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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Exposing the Skelton in the USA’s slave state : General Sejusa accuses President Museveni of Murdering opponents and colleagues

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General Sejusa Exposes Museveni’s plan to assassinate Generals and cadres opposed to the plan to have his son Muhoozi, as his successor(Muhoozi project) : Media houses closed and under siege over publishing Gen. Sejusa’s Whistle blowing letter.

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Following Accusations Of Political Murders By His Ex- Top Aide, Pressure Mounts On Uganda's Gen. Museveni

Vincent MagombeAugust 29,2013

Gen. Museveni eulogized Gen. Kazini at his funeral service. Now another top general says Museveni actually ordered the killing

[Uganda: Analysis]

Twenty-seven years into his regime, General Yoweri Museveni, the U.S.-backed Ugandan dictator, is coming under intense pressure from the families of murdered top military and political leaders, who want to know the truth about how their beloved ones perished.

The deaths of Major General Kazini in 2009, Brigadier Noble Mayombo in 2007, and Dr. Andrew Kayiira in 1987 shocked the nation, and up to today many questions remain unanswered as to how they met their end. Now accusations by Gen. David Sejusa, one of Gen. Museveni's closest aides until recently that the Ugandan ruler had a hand in these killings is shaking political circles.

According to Ugandan sources close to the families, the relatives of the dead men are demanding for the post-mortem reports to be made public. And they also want international independent inquiries into the deaths of their loved ones. These demands, according to sources close to the families, are being made not only by the families of the late Kayiira and late Gen. Kazini, but also that of the late Brigadier Mayombo.

The main problem, according to the sources, is that General Museveni continues to block the release of any independent reports into the deaths, and in the case of Kayiira, refuses to disclose the results of a British inquiry that was done at the request of the Kampala regime.

The dead Ugandans were viewed as 'enemies' by Museveni

In all the cases mentioned, the common denominator was that the deceased persons had all fallen out with the president before they died. Major General Kazini and Dr. Andrew Kayiira, in particular, had been arrested and charged with treason. The two were also suspected to be plotting to escape to foreign countries when they were killed.

Dr. Kayiira, who died in the immediate aftermath of 1980-1986 civil war that brought Yoweri Museveni to power, was viewed by Museveni as a political rival, who, according to a family source, had to be liquidated. Just before his death, Kayiira was arrested by Museveni and charged with treason. He was out on bail and was thought to be planning to escape from the country when he was brutally shot to death by assailants who raided a home of a close friend and journalist where he was staying.

Leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Norbert Mao, on his part has stated that the party is now publicly backing the Kayiira family in their search for the truth. He has tasked General Museveni to make public the British findings on the Kayiira death.

A senior politician from the DP, who was a close associate of Dr. Kayiira, said that as far as the family is concerned, the fact that Museveni does not want to cooperate in the efforts to get the British report released into the public domain points to his guilt. “Why is he hiding the facts? If he were innocent, he would have nothing to fear,” said the politician.

And, so it seems, Kayiira’s family believe that their relative was murdered on orders of President Museveni. Gen. Sejusa, who was former coordinator of Intelligence Services in Uganda says in a bombshell letter that Museveni knows who the killers are and the motives.

The other controversial killing was that of former army commander General Kazini who was also at odds with Museveni when he was murdered in the most gruesome manner. His battered and bloodied body was found lying in a door way at a girlfriend’s mansion in the Kampala suburb of Namuwongo. The death was pinned on the girlfriend, who remains incarcerated in prison, in spite of her protestation of innocence. Kazini's skull was reportedly bashed with what may have been a metal pipe.

Kazini, who served as Museveni’s army commander and had been a leadng figure in the Ugandan military intervention in the DR-Congo war, which followed the 1994 Rwandan genocide, was arrested and court-courtmartialed on a number of charges including for treason.

The Kazini family point to sharp disagreements with General Museveni as the main cause of his death.

Upon his death, some family members called for an investigation. According to a family source, Museveni was very angry with their demands, and it was not long before another family member, Singa Muhwezi, the young brother to the late General Kazini was himself killed. Singa was, reportedly, the loudest of all in the family in demanding for an independent investigation into the demise of the fallen general.

