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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Robert Morris’ bottomless pit of tithing nonsense : “Jesus is God’s tithe”: Can you Imagine!!!


Ronnie Floyd - the Next SBC President - Endorses Robert Morris' "First Fruits Cursings" Teaching : Morris says non-tithers are arrogant, thieves, and subject to demon possession. He says do not pay rent or electric bill until you first give 10% to your church. He says church members must tithe to avoid divorce, or losing their kids or jobs to the devourer.

The Tithing Lie in postmodern Christianity : The Gentile Pastor who receives tithes is the thief and robber

Tithing madness and the enslavement of souls : The day Rev. Walter F. Houston Refused To Funeralize 93 Year Old Grandmother: No tithes no funeral

The idolatry of Robert Morris: “Jesus is God’s tithe”

Robert Morris of Gateway Church recently claimed the following.

“But I want to say something to you that you may have never thought of: Jesus is God’s tithe.”
Morris: Jesus is God’s tithe”
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Morris: Jesus is God’s tithe”
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Why and how is this so? According to Robert Morris,
“Because it takes faith to give the first.”

So God the Father gave Jesus first by faith? Can anyone else see the problem with this logic? As Warren Throckmorton from Patheos points out,

“Jesus gets demoted in this teaching. Instead of Jesus being the “fullness of the Godhead bodily,” (Col. 2:9), He is God’s ten percent offering. A question I have is: To whom is God giving His tithe?”
Source: Warren Throckmorton, Gateway Church Pastor Robert Morris: Jesus is God’s Tithe and You Might Need to Downsize to Tithe, Patheos,, 25/01/2015. (Accessed 27/01/2015.)
Desperate men often espouse desperate teachings. In trying to convince people to give him money, Morris goes too far and exalts faith and money above God Himself. This is called idolatry which means Robert Morris needs to repent.