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Saturday, 20 September 2014

God will punish the corrupt for robbing money for the poor , says Uganda Anglican Bishop

God will punish the corrupt, says Bishop

Publish Date: Sep 20, 2014
God will punish the corrupt, says Bishop
Bishop of Madi diocese, Dr. Joel Obetia
By Pascal Kwesiga

THE Bishop of Madi diocese, Dr. Joel Obetia, has told the corrupt to beware of punishment from God for using the country’s resources to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor Ugandan population.

Obeita told Christians at the opening of the 3rd Kampala diocesan convention at St. Luke Church of Uganda in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb, on Friday that “God’s wrath will certainly come down upon” the corrupt for depriving the poor and the tax payers the services they are entitled to for the taxes they pay to Government.

 SMILING TO JAIL: Kazinda walks out of court after being sentenced below is Kazinda’s mansion  in Bukoto

“Our leaders are taking the money from the poor. They are enriching themselves as children die of malaria and mothers die while giving birth due to lack of antenatal care,” he added.

KaZinda's house in Bukoto Kampala
The leaders, Obetia, said are taking advantage of the prevailing peace to plunder the country. The three day conference is running under the theme: ‘In righteousness you shall be established (Isaiah 54:14)’

“Uganda is prospering but the question is how we are getting there. You are using peace to prosper yourselves by taking money from the poor,” he said.

The Bishop called for humility among the country’s leaders saying that army generals under former President Amin Dada awarded themselves many medals, but they were humbled after being driven into exile.

“They had so many medals that they had to put some on their backs. I asked myself what had happened to them in exile because they were extremely humbled. When you eat the bread of humility you will understand what I am talking about,” Obetia added.

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