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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Cut and paste demonic Christianity : Chris Oyakhilome and the devilish Benny Hinn Anointing

He Must Have Learned It From Benny Hinn  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chris Oyakhilome and the devilish Benny Hinn Anointing

 Chris Oyakhilome is a false pastor in Nigeria who has caused controversy pushing "faith healing" for Aids. It is sad to see so many fooled by that spectacle.



Anonymous said...
And notice the "priest" at the bottom. Is he catholic or just trying to dress like one?

Benny Hinn is a catholic man anyway, he as much as admitted it. A fake just like the catholic "leadership" is fake.

 sherry said... Hi Bible believer,

I think that there are a lot of demonic spirits in the church today. This looks like witchcraft. I was witnessing to someone recently, and stated that I am unaware of one church in the U.S. that is not in apostasy. From my research, almost every church is a government run 501c3 church, and primed and ready to worship the antichrist. The few churches that I found that were not 501c3 were in some other serious deception. I don't think that Jesus is in organized religion, but I think that he can and may still wake some people up, and call them out. There are also huge megachurches around the world….ready to worship the antichrist. But I wonder if all these churches are going to worship the antichrist, then who will be going to the fema camps? There are so many fema camps and they are around the world as well. I just don't see that many 'true' Christians'....just (few) scattered around the world. What is your take on this? Thanks for your imput. Blessings, Sherry