Monday, 13 June 2011

Government Medical report exonerates Kayanja

Note: The story below is silent about the fact that this doctor was quizzed to tell court whether he would accurately tell if the boys had been sodomised a month back. The doctors said he could not tell.

Medical report exonerates Kayanja

Sunday, 12th June, 2011

By Adante Okanya

A Police doctor has told court that an examination carried out on Pastor Robert Kayanja and the four alleged victims detected no signs that Kayanja was involved in sodomy.

Moses Byaruhanga, 37, was last Tuesday testifying at Buganda Road Court in the case, where six people are accused of conspiring to tarnish Kayanja’s reputation.

Trial is being presided over by Grade One Magistrate Patrick Wekesa.
“There was no evidence of fresh or recent homosexuality activity,” Byaruhanga said.

The accused are pastors Solomon Male of Arising for Christ Ministries, Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kayiira of Omega Healing Centre.

Others accused are State House employee Dorothy Kyomuhendo and local musician David Mukalazi.
The court was attended by defence lawyers Paul Rutisya, Kato Sekabanja, Isaac Walukagga, and Edward Akankwasa.

Byaruhanga said Kayanja was examined on June 1, 2009 together with Ivan Akansiima and Samson Mukisa. Robson Matovu was examined on May 29, 2009.

Byaruhanga further said his examination detected “no abnormality on the alleged victims.”

Prosecution led by Stephen Asaba alleges that in 2008 at various places within Kampala, the accused “conspired to cause injury to the personality and reputation” of Kayanja, alleging that he was engaged in homosexuality.

Byaruhanga said the purported victims were also subjected to mental examination, which concluded that they were normal.