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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

UGANDA: REV. FR. PAUL BATAWULE, A CATHOLIC PRIEST HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF DEFILEMENT AND CHILD NEGLECT: The priest, who impregnated Namuddu in 2001 has since refused to look after their son. Namuddu, a former employee of Bukulula Parish narrates that she was sedated through a bottle of Soda given to her during one of the days spent at the priest’s house where she worked as a servant in 2000. Namuddu adds that on the fateful day, she unknowingly found herself lying on the same bed with the priest, who, contrary to the canons and celibacy vows, asked her to be his secret wife.


Uganda catholic church in disarray : Catholic Charismatic Priest Fr. Musaala exposes priest sex abuse scandals and advocates for end of celibacy and chastity among Diocesan priests

Archbishop Lwanga sacks Fr Musaala over sex claims

A Catholic sect that allows its priests to marry has registered and opened a branch in Uganda, with its headquarters in Jinja.


Family won't drop Nebbi Catholic priest rape case

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Betty Namuddu breaking down during interview in which a priest is accused of neglecting her son


Masaka Catholic Priest Probed for Rape, Child Neglect 

For over 14 years, Betty Namuddu Mukisa, a resident of Kabale Bugonzi in Kalungu district has concealed information about a sexual encounter with a catholic priest Rev. Fr. Paul Batawule.

Today, Namuddu breaks the silence, revealing that she secretly fathered a child with the priest attached to Buyoga catholic parish in Bukomansimbi district. She not only accuses the priest of rape, but for child neglect and threatening violence.

Namuddu, a former employee of Bukulula Parish narrates that she was sedated through a bottle of Soda given to her during one of the days spent at the priest’s house where she worked as a servant in 2000. Catholic clergy are required to take a vow of celibacy and are not allowed to marry

Namuddu adds that on the fateful day, she unknowingly found herself lying on the same bed with the priest, who, contrary to the canons and celibacy vows, asked her to be his secret wife. Namuddu was 17 at the time. The encounter resulted into a pregnancy and a child who is now aged 13.

Our reporters accessed a birth certificate and Baptism cards indicating that Rev. Fr. Paul Batawule fathered the minor whose identities are concealed in order to protect his rights as a child.

However, Namuddu failed to secure child support from the priest because she was unwilling to maintain a sexual relationship, a condition given to her by the priest.

Namuddu had initially made secreted attempts to have the matter resolved by complaining to the Bishop of Masaka Diocese John Baptist Kaggwa. But her effort was fruitless and she became increasingly desperate after failing to keep her son in school.

The 13 year old child said that he has visited his father twice but he threatened violence against him. He says last month, his father threatened to kill him if he ever attempts to visit the parish again.

The matter has now been brought to the attention of Masaka Diocesan vicar Rev. Fr. Joseph Kato Ssempungu, John Baptist Kaggwa, the Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala.

Rev. Fr. Paul Batawule, the embattled catholic priest has declined to comment on the matter. , neither did Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, of Masaka Diocese. But Fr. Joseph Kasangaki, the Information officer in Masaka Diocese says Fr. Joseph Kato Ssempungu, the former Diocesan Vicar General has been appointed to handle the matter.
Fr. Kasangaki however says in the meantime, they want Betty Namuddu to surrender the alleged son of the priest to Masaka Diocese.

Linos Ngompek, the Masaka RDC says he has also asked Mukasa Kityo, his counterpart in Bukomansimbi to investigate the matter since the accused priest is in his area of jurisdiction.

The news augments a request by Father Anthony Musaala, a popular catholic priest who recently wrote a letter to the archbishop of the Catholic Church asking that; “the church should do away with the vow of celibacy, saying it was time for “common sense to prevail” as many clergymen were already living with wives and children.”


In Uganda, we have heard many reports of Catholic priests, who have fathered children, those who have died of HIV/AIDS and many accused of engaging in sexual intercourse. But where does the Catholic Church get this teaching which has enslaved many would-be married priests who are quietly burning with the demands of nature? Apostle Alex Mitala, the overseer of National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches, believes the Catholic Church got many things wrong as far as priesthood is concerned among which is the practising of the Old Testament priesthood of Aaron which creates a special priestly class distinct from other Christians. “In the New Testament, Jesus is the high priest and all of us as long as we are washed in his blood automatically become part of his priesthood. The New Testament priesthood is not, therefore, based on whether one is married or not or whether a person went to a seminary or not, as the Catholic Church teaches,” Mitala argues. Referring to Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians, Mitala, however, clarified that if a priest decides to remain unmarried it is acceptable. It only becomes a problem when that optional practice is enforced as a mandatory requirement to priesthood as the Catholic Church does. That teaching is not anywhere in the Bible. Even great Old Testament prophets like Samuel, Moses and many others had wives and so did the priests of the New Testament like Peter himself whom the Catholics considers to have been the first Pope,” Mitala elaborated. Mitala said he is a married man with six children and many other Pentecostal pastors are married and that in his observation, they may be better priests than those unmarried Catholic priests.( see, Is priestly celibacy biblical?
A photo montage of Fr. Anthony Musaala (left) and Archbishop of Kampala Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga 


