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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

When the Seer failed to see the looming disaster at his nose : T.B Joshua Bulding collapses killing at least 67 people


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An investigation is undergoing into the cause of the catastrophic building collapse at SCOAN last Friday. Lagos State claim to have no record of the 4 additional floors ever being approved, SCOAN are yet to provide evidence to the contrary. A former Lagos State Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Bolaji Abosede said “Lagos should check its record and once it is found out that the church is negligent; the government should confiscate the land, no double standard. If the owner of the building did not apply for approval or professionals were not involved, then he is liable for the disaster.” (source)

Every day, more bodies are being pulled from the wreckage. Today the body count stands at 50, and there are still many unaccounted for.

It is time for the authorities to prove that popular “men of God” are not above the law. TB Joshua’s illegal building work has killed at least 50 people, his followers initially attacked rescue workers and journalists, and now he is spinning some yarn about a mysterious aircraft remotely demolishing his building. TB Joshua is a criminal, and he has blood on his hands. Join the campaign to #arrestTBJoshua now!

S Africans killed in Nigeria church collapse 

At least 67 killed after building in the compound of a Lagos church collapsed last week.

Last updated: 17 Sep 2014 14:44

TB Joshua's church draws thousands of followers from all over Africa and many other parts of the world [AP]
Sixty-seven South Africans have been killed and scores injured in the collapse of a building in the compound of a Lagos Pentecostal church last week, South Africa's President Jacob Zuma said.

"This is a particularly difficult time for South Africa. Not in the recent history of our country have we had this large number of our people die in one incident outside the country," Zuma said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The whole nation shares the pain of the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who have lost their loved ones."

The guest house, under construction in the compound belonging to the Synagogue Church of All Nations, headed by "Prophet" T B Joshua, collapsed on Friday while three extra stories were being added to its existing two floors.

Local emergency services put the total number killed in the collapse in the Ikotun neighbourhood of Lagos at 61 on Tuesday.

There was no immediate explanation for the discrepancy in the numbers.

Meanwhile South Africans expressed their shock and outrage over social media, asking government officials why it had taken so long for the details to emerge.

Clayson Monyela, South Africa's head of Public Diplomacy, said over twitter that numbers took time to emerge because the team in Nigeria were not getting the cooperation they needed.

Monyela also said the death toll could rise.

South African Department of International Relations spokesman Nelson Kgwete said in a statement on Monday that "at least five South African church tour groups were at the Synagogue at the time of the collapse".

Another 131 people who had been in the building survived, said Ibrahim Farinloye, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency in the southwest.

Representatives of the church could not immediately be reached for comment.

TB Joshua's church draws thousands of followers from all over Africa and many other parts of the world, attracted by claims that he and his inner circle have special healing powers, including cures for normally incurable ailments including HIV/AIDS and chronic kidney disease.