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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pastor Kayanja Sodomy Case, Arrested Ugandan Pastors and Homosexuals

Pastor Kayanja Sodomy Case, Arrested Ugandan Pastors and Homosexuals

Kato Mivule | October 28, 2009

In what seems to be another typical African Leadership Elite case of fraud, bribery, corruption, walking above the law, mafia-ism, cover-ups, and using state resources to protect the rich and powerful, Uganda’s Government went ahead yesterday and charged local Pastors with “criminal trespass” for allegedly causing injury to the reputation of Pastor Robert Kayanja.

Early this year a group of Pastors with concrete evidence went to Uganda’s Police headquarters in Kampala and reported that there was rampant sodomy going on tin Uganda’s Evangelical Church. The Pastors reported to Uganda’s Police that some Pastors in the Ugandan Evangelical fraternity were heavily involved in sodomizing young boys.

The Pastors presented concrete evidence that led to one prominent Pastor, Grace Kitaka, at Kansanga Miracle Center, a Branch of Pastor Robert Kayanja’s church to step down and resign. Another Pastor at the same Church in Kansanga Miracle Center did not resign but instead utilized State security instruments to cover-up and had the sodomy victim arrested and thrown in jail.

Later on a Catholic Priest by the names of Father Musaala was accused of sodomy but rather than use state police to throw the accusers in jail, the Catholic Church in Uganda investigated the case and had Father Musaala step down – the Catholic Church took the allegations with great seriousness. In the USA where Pastor Robert Kayanja frequents, Sodomy and Sexual abuse allegations were taken seriously in the Boston Catholic Parish and the Catholic Church had to pay a heavy price for years of cover-up and injustice to the victims.

Surprisingly, Ugandan Pastors who brought up the sodomy case before Uganda’s Police acted in good faith and as law abiding citizens who would not allow crime to go on in the church under the guise of preaching the gospel. These pastors only sought medical recompense for the sodomized boys who doctors proved that they were sexually abused physically.

The same pastors sought for Pastor Robert Kayanja to step down and seek healing and recourse. Rather Pastor Robert Kayanja engaged in mafia style behavior by engaging with Uganda’s State Secret Police to kidnap pastors who exposed him and then turned around and had the victims of sexual abuse arrested and taken to unknown places.

Now Pastor Robert Kayanja has used Museveni’s Government to ‘white wash’ himself by having God fearing and law abiding local Pastors charged with criminal trespass in as injuring his reputation. Right now the Evangelical Church in Uganda is divided between the Robert Kayanja followers and those who seek truth and justice for sodomy victims in Uganda’s Evangelical Church.

It is well known that Pastor Robert Kayanja is a spiritual adviser (political spiritual adviser) to Uganda’s corrupt regime head – President Yoweri Museveni. President Museveni has used Pastor Kayanja as a tool to ‘white wash’ Uganda’s image abroad, especially in the West to unsuspecting and undiscerning politically connected evangelicals. It is Pastor Robert Kayanja that has spearhead the ‘white washing’ of Uganda’s image on TBN TV by running fabricated documentaries that Uganda is this “Christian Nation” and worthy of western capital investment.

Robert Kayanja also has a large following in Uganda, not mentioning his 10,000 member Church, Christian TV and Radio outreach, which President Museveni employs in election times to gather Christians to the polls to vote for him. This is the same Pastor Robert Kayanja who stated in Charisma Magazine that Uganda is 75 percent Legitimate Born Again Christian. (I wrote about this in my previous article “When African Preachers Lie and the Western Church Believes them”).

Therefore the implications of Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Sodomy Case in Uganda will be far reaching and further cause a great and greater schism in Uganda’s young Evangelical Movement.

For those who are praying remember Uganda’s local Pastors – Pastor Michael Kyazze, Pastor Kaira, Pastor Solomon Male, Pastor Martin Ssempa, among others who risk being thrown into jail, losing their property, and even lives because they decided to be law abiding and reported the gross sodomy acts in Uganda’s Evangelical Church. There are many young boys who have been sexually abused, and sodomized by big name pastors in Kampala Uganda but walk daily in fear of their lives least they be ‘taken out’ by the likes of Pastor Robert Kayanja.

