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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Bertone’s good life in the Vatican

Bertone’s good life in the Vatican

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is moving into a 600-square-metre Vatican apartment.

Cardinal Bretone can hinding behind palm leaves during Catholic Easter in 2013.
Cardinal Bertone hiding behind palm leaves during Catholic Easter in 2013.

This was recorded by the Italian daily La Repubblica on Sunday.
Tarcisio Bertone is the Vatican’s former Secretary of State, a role equivalent to prime minister, and the report said his luxury lodgings were stirring unease as Francis has pushed for clergymen to be more humble.
The flat also has a 100-square-metre roof terrace and is next to St Martha’s Residence — a Vatican hotel where Francis has taken up home, spurning the grander Apostolic Palace where popes usually live.

La Repubblica said that Bertone’s flat would be about 10 times bigger than the apartment where Francis is living and that he was planning to move in before the summer after extensive building work.
It said the house combined an apartment of up to 400 square metres formerly inhabited by the head of the gendarmerie under John Paul II and the roughly 200-square metre flat where a Vatican monsignor lived.
Bertone’s stint as Secretary of State under Benedict XVI was highly divisive in the Vatican administration and top clerics had asked the then pope to dismiss him.

He was accused by critics of being too authoritarian and too connected with sleazy Italian politics. Just before his removal by Francis in October last year, Bertone lashed out saying he was the victim of “moles and vipers” in the Vatican system.

Francis last month accepted the resignation of Germany’s controversial bishop of Limburg, who had come under fire for his luxury lifestyle.

Franz-Peter Terbartz-van Elst, nicknamed the “bling bishop” by the media, was criticised for his official residence, which included a museum, conference halls, a chapel and private apartments.
The project was valued at 5.5 million euros but the cost ballooned to 31 million euros ($43 million) — all using the revenue from a religious tax in Germany.

Source: AFP
My comment:
Jesus the Messiah told us bluntly, not to base to much on what people are saying. But rather watch what they are doing.

Anyone, above the age of seven is able to read and quote scriptures. It takes a lot more to surrender to the Messiah, and live by the Word of God.
There is no fear of God in the religious movement funded by Roman Catholics. No move by the Holy Spirit.

The Vatican state was gifted to the Pope in 1929 by one of the biggest criminals of modern times. The Italian Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. You can not expect anything else, but horror from the Roman Catholic-Fascist nexus. The Pope supported the Fascists, in a deal that reestablished Roman Catholicism as state religion in Italy.

The Cardinals are all lawless men, who have built their life on corporation and collaboration with organized crime. They have been gifted diplomatic immunity by the International community. The Vatican state is the perfect cover-up for their businesses. Presented as a part of the Christian family, they also deceives millions of souls.

Matthew 15:8
“These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”.
Come out of this religious movement, if you want to escape the fire of Hell. Repent, embrace life, and surrender to the King of Kings. Jesus the Messiah. Amen.
Written by Ivar