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Friday, 23 October 2009

DPP: Pastors framed Kayanja on sodomy????

DPP: Pastors framed Kayanja on sodomy

Alfred Nyongesa Wandera


The Directorate of Public Prosecution has noted credible evidence implicating both pastors Robert Kayiira and David Michael Kyazze in a conspiracy to falsely accuse Pastor Robert Kayanja of involvement in criminal acts relating to homosexuality, Daily Monitor has learnt.

In a letter dated October 7 by the Principal State Attorney, Mr David Ndamurani Ateenyi, to the Director of the CID, Mr Edward Ochom, the DPP advises the investigators to record the statements of the accused pastors.

“We advise that you record their charge and caution statements with the view to preferring criminal charges of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor against both suspects contrary to the Penal Code Act; to wit a conspiracy to cause injury to the person and reputation of Pastor Robert Kayanja.” the letter reads.

The letter, that was received in the CID registry on October 13, also asks the investigators to resubmit the case papers soon thereafter for perusal and further necessary action.

Pastor Kayanja came under spotlight early this year when his fellow Pentecostal pastors accused him of indulging youth members of his church in homosexuality acts, allegations that left his image dented. Investigators into the allegations also faced a flurry of criticism that they acted softly on Pastor Kayanja after it emerged that he had helped renovate a number of police stations.

Pastor Kayiira said yesterday that he is not afraid of any charges being labelled against him. “I have nothing against Pastor Kayanja and I am ready to take on the charges as they come,” Pastor Kayiira told Daily Monitor in a telephone interview.
Pastor Kyazze could not be reached for a comment as his mobile telephone remained switched off.

But Pastor Solomon Male said the DPP’s findings are far-fetched and that Pastor Kayanja’s sodomy allegations have been going on for many years.

The DPP’s findings come on the backdrop of a move by a group of pastors presenting a petition to the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Ssekandi, demanding investigation into sodomy allegations in the churches.