For the Kazini family, the deaths of General Kazini and Singa Muhwezi are not the only deaths, whose facts they are seeking to establish.

The family are also interested in getting answers from General Museveni about an earlier death of another Kazini brother, Jet Mwebaze.

Lt. Colonel Jet Mwebaze was a senior army officer who died in Western Uganda in 1998 under unclear circumstances. Officially, the cause of Jet’s death was said to be a plane crash. But some in the Kazini family believe that the army officer survived the plane crash only to be shot by Ugandan army rescuers, on orders from "above". The Kazini family were shocked to learn that some agents working for General Salim Saleh’s were also on the fateful plane when it went down. Salim Saleh is Museveni’s brother, who wields the most power in the country only after Museveni.

In recent times, according to sources close to the Kazini family, state agents have approached the family seeking to bribe them so that they stop asking questions about the deaths. Other family members are believed to have been threatened with death if they continued to demand for an independent probe.

Late Brigadier Mayombo’s family also seeking answers
Noble Mayombo, a former Director of Military Intelligence, who was also an army representative in the Ugandan Parliament, had risen rapidly through the ranks to become army Brigadier and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defense – a position he held at the time of his death.

When Brigadier Mayombo suddenly fell ill, records from the private hospital in which he was first admitted indicated that he was suffering from “acute-pancreatitis” – a condition “where the pancreas becomes inflamed over a short period of time."

According to a family source, there is widespread belief that the condition was caused by some form of poison.

The public outcry that followed his death forced the Museveni regime to institute a public investigation, but until today the report that was handed to General Museveni in 2007 has not been put in the public domain.

According to a source in the Ugandan military who knew the late Brigadier Mayombo quite well, just before his death, Mayombo was being investigated by General Museveni, who believed that the youthful 42-year old officer was getting more and more sympathetic to anti-regime opposition leaders. According to this officer, General Museveni was particularly angry that Brigadier Mayombo was persistently pleading with the President to stop on-going arrests and persecutions of political opponents.

In the wake of recent revelations by Sejusa, a four-star general, it seems like a flood-gate has been unlocked. More Ugandans are now demanding answers to the killings of these prominent individuals. The appetite for information is insatiable and The Black Star News reports that the website has already crashed six times since the Gen. Sejusa letter detailing his accusations was posted, due to the excess traffic.
Dr. Vincent Magombe is a London-based Ugandan journalist and broadcaster, also Head of Africa Inform International.

Accusing Uganda President Of Murdering His Own Former Comrades, A Top General Warns Him To 'Go Slow'

David Sejusa

August 25,2013

[Op-Ed: Global]
Gen. David Sejusa, a former top aide to Uganda's U.S.-backed president Gen. Yoweri Museveni, whom he's had a falling out with, sent the following letter to his Ugandan lawyer Joseph Luzige with serious allegations against his former boss, Gen. Museveni.

Sejusa says he has photographs of Museveni's former comrades in arms who he later had murdered and warns him to 'go slow.' In the letter he also accuses Gen. Museveni of ordering the killing of other prominent Ugandans such as Andrew Kayiira, a minister and former rival. Gen. Sejusa was responding to an article in Uganda's The Daily Monitor that he says was a smear campaign orchestrated by Gen. Museveni against him and his family.

The Black Star News obtained the following copy from Gen. Sejusa's associates in London where the general took refuge after denouncing the Museveni regime earlier this year. Gen. Sejusa in part writes:'This time we shall not allow you to murder our people. It started in the Bush, remember our army commander Sam Magara and those boys you used to kill him in cold blood? We kept their photos. They will be released for your enjoyment.'

Below is the letter with some words converted to American English spelling:

Dear counsel Luzige, I have read the monitor story of today 25. 8. 2013.

It's nauseating to say the [least]. As you can see this is a government run amok, mis- information stunt.

But it's dangerous too as it shows a CRIMINAL INTENT. First of all, I don't know of any close relative who runs a forex bureau. Who indeed would have access [US $8 million]? That type of money is of course peanuts to the Museveni family.

That's why in their eyes, it's a credible spin. But like all lies, this is not hard to expose.