It is a shame that groups like TBN TV and Churches across America still welcome Pastors accused of Sodomy and Sexual abuse in Uganda to minister in the USA and Great Britain. We now not only have to be worried about the safety our young relatives who attend local evangelical Churches in Uganda but also we must be worried about attending local Churches in America and Europe that host African Preachers if at all our children could be victims of sodomy in the west.

Yet still the Robert Kayanja case has increased resentment towards homosexuals in Uganda. While there is a growing community of consenting Homosexuals adults in Kampala Uganda, many of them have automatically been placed in the same basket as one and the same with Sodomy criminals inside Uganda’s Evangelical Church.

Many Gays in Kampala, Uganda claim to be law abiding and only engage in homosexual lifestyle with fellow consenting adults and not young boys according to Ugandan Homosexual and Gay blogs on the internet. However, such claims are not listened to in Uganda as locals see the last front of moralism in Uganda – the Evangelical Church attacked and hijacked by sodomy pastors who are then protected by the corrupt regime of President Museveni.

It is this reason that Uganda’s parliamentary representatives got hysterical and wanted to pass a bill that would have all Homosexuals put to death…in other words being Gay in Uganda would cause one to be put to death. Yet any Conservative Christian (which I am, and very conservative but not stupid either) would know that killing people because of sin not and has never been a spiritual remedy. Jesus Christ never came preaching a gospel of putting to death those who sinned but rather he preached love and repentance and died on the cross for those who sinned instead.

So, agitating for the death of those who engage in homosexuality would be counterproductive to the preaching of the Gospel in Uganda. Yet what Uganda’s Conservative Christians need to do is seek for a strong law to protect our people, especially children, and young boys from Sodomy, Rape, Sexual Abuse, and Child Molestation. So, this is the fine line that Uganda’s Evangelical Church has to walk in supporting Laws against Sodomy, Rape, Sexual Abuse, and Child Molestation while at the same time not legislation of morality.

However, the hysteria and yes, many times, “homophobia” surrounding homosexuals in Uganda has largely been increased by Pseudo Pastors in Kampala who engage in sodomy and child molestation activities and get protected by an increasingly seen corrupt regime in Kampala, Uganda. The backlash against homosexual in Kampala, Uganda is largely because locals associate the criminal acts of sodomy and child molestation in Uganda’s Evangelical Church with the general “Adult Consenting” Gay Community in Kampala.

What needs to happen is for the “Law Abiding” Homosexuals in Kampala to come out and expose the criminals who hide among them. Rather than write apologies on Ugandan Gay blogs and cry out to the International Community that Pastor Martin Ssempa is persecuting them, it would be better to stand out and point out that Gays in Uganda have nothing to do with Sodomizing young boys and child molestation.

Secondly, Uganda’s Evangelical Community ought to come up with well defined New Testament Biblical guiding principles to reach out to the gay community in Kampala rather than joining those who seek to pass paranoiac and homophobic draconian laws to execute and put to death folks simply because they are homosexuals or even accused of being homosexuals. I do not see any such correlation with the New Testament Teachings that clearly define Homosexuality as a sin; which means that Uganda’s Parliament would have to pass laws to kill all adulterers and other sinners…etc including laws to kill all corrupt government officials, starting from President Museveni’s corrupt regime…

Some Ugandan Gay blogs have gone at length in trying to defend Pastor Robert Kayanja and other Pastors accused of Sodomy and Child Molestation in Uganda. The Gay Community in Uganda sadly sees the exposing of Sodomy Pastors in Evangelical Churches as an attack and persecution of Homosexuals in Uganda. Uganda’s Gay community had better borrow a leaf from USA Gays who spoke out against Sexual Abuse in the US Catholic Sexual Abuse Debacle and also played a role in exposing Pastors like Pastor Ted Haggard of Colorado USA, who had sex with gay men and boys yet stood on evangelical pulpits to speak out against homosexuality in the USA.

