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Friday, 4 October 2013

Ugandan governmemt assures Rwandan refugees of safety : Oh: really

Gov’t assures Rwandan refugees of safety 
Publish Date: Oct 04, 2013
Gov’t assures Rwandan refugees of safety

Minister Musa Ecweru assured Rwandan refugees in Uganda of safety.

By Umaru Kashaka 

The Ugandan government has expressed its commitment to protect Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda who claim their lives are in danger.

This assurance was made by state minister for disaster preparedness and refugees, Musa Ecweru.

He was appearing before the parliamentary committee on human rights on Wednesday over issues raised in the 15th annual report of the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC).

The minister said government is committed to its obligations under international law to assure the safety of refugees and asylum seekers.

“We want to assure all the Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda of safety,” he said.

“Government is investigating reports of intelligence operatives accused  of conniving with some individuals to persecute and abduct the refugees,” Ecweru told the committee chaired by the national Woman MP for disabled people, Sofia Nalule.

Rwandan intelligence operatives have recently been put on the spot for allegedly persecuting Rwandan refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda thought to possess vital information.

But this is something the Rwandan government vehemently denies.

Last month, a former body guard of Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Lt Joel Mutabazi, was rescued while being extradited to Rwanda by persons using what later turned out to be a fake Interpol arrest warrant.

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