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Friday, 13 February 2015

Pestilences made by Babylon: Gulu appeals to govt over Hepatitis B

Gulu appeals to govt over Hepatitis B


Posted  Friday, February 13  2015 at  02:00Gulu. 
Leaders in Gulu District have asked government to embark on a general immunisation exercise against Hepatitis B that is fast spreading in the district.
The request follows the recent police and army recruitment exercise that found some youth to be Hepatitis B positive.
Speaking to Daily Monitor on Wednesday, the district speaker, Mr Peter Okello Okao, said the government should avail free vaccines in all government health centres.
“The government should not use the fire brigade approach in the fight against Hepatitis B where they wait for a particular disease outbreak and then begin moving round,” Mr Okello said.

Gulu hospital administrator Mohammad Mubiru noted that immunisation and vaccination doses are expensive.
“They are expensive venture and that is why it is at times limited to hospital staff who interface with the patients directly. We shall lobby the Ministry of Health to see that the entire population is immunis,” Mr Mubiru said.
Hepatitis B is transmitted through infected through blood. At the moment the vaccines are only got from private hospitals.


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