Fr Musaala hits back at Archbishop Lwanga


Fr.Anthony Musaala : Forgotten by the Uganda media but has made it in the LA Times: Uganda priest ostracized for publicizing sexual abuse

Catholic Cover up: Catholic church to set up an Ad hoc Committee to Investigate alleged sexual abuses by priests : Findings of the investigations, according to Archbishop Lwanga, would not be made public because the Church has a cocooned mechanism of resolving such slip-ups. Mean while Fr.A. Musaala has been ordered to shut up!!!

Masaka Catholic Priest Probed for Rape, Child Neglect - See more at:

Catholic priest accused of child neglect

Ms Namuddu and her son, who appeared at the RDC’s office in Masaka Town last Thursday. PHOTO BY MARTINS E. SSEKWEYAMA.  
By  Martins E. Ssekweyama

Posted  Wednesday, December 17  2014 at  02:00
In Summary
Refused. The priest, who impregnated Namuddu in 2001 has since refused to look after their son. 

MASAKA. A Catholic priest in Masaka Diocese has been accused of neglecting a child he fathered.
Ms Betty Namuddu, 31, of Kasaali in Bukulula Sub-county, Kalungu District reported the case to Masaka Resident District Commissioner Linos Ngopek, saying the priest, who is attached to Buyoga Catholic Parish in Masaka Diocese impregnated her but has since refused to provide for their 13-year old son.
The priest, whose name has been left out for legal reasons allegedly, impregnated Ms Namuddu in 2001 before she finished her secondary education at Centenary High School in Masaka Municipality.
Ms Namuddu, who came with her son to the RDC’s office last Thursday, claimed the priest raped her at Bukulula Catholic Parish where she was working then.

“The priest who would regularly demand for sex, one day asked me to stay behind after he had sent all the other girls for assignments. He invited me for tea but I suspect he had sedated it. Because after taking it I became weak. He took me to his bedroom where he repeatedly raped me,” she told Mr Ngopek.
“I found it hard to continue working there. So I left the place but I later realised I was pregnant. The doctor who examined me called the priest, who came and paid the bill but asked me to keep quiet about the matter.”

“I delivered at Kitovu Hospital but the priest who had earlier told me he would not be able to help me has since refused to look after our son.”

“I went to the police child protection unit but I was referred to the probation office. However, at the probation office I was told the Catholic Church is very powerful and difficult to prevail upon,” she said.
“I was advised to see Archbishop Cyprian Lwanga but I could not. Fortunately I was able to see Cardinal Wamala. I explained my dilemma and out of sympathy he gave me Shs60,000,” she said.

Ms Namuddu told Daily Monitor that Cardinal Wamala gave her a letter instructing the Bishop of Masaka to act on the matter decisively.

Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa and the then Vicar General Monsignor Joseph Kato Ssempungu, according to Ms Namuddu prevailed upon the priest, who promised to pay Shs500,000 every month as school fees and upkeep for the boy. However, he has since refused to honour the agreement and has never paid a coin.
Ms Namuddu, who had been teaching at a nursery school, lost her job on grounds that she had no proper qualifications.

Masaka Diocesan spokesperson, Father Joseph Kasangaki told Daily Monitor they are aware of the matter and are working on it.

However, we could not reach the priest as our calls to his known telephone number were repeatedly switched off but Mr Ngompek, told this newspaper he would cause a probe into the matter with a view of prosecuting the priest.
Aware. Although Daily Monitor could not speak to the priest, the Masaka Diocesan spokesperson, Father Joseph Kasangaki says they are working on a way through which the priest would be forced to take responsibilty of the boy and his mother.

The appeal. However Ms Namuddu, said whoever, is working on the matter should solve it precisely since she has suffered looking after their son with no defined means of income.