Therefore Uganda’s Gay community ought to disown well known Pastors who engage in Sodomy activities and sexual molestation of young boys. It is well known in Uganda’s Gay community that some Pastors even go at length to solicit for Gay sex with some known gay members of Uganda’s Gay community as reported on Ugandan Gay Blogs, and that these same pastors are among those accused of sodomy during the current Sodomy Crisis in Uganda’s Evangelical Church. Why not expose such Pastors who hide under Evangelical Christianity to commit crimes or Sodomy, Rape, and Child Molestation while at the same time causing anti gay sentiments to rise in Kampala Uganda?

Pastor Robert Kayanja should step down and not allow himself and his ego to be a driving force in causing and pushing for a schism in Uganda’s young and growing Evangelical Church, using Uganda's government to cover-up his acts.

Kato Mivule



Pastors charged with trespass

NEWS | October 28, 2009



Two Pentecostal pastors who allegedly entered Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral with intent to insult and or injure its leader, Pastor Robert Kayanja, were yesterday arraigned before Mwanga II Magistrates Court amid drama.

Pastors Bob Robert Kayiira of Omega Healing Centre and Michael David Kyazze of Omega International Ministry pleaded not guilty to criminal trespass and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour before Grade One Magistrate Janeve Natukunda.

Ms Natukunda released the two pastors on court bond of Shs500,000 (not cash) and adjourned the case to December 3.

Prosecution alleges that on April 17, Pastor Kayiira at Rubaga Miracle Centre, entered into or upon a worship place with intent to intimidate, insult or annoy Pastor Kayanja.

The State also alleges that in March and April, pastors Kyazze and Kayiira conspired together to commit a misdemeanour with intent to cause injury to the reputation of Pastor Kayanja.

Pastor Kayanja came under the spotlight early this year when his fellow pastors accused him of hiring youth members of his church for homosexuality; allegations he denied. A Police investigation also found no evidence against the pastor.

Drama at court

Meanwhile, Mwanga II Court was treated to drama when a group of youths carried placards demonstrating against the court move. The group held placards reading “This battle is against homosexuality” and “Uganda will know the truth!”

The suspects first appeared before Grade Two Magistrate Wilson Wandera who disqualified himself from the case saying he did not have powers to hear their plea on the count of conspiracy.

He referred the file to the station in charge, Ms Natukunda who ordered journalists to step out of her chambers before hearing the plea at 5pm.

Ms Natukunda’s decision prompted arguments between court orderlies and the pastors’ sympathisers led by Pastors Martin Ssempa and Solomon Male.
The latter said journalists who were disregarding the court directive were “from Rubaga Miracle Centre”.

Two pastors charged over Kayanja

Tuesday, 27th October, 2009

TWO senior pastors of Omega Healing Centre were yesterday charged with conspiracy to cause injury to Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre.

Robert Kayiira and Michael Kyazze were charged at Mwanga II Court in Lubaga before Grade One Magistrate Jeneva Natukunda

Kaira was also charged with criminal trespass into the premises of Rubaga Miracle Centre.

The pastors denied the charges and were granted non-cash bail of sh500,000. Their sureties, who included Pastor Martin Sempa, Pastor Joshua Lwere, David Odyee and Bernard Kugonza executed a bond of sh1m.

Prosecution said the two pastors on April 17, 2009 illegally entered Pastor Kayanja’s premises with intention to annoy him and injure his reputation.

It further alleges that the pastors went with a laptop purporting that they were going to download sodomy and pornographic material that was being used by Pastor Kayanja.

Under the Penal Code, the offence of conspiracy attracts five years imprisonment on conviction, while criminal trespass attracts a one-year jail term.

The accused pastors first appeared before Grade II Magistrate Wilson Wandera, who declined to handle their case, saying he had no jurisdiction to hear a criminal case of that magnitude.

