Wednesday, 2 March 2011

On Judith Babirye’s Sense of discernment

Judith Babirye has become a Gospel Music Icon in Uganda. What has made her an icon is not just her anointed Gospel music but also her uncompromising integrity. A couple of years back she refused to pick her PAM award prize because she had learned a lesson that careless rubbing shoulders with the secular music world can have dire consequences . However, over the years Judith has started to compromise seriously. The bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil(I Tim 6:10). Last year she participated in an Anglican church fundraising in Kanyanya with Maama Fiina(witchdoctor). At this function Maama Fiina contributed over 2 million shillings. No sooner had she sung Maria tula ofumbe(Maria do not divorce ) than she separated with her husband. Curtain raising at secular concerts has now become the order of the day for Judith.

I was shocked to learn that Judith Babirye passionately sung at President Museveni’s 2011 election ‘victory’ party at Kololo airstrip on 25th -02-2011. I can Imagine her singing one of her best worship song Mpurira Yesu Aliwano…ye wabera watukuvu…(I feel the presence of Jesus here…he dwells in a holy place… Has the Holy Spirit filled Mulokole(born again) Judith Babirye lost even the slightest discernment? How can a mulokole be party to an election victory party that is organized after a fraudulent election characterized by ballot stuffing, voter disenfranchisement, voter bribery, intimidation and naïve rigging tactics. It is amazing that Judith did not even discern, God’s exposure of NRM’s master minded broad day light election theft in favour of Pastor Peter Ssematimba in the just cancelled Kampala Mayoral elections.

Many balokole have became a source of ridicule because of hypocrisy. Can you Imagine a person who calls her self a born again Christian(Ms Allen Kagina of Uganda Revenue Authority) but earns over 28 million shillings a month in such a poverty stricken country, thanks to Jesus!! This money can afford a decent living for over 20 University graduates. If Apostle Paul lived during our time do you think he could allow to live in such luxury amidst a poverty stricken country? Can you Imagine a Pastor(Pastor Peter Ssematimba) who advertises sex, debauchery, beer, spirit conjuring songs on his radio station in addition to being part of a system that thrives on election fraud and some people believe he is born again Christian. This kind of hypocrisy is incredible.

Despite Pastor Joseph Sserwadda’s Pentecostal rival lies in Uganda, the conduct of Pentecostal celebrities in Uganda is proof of the hypothesis that Pentecostalism has nothing to do with the Jesus of bible. Its designer mammon Jesus is simply an American concoction. The purpose of this Jesus is to consolidate the American Neo-liberal empire and American backed dictators and election thieves by opiumising the masses using Pavlovian techniques. If the Pentecostal movement does not address the integrity crisis in its midst, it is going to sink deeper and deeper into irrelevance. Many born again Christians have already said quits to Pentecostal churches in this country and have started praying from their homes because they can not afford to be party to the hypocrisy therein.

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