers and they love me too, but there is always one who understands you more, one with whom you share many things, that is what is between me and Pallaso.

    What is that most important thing that has happened in your life in your music career?

    The very first time I watched my song playing on television. Wow! I felt I had conquered the industry. I have twins and a big son. I am a star in the making, if not already one. My future is great.

    What advice do you give the youth?

    Life is good when you live it in a good and godly manner and respect the changes it brings, especially if the appreciation comes from the heart