Wandera referred them to Natukunda.

The magistrate sent away journalists and about 30 Christians, saying she did not want anyone else around except the accused, their lawyers and the prosecutor.

She gave no reason for barring journalists from covering the proceedings, prompting them to eavesdrop through open widows and the door.

Prosecutor Andrew Walube said investigations were ongoing and asked court for time to enable the Police complete inquiries.

The case was adjourned to December 3.

Initially, the Police interrogated four pastors implicated in the allegation of sodomy against Kayanja. But only Kyazze and Kayiira were charged.

A source said the Director of Public Prosecution recommended that pastors Sempa and Solomon Male be further investigated before they could be charged.

After court granted the two pastors bail, their followers burst out singing hymns and shouting “Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, God is great.”

Homosexuals Face Death Penalty

The New Vision

Mary Karugaba and Catherine Bekunda
14 October 2009
Kampala — Aggravated homosexuality will be punished by death, according to a new bill tabled in Parliament yesterday.
The private member's bill was tabled by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati (NRM).
A person commits aggravated homosexuality when the victim is a person with disability or below the age of 18, or when the offender is HIV-positive.

The bill thus equates aggravated homosexuality to aggravated defilement among people of different sexes, which also carries the death sentence.
The Bill, entitled the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009, also states that anyone who commits the offence of homosexuality will be liable to life imprisonment.
This was already the case under the current Penal Code Act.

However, it gives a broader definition of the offence of homosexuality.
A person charged with the offence will have to undergo a mandatory medical examination to ascertain his or her HIV status.
The bill further states that anybody who "attempts to commit the offence" is liable to imprisonment for seven years.

"The same applies to anybody who "aids, abets, counsels or procures another to engage in acts of homosexuality" or anybody who keeps a house or room for the purpose of homosexuality.

The bill also proposes stiff sentences for people promoting homosexuality.
They risk a fine of sh100m or prison sentences of five to seven years.
This applies to people who produce, publish or distribute pornographic material for purposes of promoting homosexuality, fund or sponsor homosexuality.

Where the offender is a business or NGO, its certificate of registration will be cancelled and the director will be liable to seven years in prison.
Failure to disclose the offence within 24 hours of knowledge makes somebody liable to a maximum sh5m fine or imprisonment of up to three years.

The provisions, according to the bill, are meant to "protect the traditional family by prohibiting any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex."
They are also meant to prohibit the "promotion or recognition of such sexual relations in public institutions and other places through or with the support of any government entity or NGO."

The bill further aims at protecting children and youth who are "made vulnerable to sexual abuse and deviation as a result of cultural changes, uncensored information technologies and increasing attempts by homosexuals to raise children in homosexual relationships through adoption or foster care."

Bahati said the legislation is intended to complement the provisions of the Constitution and the Penal Code Act.

Pastors Petition Parliament over Gays

The Monitor

Mercy Nalugo
22 October 2009

Pastors led by the Executive Director of Arising for Christ, Solomon Male, yesterday petitioned Parliament accusing their fellow pastors of sodomising young boys.

The pastors under their umbrella organisation, the National Coalition against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuses in Uganda, in a petition handed over to the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Ssekandi, said the issue of homosexuality has to be addressed as a matter of urgency. "The homosexuals are taking us for a ride. They keep telling us that we must leave them to stay. We call on Parliament to institute an inquiry into homosexuality and all other forms of sexual abuses," Pastor Male said.

Mr Male in the company of pastors Michael Kyazze of the Omega Healing Centre and Bob Kayiira alleged that a number of their colleagues who have sodomised minors are walking scot-free.

He accused the Police of harassing them for exposing homosexuality among senior pastors. Mr Ssekandi said Parliament shall handle the matter to its logical conclusion.

"It's good you have come at a time when there is a Bill on homosexuality," Mr Ssekandi said. "Your input will help the responsible committee and when they start public hearings, they shall invite you to help them in their work."