Monday, 13 June 2011

Circumcision is the same as baptism :Archbishop Dr. Luke Orombi urges Christians to embrace Male circumcision

On 11-06-2011, UBC and NBS news telecasts among others were awash with Dr.Orombi ‘s amazing gospel urging male Christians to embrace circumcision at the celebration of Mackay’s day. According to Dr. Luke Orombi, Circumcision of the flesh is equivalent to Baptism and therefore those who love Christ should embrace it. Can you Imagine.??? There is a so called study that was carried OUT in Uganda recently on male circumcision and HIV spread. According to this study men who are circumcised have a 60% chance of not catching HIV aids. Using this junk science , government is luring Ugandan men to get circumcised. Even ecumenists like Dr.Luke Orombi have joined the crusade of government. This junk science is telling Ugandans to continue in sexual immorality as long they are circumcised.

The fact that a man of God can license ‘Christians’ to indulge in sexual immorality really baffles me. Dr. Orombi really believes that male circumcision can curb HIV/Aids. I thought that such ‘a man of God should know better’. In stead of telling Christians to be born again and hence have circumcised hearts, Dr.Orombi is implicitly telling them that Christ ‘s standard is too hard to live by. Such is the curse of religion and Ecumenism in Uganda.

I humbly submit that the only solution to curbing HIV spread is through getting born again. We need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savoir . We must circumcise our hearts and not our flesh.


Ntungamo men embrace circumcision /span>

Friday, 10th June, 2011

By Abdulkarim Ssengendo

THE Ntungamo resident district commissioner, Peter Rwakimari, has called upon men to go for circumcision.

He, however, warned them against thinking that circumcision removed all chances of contracting HIV.

“It is not 100% sure, so do not be reckless, thinking that you will not catch the disease,” Rwakimari said.

He advised that circumcision be done alongside other preventive methods like abstinence, being faithful to one partner or using condoms.

He advocated the revival of African cultural behaviour and taboos which encouraged chastity and faithfulness, while launching the STAR-SW (Strengthening TB and HIV/AIDS Response) project on Tuesday, at Kitwe health centre IV.

Dr. Kenya Mugisha, the Director General of health services, explained that a circumcised person has only a 60% chance of not catching the disease.

The Ntungamo district chairman, Denis Singahakye, urged women to convince their husband to embrace the programme. At the function, 118 men were circumcised and 400 registered for the procedure. Another 500 people were counselled and tested for HIV.

Cyril Kashaija, 37, a teacher at Kitwe Primary School, with one wife and five children, was circumcised on May 24.

He testified that circumcision has many advantages like better hygiene and that it also helps reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases once it is combined with other preventive methods.

“People were surprised when I walked out after the surgery with a smile on my face. They expected to see blood, but there wasn’t a single drop! I was feeling fine, I was laughing and talking. In fact, my experience was eye-opener for the guys who were anxious about it,” he said.

The five-year STAR-SW project funded by USAID and is being implemented by the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation, will cover 13 districts.

Orombi to lead Christians’ council

Sunday, 12th June, 2011

THE Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Henry Luke Orombi, has taken over the leadership of the Uganda Joint Christian Council.

The leadership of the council is rotational. The body brings together three member churches in the country. These are the Church of Uganda, the Roman Catholic Church and the Uganda Orthodox Church.

Orombi takes over from Orthodox leader Metropolitan Jonah Lwanga, who has been at the helm for nine years.

Orombi received the instruments of power which included the Bible, a flag and the constitution of the organisation from Lwanga at the Pope Paul Memorial Centre in Kampala on Sunday.

Orombi pledged to work with the secretariat to promote unity of the churches.

The handover was witnessed by over 300 delegates from the member churches across the country.
The delegates, who had been attending a two-day general assembly, passed a resolution urging church leaders to step up the fight against corruption.

Reading a statement from the meeting, Orombi said corruption is extremely detrimental to the development of the country.

The congregation advised church leaders to speak with one voice on issues concerning social injustice, welfare and development of Ugandans.

The group also urged the Government to respect human rights and the rule of law.

The Assembly called upon the Government to ensure service delivery and sustainable livelihood in Karamoja, which has lagged behind other regions in Uganda.

The delegates resolved to uplift the standard of families living in abject poverty and provide anti-retroviral drugs to people living with HIV/AIDS.

The Swedish ambassador, Anders Johnson, told the religious leaders that it was the responsibility of all Ugandans to develop good tenets of democracy to foster the country towards economic development.