Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Ecumenical Bells : Rev. Dr Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham is coming to Uganda on July 22-24, 2016: He will be hosted by the Anglican Church of Uganda which is fornicating with the Roman Catholic Church.

Rev Dr Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham is coming to Uganda soon.


Church of Uganda has announced that renowned American Christian evangelist William Franklin Graham IV, known publicly as Will Graham will be in Uganda from the 22-24th July, 2016.
Will is the third generation of Grahams (grandson of Billy Graham, oldest son of Franklin Graham) to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ under the banner of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
His visit to Uganda is one of several international outreaches this year, other gatherings are to Scotland, Australia, and multiple cities in Norway and Canada.
“I’m not trying to be the next Billy Graham; I’m just Will Graham,” says the ordained minister. “I have a burden in my heart to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If that’s to an arena full of people or one person on the street, I will do whatever God is calling me to do.”
The highly anticipated evangelist will lead Christians through Peace and Joy celebrations at Uganda Christian University grounds.
“The very words that Jesus told Zacheus are the same words echoing in Mukono Uganda today,”Salvation has come to your house.” Evangelist Billy Graham Association has accepted the Macedonian call Paul had in a dream, “come over here in Macedonia and help us.” remarked Mukono Diocese, Church of Uganda.
“The province of the church of Uganda, UCU, The bible society and Mukono Diocese are fully in agreement and in preparation. There must be no reason to miss the celebrations,”
It has also been confirmed that the advance team is already in Uganda, they joined the Archbishop of the church of Uganda together with the Bishop of Mukono, Rt. Rev. William James Ssebaggala, evangelical churches and religious organisations for the grand launching of the Joy celebrations.
Graham will be joined on-stage by several choirs, as well as American soloist Mark Christian who serves as worship leader for Will Graham Celebrations.


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