In any case, this should not be difficult to establish, its source, transit route through bank of Uganda, etc. So go right ahead and publish the name of the forex and the owner and all those other factors about the alleged transaction.

Secondly, let's know the name of other relative who left the country with that stash of money and back, that who could carry such huge amounts of money undetected. That US Dollars 8 million. How foolish must this spinner be! It is laughable.

To try and sound smart, the spinners mix in foreign intelligence. You don't have to be bright to know the foreign power they mean. Remember they had alleged that before I got away, I met and plotted with the British High Commissioner about my escape.

This was leaked in the press by their local tabloid. This, as we all know was a total lie. So this is basically intended to serve three purposes:

1). To lay ground to harass, disorganize and harm my family and their livelihood. This will not be the first time as I will explain later. However, as the story develops the people of Uganda will get to know the game plan of Museveni and his gang. They will learn that this is a trick long played by Museveni to get to his political opponents, their families and businesses.

Actually Museveni did the same with Maj. Gen James Kazini when he accused him that he was sending money to elements in Southern Sudan (SPLA) and West Nile veterans to topple him. That's when Museveni ordered his execution by procuring the services of a 6-foot 6-inches man to murder Gen Kazini. Forget that trash of [Lydia] Draru.

In case of Kazini, again some forex bureau, originally said to belong to Gen Kazini, but actually that belonged to a known relative of Museveni was later to be used to pass the money for the payment of the executioners of Kazini, to the accounts of the assassins.

The family of Gen Kazini knows this, and when his young brother SINGA [Muhwezi] tried to follow this, he too was killed. And the KENYAN team of private investigators which had been hired by the family was attacked and it left the country at night. And the family was threatened and their businesses targeted, etc.

Two very close senior relatives of Museveni supervised this. But I will not mention their names for now, though their names are known by those with this information. But for now lets keep it at that. Now it's the same game being played by Museveni and those close to him, we are watching.

This time we shall not allow you to murder our people. It started in the Bush, remember our army commander Sam Magara and those boys you used to kill him in cold blood? We kept their photos. They will be released for your enjoyment.

This mischief must stop Mr. President.

You know we know you. You are dealing with a different cup of tea. Please go slow in trying to enjoy it. It will burn you. So go slow on your dirty tricks campaign.

For those not in the know again Andrew Kayiira was said to possess money before he was gunned down by Museveni goons.

The list of the killers is known because the case was investigated by the best police in the world.

So there is no debate about that. The reason given was money. Mr.  Museveni knows the real motive and the real executioners. If Mr. Museveni does not go well and use this time to ask for amnesty from the people uganda, then your crimes will overwhelm you.

Let Scotland Yard release the Report of Kayiira's murder and many many others. The world will be shocked about the murderers in our midst.

For now your game plan is clear. It's stupid because its reckless. But watch out. I can assure you your every move is being watched. Those who died will live to haunt you. I don't steal like you.

The British government knows my situation. Britain [is] not a corrupt Banana Republic like ours which you have destroyed through your corruption. They would not allow US 8 million to be smuggled at the airport. It's a foolish lie.

2). The second reason for this story is to try and make me look as dirty as that Club of Looters. Unfortunately for you, it can't hold now. It's too late. I know you are trying to destroy the little I earned at home.

Just like you did in 1996, 1997 and 1999. If you do, God will reward me 10-fold or more. He always did and will!

But everything has its time. So you can go ahead and please yourself Mr. President.

3). Third reason is to threaten people from helping me, by trying to link them to a rebellion.  This rebellion is music to my ears. It's not bad at all as it sounds when it's being alleged. Not bad story at all. We need to be told its extent, organization, personnel, arms, support. Target, etc etc!

It's gonna be interesting. So go right ahead and charge me, not for desertion, for that's not the real reason you assaulted the Entebbe International Airport, but for that alleged treason, bring it in the open.

It's high time. Just be informed [I am] not afraid.

Lastly a word of caution to those being used for this propaganda, you may be paid. But when the country sinks, you too will be chief guest at the sinking party.

So we need to be mindful of what all this portends to our country.
Gen. David Sejusa