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Monday, 8 July 2013

The mystery of Babylon the great slowly unveiled : The day the US Senate tactfully Approved Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military : Street Preacher Brutally Beat Down During Seattle ‘Gay Pride’ Event

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. (AP photo) - See more at:

 Family research council president Tony Perkins

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Tony Perkins
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. (AP photo) - See more at:

Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in U.S. Military

December 1, 2011 - 2:55 PM

By Pete Winn

( The Senate on Thursday evening voted 93-7 to approve a defense authorization bill that includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy, it also repeals the military ban on sex with animals--or bestiality.

On Nov. 15, the Senate Armed Services Committee had unanimously approved S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision to repeal Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Article 125 of the UCMJ makes it illegal to engage in both sodomy with humans and sex with animals.

It states: "(a) Any person subject to this chapter who engages in unnatural carnal copulation with another person of the same or opposite sex or with an animal is guilty of sodomy. Penetration, however slight, is sufficient to complete the offense. (b) Any person found guilty of sodomy shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.”

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the effort to remove sodomy from military law stems from liberal Senate Democrats' and President Obama’s support for removing the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

“It’s all about using the military to advance this administration’s radical social agenda,” Perkins told “Not only did they overturn Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, but they had another problem, and that is, under military law sodomy is illegal, just as adultery is illegal, so they had to remove that prohibition against sodomy.”

Perkins said removing the bestiality provision may have been intentional--or just “collateral damage”

“Well, whether it was inadvertent or not, they have also taken out the provision against bestiality,” he said. “So now, under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), there’s nothing there to prosecute bestiality."

Former Army Col. Bob Maginnis said some military lawyers have indicated that bestiality may be prosecutable under another section of the military code of justice – the “catch-all” Article 134 for offenses against “good military order and discipline.”

But don't count on that, he said.

“If we have a soldier who engages in sodomy with an animal – whether a government animal or a non-government animal – is it, in fact, a chargeable offense under the Uniform Code? I think that’s in question,” Maginnis told

“When the reader stops laughing, the reader needs to ask the question whether or not this is in the best interests of the government, in the best interests of the military and the best interests of the country? I think not.”

He added: “Soldiers, unfortunately, like it or not, have engaged in this type of behavior in the past. Will they in the future, if they remove this statute? I don’t know.”

Perkins said there was no attempt to remove the UCMJ repeal provision from the bill, which Perkins had expected the Senate to approve.

Now that it has passed, however, the Senate version will have to go to a conference committee, and Perkins predicts there will be several sticking points with the House.
“The House in their version of the defense authorization, reinforced the Defense of Marriage Act, saying that there is a military DOMA as well, prohibiting same-sex marriage on military bases – something the Department of Defense is pushing for,” he said.

“And now this is an added concern, that sodomy has been removed, and as we have discovered, that bestiality--the prohibition against it--has been removed from the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So yes, the House will have problems with this bill.”

Street Preacher Brutally Beat Down During Seattle ‘Gay Pride’ Event


SEATTLE A street preacher was knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched and kicked by attendees of a homosexual pride event in Seattle this past weekend.

The incident, which was captured on video, began escalating when a man angrily approached one of two Christian men who were attending the event to witness to homosexuals. One of the Christians was carrying a sign that read “Jesus saves from sin” on one side and “Repent or else” on the other. A second man, who was wearing a t-shirt that read “Trust Jesus,” was holding a Bible.

According to reports, police had heard an argument in the area moments earlier, but decided to move along.

In the video, one attendee takes off his shirt as he approaches the man holding the sign and begins to threaten him closely to his face. A woman then pursues the man holding a Bible and aggressively follows him, yelling, “If I were you, I would (expletive) leave.” The man, seeming to ignore the woman, walks away, but the male attendee walks up to him a few feet away and shoves him from behind.

Moments later, the woman approaches the man with a sign and begins screaming and blurting out profanity.

“What about the Law?” she asks at the top of her lungs. “Is it your job to judge, yes or no?”

Another female then walks up with a third woman and attempts to grab the sign. The women and others then gang up on the Christian and attempt to pull on the sign, following him as he walks away. Another attendee comes in between them and attempts to stop the women from acting out against the preacher.

However, yet another man then begins following the Christian, and successfully latches onto the sign. The two then tussle briefly for control. The crowd begins to cheer.

When the first man sees what is taking place, he comes running and beats the Christian to the ground. He then repeatedly punches the man in the head, while the attendee who had latched onto the sign kicks the Christian in his back.

A girl in a halter top also runs toward the assault, which has attracted a crowd, and begins yanking forcefully on the plastic pole supporting the sign and bending it upward to destroy it. The man with the Bible then approaches in an attempt to stop the attendee from punching his friend, and others move in to break up what the police describe as a “melee.”

Officers moved in seconds later and arrested 36-year-old Jason Queree of Marysville, and well as a yet unidentified 22-year-old man. Both men, who were later released, are now facing possible misdemeanor assault charges.

According to KOMO News, Queree “has been arrested 29 times since 1995. He has been convicted or otherwise found against for nine felonies, including forgery, stolen property, unlawful firearm possession and theft, and 12 misdemeanors, including driving with a suspended license, vehicle prowl, domestic violence, assault, DUI and criminal trespass.”
The individual who recorded the footage writes on YouTube that while he disagreed with the message of the preachers, he believed that they had a “constitutional right to be in public and preach.”

“I think it is tragic that some of the people who justifiably want tolerance in their life, deny that same tolerance to others,” he wrote of the attendees of the pride event. “I commend the responding Seattle PD officers for the professional way they handled this situation.”