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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Evolutionists Infuriated by Creation Cartoon Shown in Public School

Evolutionists Infuriated by Creation Cartoon Shown in Public School    

Ken Ham Castle IllustrationATLANTA – A furor erupted recently at an Atlanta high school after a science instructor showed an illustration from Christian apologist Ken Ham to her students.

According to reports, Anquinette Jones of Henry W. Grady High School taught a freshman Biology class last spring. Using a 52-slide PowerPoint presentation, Jones introduced the theory of evolution to her students, as required by the Atlanta Public Schools science curriculum.

The PowerPoint presentation is primarily pro-evolution, asserting that evolutionary theory is supported by numerous scientific fields, including anatomy, embryology, and biochemistry.
“96% of the human genome is the same as the chimpanzees [sic] genome,” one slide emphasizes.

Despite the PowerPoint’s seemingly pro-evolution message, many people were concerned by a single slide in the presentation which depicted evolution in a negative light. According to the high school’s student newspaper, the slide included an illustration of two dueling castles—one labeled “Evolution (Satan)” and the other labeled “Creation (Christ).”
Many people were outraged by the cartoon.

“I was offended, but more shocked and disturbed that a teacher in [Atlanta Public Schools] could get away with putting that in a classroom,” one student’s parent told the school newspaper. “Offended is probably the wrong word at this point; it is very troubling to me that a teacher who is in a position of influence over children in a public school can put something up [like the cartoon].”

 Ken Ham Castle Illustration